What do you know about Nepal? Perhaps most people would say that it is a South Asian country with a strong sense of spirituality. 155722596 Some might add that it possesses a mysterious culture, that it is a tourism center of the Far East, and the location of Mount Everest. Do these characteristics bring us closer to the understanding of what awaits us in Nepal? Definitely not.

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Nepal is home to more than a hundred ethnic groups. Each of these groups carries its own identity, cultural heritage, and authentic traditions; this is one of the main reasons why there is an incredible diversity of religions in Nepal. You will hardly find any other place that is saturated with spirituality as much as the Nepalese land. 160149445 Limbuni, a place where the legendary Gautama Buddha was born; Pashupatinath Temple, the world’s largest temple dedicated to Shiva; the renowned Monkey Temple—these and many other places of Buddhism and Hindu pilgrimage are located in Nepal. You could spend your whole life here, but comprehend only a small part of Nepalese sacred treasures.

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But don’t think that Nepal can offer you just religious relics! It can surprise you with extreme and wild tourism offers. If you are an enthusiast of alpinism, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, bungy jumping, paragliding, hot air balooning, or any other exhilarating activity, Nepal is exactly the place you need to experience the thrill. 158636270 The beauty of the Himalayan mountains, fascinating landscapes, and an opportunity to enjoy intensely engaging recreational activities will make your vacation in Nepal unforgettable.

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If you are a seeker of a thrill in the gastronomic field, then you have another great reason to visit Nepal. 109908279 Since it is home for so many ethnicities, cuisines here are as numerous as spiritual practices. You can taste original Nepalese cuisine, or Tibetan, or a mix of Indian and Chinese foods, or all these and many more in combination. In Nepal, you can experience unusual combinations of tastes, such as sweet and salty, thrown in with something sour and spicy; despite such risky experiments, Nepalese dishes are delicious and inimitable.

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157313944 Watching it from afar will not allow you to capture its perfection. No description can give you the vision of wonders Nepal can offer to those seeking to reveal its awe-inspiring mysteries. Do not read about Nepal, do not watch TV programs about Nepal. Come to Nepal, and experience it firsthand.

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