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Dear G-Mobile Customer Representatives,

I filed for a cancellation of my account 30 days before I left to India on November 30th, 2012. I was instructed by a customer service agent by the name of William Wright to write my intended place of residence in India, who I would be staying with, and the reason for my leaving of the US. I sent this letter to the G-Mobile customer service office in Albuquerque, New Mexico on November 30th, 2012. I was told by Mr. Wright this was all I had to do to waive the $200 fee for cancellation.

After living two months in India, I was informed by an email from a previous roommate in the US that I received mail from G-Mobile detailing that they wanted to charge me $200 for the cancellation fee due to inadequate documentation. This was despite filing the previous documentation according to the instructions of Mr. Wright.

I discussed this matter with another customer service representative by the name of Mary Schroader, who allowed me to have a two-month extension in order to find the correct documentation, which would include a copy of my Indian residency permit. It took 2 months and half to receive my residency permit in India. At the two-month mark, I called G-Mobile Customer Services and reached a Mr. Larry Bongo, of which I informed that I would require more time to receive the correct documentation needed. He complied with my request.

After receiving my residency permit in India, I faxed a copy of it to the G-Mobile customer service department and waited to receive word that my fee had been waived. Instead, I was alerted by my previous roommate in the US that my fee amount had been transferred to collections. This was a shock to me, as I thought I did whatever I could to solve the issue of incorrect documentation. I was also prudent in my communication with G-Mobile representatives, notifying them of my circumstances in sequence.

I am still asking for my fee to be waived, despite it being transferred to collections. I acted in all accordance to G-Mobile policy and to the advice of the representatives at G-Mobile customer service. I deserve to be waived for my honest and appropriate efforts to cancel my account.

With my best regards,

Nicholas Kamsky

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