Research Diary: Martin Luther King Jr.


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Write a research paper on how much Martin Luther King Jr. was influenced by Christianity in relation to his leading the Civil Rights Movement.

Sources Needed: 6 Scholarly References

Days for research: 10martin luther king

Day 1:

Went to the Alabama University Library and searched for all the titles related to King. Found 53 titles. Scanned through all 53 titles and found 17 of the materials were rather general, 23 were more specific to the topic, and 13 titles were even more specific to the assignment.

Hours used: 4.5 hours.

Day 2:

Read through the 13 titles pertaining most to the subject at hand, examining them with a closer eye. Found 4 sources that were particularly relevant to the assignment.

1) Martin Luther King Jr.’s Experience as a Pastor Through the Civil Rights Movement by Leonard Fohen, Penguin publishers, 2008.

2) Blasphemy or Hypocrisy: King’s Religion and Movement by Fatima Salar, The Guardian, 2009.

3) The Mysterious King: Religion and Civil Rights by Goddard Zukerman, Civil Rights Pantheon Journal, 2008.

4) The Ecstasy of the King by William Bits, Rights Write Magazine, 2012.

Hours used: 6.5.

Day 3:

Investigated two more relevant titles:

1) Television interview transcript from the Dick Cavett Show, 1998.

2) Civil Rights Leaders and Their Religions, Rombert Ziggly, Random House publishers, 2009.

Hours used: 3.5.

Day 4:

Gathered extensive notes on the book by Fohen. Wrote 5 pages of highlighted material. Also wrote 2 pages of notes on The Guardian article. Later, I went through those notes and marked the most pertinent points with a marker.

Hours used: 3.5.

Day 5:

Put together 4 pages of notes about the Zuckerman article. Noted down 2 pages of details about the Rights Write article. Delineated the most important information by the use of a highlighter.

Hours used: 3.

Day 6:

Wrote up 6 pages of notes on the Dick Cavett interview. In addition, I put down 2 pages on Rombert. I marked the most essential passages within the notes with a highlighter.

Hours used: 3.2.

Day 7:

Compiled all my notes and put the highlighted passages on index cards with correct citations.

Hours used: 2.5.

Day 8:

Found more essential passages within my selected texts and added them to my index card collection. I wrote the correct citations for each addition.

Watched two documentaries on King:

1) King’s Personal Life. CBS. 2008.

2) The Church and the Civil Rights Movement. Discovery Channel. 2007.

I took down 3 pages of notes.

Hours used: 4.5.

Day 9:

Presented my research to Professor Claire Richards. She was impressed by the sources and my notes, but said I could focus more on the two documentaries I watched yesterday and take more notes. The Professor also noted I could concentrate on writing more extensive annotations for my sources on the index cards.

Day 10:

Wrote more extensive annotations on the material contained on the index cards. I watched the documentaries noted before, writing 1 page more of notes.

Prepared for writing my outline by composing thesis statement variants based on my research.

Hours used: 7.


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