Request from Buyer: Snohomish Elementary School District

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We are in need of a diligent after-school chess curriculum taught by advanced-level players that would compliment the model of our educational goals.

We are looking for:

– Systematic courses in chess for children ages 5-12

– Responsible teachers with state teaching certifications

– Engaging lessons that will not make children uninterested while learning

– A teaching culture of positivity that promotes discipline and following societal norms

– A price of $100 for 10 classes per student is desirable

Cover Letter (excerpt)

The Klacsanzky Chess Academy (KCA) was founded by Life Master (LM) Jack Frost in 2001 with a vision to incorporate chess into standard education in Washington State. Since its inception, the Academy has hired 76 chess instructors, all of which are state-certified to teach in standard education, have a minimum USCF rating of 1700, and are briefed to teach in a formal style that focuses on discipline and character-building. Though the safety and educative culture we have inculcated in our business has made us the standard in chess education in Washington State, we also believe learning should fun, and our students regularly report that they enjoy our lessons thoroughly. In fact, from a survey conducted by the Better Business Bureau, we have a 98.6% rate for customer satisfaction.

All the lessons have been developed by LM Klacsanzky, who is now famous for his theoretical work within the field of chess openings, namely The King’s Indian Attack. Each lesson is catered to the specific level of students. Starting from the absolute basics of chess, the lessons cover every imaginable chess topic systematically in order to bring a student to a rating of 1800. Beyond a rating of 1800, LM Klacsanzky has created unique, out-of-classroom lessons for advanced students that can be attended at the Academy itself.

KCA services require students to pay only $95 for 10 classes. The Academy’s philosophy is bent on providing high-quality education at a low cost. If the Snohomish Elementary School District purchases our program services in more than 5 schools, we will drop our rate down to 93$ for 10 classes per student.

Title Page (format only)

(Company Logo)

Klacsanzky Chess Academy

Business Proposal: Snohomish Elementary School District

Prepared by: Johannes Helmold


Table of Contents (format only)

Cover Letter                                                                    1
Executive Summary                                                       3
a. Lack of balance in learning and entertainment       3
b. Our solution                                                                 4
c. Special offer                                                                6

Procedures                                                                     8
a. Staffing per class                                                       10
b. Workbooks, display, and chess boards                 12
c. Communication with district staff                             13
d. Collection                                                                   15
e. Legal matters                                                             16


Executive Summary (excerpt)

Lack of Balance in Learning and Entertainment

Chess instruction in public schools is often enacted in a leisurely manner, without a real systematic approach. Most chess curriculum for children is more focused on character-building than actual instruction. In this light, the children learning under these programs are not receiving the amount of knowledge they could acquire to become strong chess players.

In addition, prices of chess education services are too high for their value. Usually, a chess program for children is offered at $115 per child for 10 classes. This rate causes many students to not attend chess programs in schools. This is unfortunate, as chess is an integral learning tool for children that can increase their reading, maths, and writing grades.

Our Solution

KCA has a unique approach to business in that we focus on student improvement and their families’ needs first. Our goal as chess instructors is for our students to develop a lifelong love for chess and to compete in state and national tournaments in a team environment. We are committed to making each and every student we teach a competent chess player that will outclass the rest. We combine real educational experience with a learning format that is all-inclusive, and therefore engaging. We have a perfect balance between fun and learning in order for students to get the most out of their chess course experience.

Special Offer

Knowing that many children live in neighborhoods with a low-economic status in the Snohomish District, we are offering a discount of $15 to those students that qualify for free lunch. That would make the original rate of $95 per student for 10 classes reduced to $80.

Procedures (excerpt)

Staffing Per Class

We require two instructors in each classroom: 1) A 1700+ rated player that has been teaching for at least 6 months at the academy and in our chess courses in standard education schools. 2) An assistant who is rated at least 1500+. The main teacher instructs, handles discipline, and checks chess workbooks. The assistant manages discipline and helps those that are in immediate need of aid with chess issues that are not of an advanced nature.

Workbooks, Display, and Chess Boards

Our workbooks are filled in at the beginning of classes by students. They are equivalent to chess puzzles. They are focused on understanding chess patterns and recognizing threats. Each student receives a workbook and keeps it after the 10-day course.

We bring a large, free-standing chess instruction board to every class. This display board allows students to see one chess board during lessons. Children are also free to play on the display board after or before lessons.

We supply all the chess boards needed for the class. There is no need for students to buy their own chess boards for the class. At times, we bring in chess clocks for chess tournaments arranged for our classes.

Communication with District Staff

Each one of our employees are instructed to be responsible in communication with district staff. We collect attendance notifications at the beginning and end of each class. If any child is missing or has not come to class, our instructors inform district staff immediately. If there any circumstances that require emergency procedures, our instructors call contact district staff and the academy as well.


Payment for the classes by the parents of the children will be collected at the beginning of the courses. Reduced-lunch students need to present proper documentation of their status in order to benefit from our discount.

Legal Matters

KCA and all of its instructors are held responsible for the children they attend to during class time. If any circumstances occur that are to the dissatisfaction of the parents, the district, or the students, they have a legal right to sue.

Appendix (excerpt)

All text in this document, once accepted as a proposal by the Snohomish Elementary School District, is legally binding. The text herein is restricted in use by external organizations besides the Klacsanzky Chess Academy.

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