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I am a benefits administrator and a human resource generalist with extensive knowledge and work experience, coupled with an excellent and proven track record within a fast-paced environment in the capacity of credit manager, benefits administrator, accounts receivable manager, and accounts payable manager. I consider myself to be highly skilled in managing accounts, bookkeeping, and office-related tasks.

Core Professional Strengths

Attention to detail, customer care problem solving

Analytical skills, goal-oriented, multitasking effectiveness

Ethical, aware, honest, and discreet employee, motivated

Exceptional time management, proficient in computer usage

Professional accounting principles, competent verbal and written communication skills

Professional Experience

Jellesmo Benefit Melbourne/AUS

Benefits Administrator. 11/2009 to Present

Benefits Administrator and Coordinator for Jellesmo Pro Enterprises, our subsidiary company which handles all administrative matters for employees, utilizing Jellesmo continuation. This involves their enrollment onto Jellesmo and collection of their premium payments, as well as compliance with any recent changes in Jellesmo laws. Other duties involve:

  • Liaising with former IT systems administrator in performing related tasks.
  • Utilizing ADP and BeneFlex for the company’s clients.
  • Administering client web portals using Microsoft Expression Studio, which is done by incorporating changes using a graphic interface.
  • Preparing monthly reports through the utilization of crystal reports.

Briskle Corp Benefits Woodbury/NY, USA

Accounts Receivable Manager. 2007 – 2009

  • Managed the ‘coupon’ access database for a health insurance brokerage company. Instrumental in the development of the system, which was designed to assist part-time and tipped employees to receive their wages, and pay for their respective health benefits.
  • Created check registers for monthly payments for our client’s employees. The employees were approximately 1300 among 4 clients.
  • Handled the Microsoft Access database for clients, as well as monitored the status of employees.
  • Instrumental in instituting saving methods rather than hiring more personnel. In so doing, the company gained from more efficient operations.
  • Assisted the company in saving $2000 monthly by learning the operation of crystal reports and Microsoft Access. This money was previously being paid to programmers.

BCCP, INC Canberra/AUS

Temporary Regional Credit Specialist. 2007

Took over the position of Regional Credit Specialist during a 5-week leave of absence.

  • Controlled collections for accounts for Australian Capital Territory.

AF Supply Corporation Canberra/AUS

Credit Manager. 2004-2007

Managed 8 stores throughout Canberra and Sydney.

  • Handled accounts worth more than $2,000,000 through the professional application of SAP, Excel, and Viaduct.
  • Coordinated a team of 7 administrators and 14 main office employees.
  • Set up payment plans with customers on a need-to basis.

Mapple Visco Atlantic Sydney/AUS

Customer Service Representative. 2003 – 2004

Worked as a Customer Service Representative for the company and also drew schedules for deliveries. Additional tasks included:

  • Made sales via telephone and chat conversations with potential customers.
  • Coordinated existing orders and managed schedules when customers changed deadlines.
  • Helped in the conduct of introductory training for new employees.


6/2004 – 6/2006 University of New South Wales B.Sc in Business Sydney – AUS Management & Economics

9/2000 – 5/2004 University of Sydney Accounting Major Sydney – AUS

9/1995 – 5/1999 Bishop Ford Central High School. High school, Sydney – AUS

Professional Training and Skills

QuickBooks Pro, Word, Excel, SAP fico, Peachtree, PowerPoint, Linux, Windows, Outlook, Access, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Expression Web 3, and Omni page.

Additional Information

I enjoy running, playing chess, and learning more about computers. I hold black belts in Ninjistu and Shotokan Karate, and participated in an annual marathon for the past three years.

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