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28.04.2012 From: James Verfinigino

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Position: Analytic Department Manager, BrysCo Ltd.

To: Cameron Bradley

This is a letter of reference in support of David Niekerman, with whom I have worked shoulder-to-shoulder for the past three years. Over this time, David has moved from a support team representative in our local customer service center in Dover to a regional manager with over 30 people under his supervision. Yet, somehow, David managed to remain the same easy-going, sociable, and friendly person who I first came to know in 2009.

David has an incredibly versatile persona. He plays tennis and soccer, is an active volunteer in the local community center, takes part in snowboarding tournaments, plays drums in our office rock band, and runs the 50k marathon every year. He is a great dad, a caring husband, and a wonderful friend. Above all, however, he is an amazing manager. David is professional and responsible, and he expects the same from his subordinates. He is demanding and strict, yet he allows his subordinates to take responsibility and make their own decisions as professionals. In this regard, David is probably one of the prudent managers, since many of the executive decisions he makes are first discussed with the whole team. He is an attentive boss, concentrated on the needs and requests of his employees. It is no wonder that the team of workers he has gathered is a cohesive unit of people who can rely on each other, yet do not abuse the trust of their manager.

I remember the situation that really influenced my impression of David. It was two months after he was moved to our branch. At the time, both of us were working at the Customer Relations Department. In June, our boss launched a fundraising event in which most of our loyal customers were invited. It was to take place in the mountains—a two-day camping trip. At the time, we were incredibly short of staff, and one of the key organizers also got sick the night before the event. So, it ended up being just me, David, and two of our colleagues who were to hold the event for roughly a hundred people. We had to take care of all the logistics, set up the camp, organize the activities, and entertain the participants. But, unfortunately, from the early morning, nothing transpired according to plan. One of the buses that were to take the participants to the mountain broke down halfway there and ended up at the resort two hours late. The food delivery was also delayed, and by the time we set up half of the tents, it started raining. By noon, most of the participants were frustrated, hungry, and cold. Some were already considering calling it quits for the day.

We had to do something to save the event and raise the spirit of the crowd. David suggested making a bonfire. One of us drove to a local store and bought some sausages, rolls, and ketchup. David found speakers somewhere, and we connected them to one of the cars. All we had was music, a bonfire, and hot dogs. But somehow, all the fuss had settled, people started chatting with each other and the catastrophe had ended. By the time our food was delivered, we were all having fun setting up tents, singing to the tunes on the radio and laughing at each other’s jokes. The event turned out to be a success and we raised more money than we could have expected. Some of our customers later suggested making such camping bonfires an annual event, and in fact we have done two more since then. If it was not for David’s suggestion of the bonfire, when all of us lost control of the situation, I think we would not have made it through the whole event.

Being the manager of the Analytic Department myself, I know that the results that David’s team has achieved over the past year are likely the best our company has seen in its fifty years of doing business …and this, with so many clients going out of business at the moment! To be honest, I myself sometimes look up to David and his methods of work. But, then again, David’s personality and his own dedication to everything he does are probably the main reasons why people around him do their best at work as well. The work ethic of David’s employees and the team spirit that I observe every time I walk past their office is inspiring to me. David’s commitment to do what is necessary properly and to the maximum, not settling for average results, is contagious. So, when I think of the future top executive at Letterman Corporation, I cannot help but saying that you have a perfect candidate.

Please find my personal contact information below, and feel free to contact me anytime should you have any questions in respect to my letter of reference.

Personal E-mail: [email protected]

Work Phone #: 0333333333

Cell Phone #: 04444444444


Best Regards,

James Verfinigino

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