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Bennie Calderon

Creative Scholarship Application Essay

Lunar Bay University

Bachelor’s Program in Digital Storytelling & Interactive Media

Dear Lunar Bay University Scholarship Committee,

In an age where we are inundated with endless streams of content, the age-old adage stands true: Every picture tells a story, and every story paints a picture. My name is Bennie Calderon, and I am drawn to the ever-evolving realm of digital storytelling and interactive media, where these proverbs meld into a harmonious reality. It is with a vision tinted with innovation, creativity, and passion that I submit my application for the creative scholarship at Lunar Bay University’s Bachelor’s Program in Digital Storytelling & Interactive Media.

Throughout my life, stories were my sanctuary. They were a refuge from the mundane and a window into infinite realms of possibility. The pixels on a screen or the words on a page never were mere distractions but vehicles of imagination. As I grew older, my appreciation for storytelling evolved into an ambition – to craft narratives that resonate, influence, and inspire.

I started my journey with a simple blog, sharing stories of local heroes from my community. I dabbled in creating short animation sequences, integrating digital and traditional art. The thrill of blending art and technology, narrative, and interactivity, enthralled me. With every project, I honed my skills, experimenting with virtual reality, augmented reality, and other forms of multimedia storytelling.

Lunar Bay University’s program in Digital Storytelling & Interactive Media is the golden bridge between my present aspirations and future accomplishments. Your institution’s pioneering endeavors in immersive experiences and narrative innovations align seamlessly with the stories I envision telling to the world. The blend of tradition and technology, craft and code, which Lunar Bay promotes, is precisely the kind of environment in which I see my creativity thriving.

The gift of a scholarship would be more than financial assistance; it would be a symbol of belief in my potential. It would be a testament to the idea that stories, when told right, have the power to change perspectives, touch hearts, and shape the world. With the resources and mentorship that Lunar Bay University provides, I am confident I can etch compelling narratives into the digital canvas of tomorrow.

In conclusion, I hope to not just be a storyteller but a vanguard in this dynamic intersection of art and technology. With your esteemed institution’s guidance and the assistance of this scholarship, I am eager to explore the boundaries of digital narrative and redefine its future landscape.

Thank you for considering my narrative in this grand tapestry of dreamers and doers.


Bennie Calderon

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