You have considered numerous occupations, worked at different jobs, and finally found your destination: you decided to become a graphic designer. Your decision is motivated and informed: you have bright ideas, you are dissatisfied with the current state of contemporary art, and you have a lot of new things to say. The only obstacle you most likely face (many beginning designers do) is the problem of using image-processing software.

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The first and foremost reason why a piece of an image-processing software can become a problem for an amateur designer is its obscurity for a first-time user. You can find tons of literature, or browse the Internet to find even more free tutorials both on using the program or some of its specific functions. However, in doing so, the beginner may start losing patience gradually, especially if following recommendations given in such tutorials don’t work out. Its just so much information to grasp before starting to actually create. Discouragement results into doubts about the appropriateness of the chosen field, and thus an enthusiastic but frustrated designer quits his or her idea.

The second reason that is as important as the previous one is the price of the most popular software for designers. Can you afford paying around $1000 for a program you don’t even know how to use properly? That is the point. You can get all the support services you want, all the widgets and official updates, but unless you can use them properly, you definitely don’t want to pay that much for them.

An amateur designer who doesn’t have appropriate hardware may also face the problem of severe glitches and malfunctions. Since many programs developed for designers require your computer to be a super-machine, sometimes it is reasonable not to install this software at all, otherwise you risk spoiling yourself of all the fun from the work you are doing because everything works so slowly.

Anyways, we believe young and amateur designers should be allowed to fully exercise their creative capacity by providing them with a cheap and intuitive means of creation. We also believe developers should consider the interests and capabilities of beginners to the same extent as they do mature professionals. This could be performed by simplifying the interface and making all icons and signs intuitive; adding smart and convenient tooltips, as well as detailed tutorials on the most popular and used functions of image-processing software. It could also be done by optimizing the software’s performance on average hardware, excluding unnecessary tools and functions, and finally, setting reasonable prices for the software.

Considering the aforementioned arguments, our company, SFTWare, Inc. has developed image-processing software that completely satisfies the needs of beginning designers who want to study on their own and start realizing their creative potential without having to master programs for years. Our new product “Imagine” is at the max when it comes to its user-friendly interface, and is laid out so well that only after a couple of hours needed to learn its basics, you will be able to create your first masterpiece. Besides, with “Imagine” you don’t have to worry about the capacities of your home computer—we made sure our software runs great even on low-rung laptops.

“Imagine” is also affordable. The program is distributed for free—after downloading it, you get a set of basic functions to work with; however, you will have to pay for additional modules with different functions and packages. The advantage of this approach is that you can save money by choosing only those modules that you need, and not pay hundreds of dollars for a bunch of complex tools you will most likely never use.

So, if you have decided that being a designer is for you, and need a good piece of software to work with images, take a look at our new product “Imagine.” Its democratic price and unique distribution model, functionality, and simplicity will definitely make it a good choice for you among other chocies. Visit our website for more details and support. Try out our new product now, and share your impressions with us, so we can improve it to meet your expectations!

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