Haiku of George Klacsanzky

George Klacsanzky (1956-2003) was the editor of the first haiku journal in the Northwest of the USA. He is featured in many anthologies and journals.

a drunk asleep
on the beach—his mouth
open to the sky

barking all the way
down the street—the
dog catcher’s truck

early morning
fishing boat full of

orange carp
lost in the reflection
red maple leaves

in each go stone—
autumn sky

street person
tears on his face

with each receding
wave—the sound of

into my shadow
grasshoppers rush to escape
the hot sun

empty elevator
one purple

dead loon on the beach
its head nods as each wave
comes and goes

dead seagull
on the beach—eyes still
looking for fish

every slope
the sun has touched
rising mist

finishing my tea
I am surprised to see
my reflection

my glasses missing
I see impressionistic
paintings all day

no water to cross
before the mountains
only fog

starling flying past
the entrance—automatic
door open

by the path
tall grass shading two small
purple flowers

flies lay eggs
in a crab shell
low tide


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