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Today we have gathered here to discuss the matter of the further expansion of our company, specifically in the markets of our neighboring states. Our cafe network is doing great around Colorado and our enterprise is gaining momentum. So, we believe we could not only start opening new cafes in neighboring states, but also compete with local businesses on equal terms […]

Slide 1

This table represents statistical data regarding the visitors of our network in Colorado. As you can see, the audience mostly consists of young people, aged between 15 and 30 years old. Mostly, they are students from nearby schools and colleges, but also representatives of creative professions. However, throughout the entire reporting period, our cafes have almost never been visited by “white collars,” so we should build our future advertising oriented towards creative youth […]

Slide 2

From this graph, you can see the correlation between the season of the year, and the rate of sales. The main trend is that during the studying year, our sales usually increase due to the fact that our cafes are mostly located nearby educational institutions. So, students usually drop in before or after classes. Or sometimes, instead of them. However, on vacations, the rates of attendance—and respectively, sales—fall. This, however, does not mean the summer vacation period is unprofitable […]

Slide 3

This is a radial graph depicting the distribution of market shares in the neighboring state of Utah. As you can see, cafes that would allow services similar or close to those that our network offers are not numerous. In fact, there exist a number of segregate cafes, and one more or less diverse network […]


I would like to summarize the presented data […]. Based on the presented information, we believe our company has a great potential not only to expand in nearby markets, but also become a regional leader in our share of the market. Thank you.

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