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I have realized that for success to come your way, one has to pursue excellence with the persistence it deserves, in the same way determined Federal Investigation Bureau agents go after criminals. With this kind of spirit, I have been able to achieve milestones in my past academic escapades. Attending the iMBA program offered by the Penn State World Campus would definitely be a convenient way for me to acquire this much coveted knowledge from one of the best universities in the world. This is due to the fact that I am a navy reservist with the United States naval forces, and I am constrained in my ability to be available in a classroom on a daily basis. This online program from this university of my dreams would be convenient for me.

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I developed an interest in business while in high school. Contributing to this interest are several scholarships on business-related projects that I was able to accomplish successfully. By normal standards, I cannot be ranked among the geniuses or the most brilliant among my worthy colleagues in school. However, with the determination that I have, just like the one seen in ants carrying food a thousand times larger and heavier than them, I was able to accomplish not one, but two bachelor’s degrees, one in health care and another in accounting.

When I get breaks from the navy or while still on voyages, I try as much as possible to address the world’s greatest nightmare, not Al-Qaeda, but the menace of HIV and AIDS. I have been able to cultivate a culture of abstinence, and to pass on the message of safer sex, and not once had I been disappointed by my efforts. I get people coming back to tell me that they were elated by my openness, and that it helped them a lot, to the extent of proposing that I should be a motivational speaker, or follow that line full-time. This is a part-time activity, but my whole world lies within the area of business administration. Since my work schedule cannot allow me to attend a university on a daily basis, the Penn State World Campus iMBA program would be ideal to equip me with this worthwhile knowledge.

My decisions, thoughts, attitudes, and day-to-day activities revolve around critical thinking, effective communication, and organization skills, which are central to the field of business administration. This is an aspect I can claim to be an expert in without fear or favor. Based on my unwavering perseverance, and heads-on approach to challenges, I believe if given a chance to pursue this masters degree, I will be exemplary. My excellence will not only bring me happiness, but also be a credit to the government of the United States, for which I work. Those who said curiosity killed the cat, “whoever they are,” must be wrong. It is my curiosity that made me accomplish my degree in accounting, and the same curiosity will push me to accomplish an online master’s degree, if given this chance.

My knowledge in business from my first degree in accounting, and my vast experience in the naval healthcare system, which is business-related, serve as an added advantage for me to be able to deliver exemplary work in this program. My future lies in business administration, and it is my sincere hope and expectation that this future starts with the Penn State World Campus.

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