Job Transfer

Name: Joshua Jossone
Address: CR3456 Malibu Rd., Britton Hill, FL.

Company branch I currently work in: BigNameCorp Branch in Britton Hill, FL
Company branch I request to be transferred to: BigNameCorp Branch in San Antonio, TX

To Terry Terrimore, HR Branch Manager of BigNameCorp in Orlando, FL:

I am writing this letter to request a job transfer closer to where I currently reside (San Antonio, TX) due to a set of unfortunate circumstances I experienced in the recent past. Three months ago, my youngest daughter, six-year-old Natalie, was diagnosed with diabetes. Her health is currently poor, as her blood sugar level is still uncontrollably high. Due to the expensive treatment and medication my daughter has to take and which our health plan will not fully cover, my wife has been forced to take up an office job, as well as do freelance writing on the weekends. My daughter is currently unable to go to school, so she has been homeschooled by my wife up until recently, when our financial situation forced my wife to work from an office in a higher paid job. We are now forced to move to San Antonio where my parents reside, so my mother can homeschool Natalie while my wife and I work full time.

Unfortunately, there is no other option available for my daughter, since hiring a private teacher is another expenditure we simply cannot afford at the moment, as most of our family income is currently going towards her treatment. I know what she needs the most now is her mother and father to be there for her every day, so I simply cannot bear the thought of staying here, in Florida, while my daughter is fighting for her life 1200 miles away without my support and care. For the past two weeks, with my daughter and my wife having already moved to San Antonio, where my wife took up a new full-time job, I have been travelling back and forth, for two consecutive weekends, which has placed a heavy emotional, physical, as well as a financial burden on me.

Having been a loyal worker of BigNameCorp for the past six years, I have quickly made my way from a sales representative to the branch HR supervisor. I am a hard-working, trustworthy, and responsible employee who would have never turned to writing this letter of hardship had there been any other way out of the unfortunate situation my family is in today. Up to this moment, I have devoted myself to the future success and further development of BigNameCorp, and I am fully committed to continue contributing as a supervisor in the years to come. In view of the fact that a new branch of BigNameCorp has just opened in Houston, I am humbly requesting a transfer to that branch on a permanent basis.

I look forward to your kind understanding and assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Joshua Jossone





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