Modern Japanese Haiku

japanese haiku samples

Toshiro Takeshita

watching children
sled over the hill—
how old I am

Hoshinaga Fumio


the amusement park
full of nazis
this autumn


toward the mirage of water
the postwar fathers
chasing after

Miyoshi Yashuko

a youth on a motorcycle:
the dammed lake tilts

Doi Hiroko

the edge of a page
of a forgotten poetry book
cuts my finger

Onishi Yasuyo


my bones and cherry blossoms
reach full bloom


during my postmortem
an illustrated botany—
rain comes, no doubt

Ogawa Sososhi

heavy rain
within the body—
dark street

Eiko Yachimoto

in the cold pre-dawn rain—
a Toyota showroom

Sawako Nakano


feeble sound
from the bush—
crickets in the dark


between the thunder
birds glide
above the muddy stream


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