Overview of Amendments and Goals (Non-Profit Organization)




Saturday, March 12, 2013; 8-10 a.m.

Mount Rainer Hall




Process Observer:        Supta Gamya

Recorder:                     Jill Suppleton


Time                            Activity                                                           Facilitator

8 – 8:05                        Review agenda and rules                                Dana Bember

                                    (check attachment)

                                    Greetings to new members

                                    (revised attendance list attached)


8:05 – 8:25                  Amendment on Breaking Anger Group             Samil Firdoz

                                                                                                        William Cutler


8:25 – 8:55                 Record of report                                               Yin Chan

                                  on Practical Change Plan implication               Yediz Fudor



8:55 – 9:15                 Overview of Making Peace                              Boris Sherbina

                                   Prosperity Goal               



                                   Outcome: Locating avenues to combine

                                   practical economics with spirituality

                                   to fund our vision of inner peace

                                   in Greater-Seattle area.

 9:15 – 9:45                Regulate outcomes of                                      Saul Filliam

                                   Prosperity Goal, Amendment


9:45 – 9:55             Review request for grant                                     Ron Brandt



9:55 – 10               Decide on date of next meeting                            All

                             Gather development observations                         Paulina Scoffolf


10 A.M.                       Adjourn


Please carry your copies of Enactment Plans to the meeting. 


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