Company Budget Draft for March

Objective: To discuss the company budget for March, determine what corrections should be made, and assign persons to be responsible for enhancing and modernizing the project.
Date: February 2nd, 2013
Time: 12:00 A.M.
Called by: Simon Houston, Head of the Finance and Accounting Department
Timekeeper: Lauren Anderson

– Jeffry Walsh, specialist
– Margaret Mathews, specialist
– Maria Lopez, senior specialist
– Thomas Johns, accountant
– Raymond Stephens, accountant
– John Foothill, finance analyst
– Jack Connor, finance controller

Location: 6th floor, meeting room #5
Notetaker: Lily Daniels

Preparation for Meeting
– Please read the document attached to the email containing the meeting agenda. It contains remarks and key notes concerning our budget project.
– Please write outlines of your speeches during the meeting.

Agenda Items

– Review today’s agenda – Simon Houston (5 min)
– Reports on tasks from the previous meeting – Jeffry Walsh, Margaret Matthews, Maria Lopez, Jack Connor (5 min. each)
– Budget project draft presentation – John Foothill, Raymond Stephens, Thomas Johns (5 min each)
– Discussion and brainstorming session (15-20 min)
– Assigning persons responsible for revisions of the draft – Simon Houston (5 min)

Other Business
– Outline issues to be discussed in the next meeting (5 min)
– Discuss problems with the Planning and Marketing Department (10 min)
– Discuss a candidate for a deputy to the Head of Department following the dismissal of Mr. George Lewis from this post

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