SpellCheckPlus Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 43.5/100
🔥 published October 26, 2023 - updated October 27, 2023

Quick Overview

SpellcheckerPlus called to correct your grammatical and spelling mistakes completely for free. However, as we checked, it doesn’t do all that well when it comes to identifying and fixing errors. It mostly corrects only spelling and grammar mistakes, leaving out punctuation inaccuracies and word misuse. The platform also wasn’t all that pleasant to use due to irritating ads. That’s why, in the end, SpellcheckerPlus only got a 43.5/100 A*Help score.

The Good
  • Offers free use and a free trial for premium
  • No account needed
  • Supports different languages
The Bad
  • Low-quality grammar correction
  • Limited free use

Infographic showing SpellCheckerPlus main features

SpeedPaper Review

SpellCheckPlus Value For Money — 20/30

Supported languages
Extra services
Free use & wordcount limits

Pricing at SpellCheckPlus
Pricing at SpellCheckPlus (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

SpellCheckPlus Overall Experience — 5.5/20

Website Experience
Document Upload

Dashboard at SpellCheckPlus
Dashboard at SpellCheckPlus (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

SpellCheckPlus Quality of Help — 18/50

Correction Quality: Email
Correction Quality: Personal Statement
Correction Quality: Research Paper Intro
Checking Process

>Txt 1 – Email >Txt 2 – Personal Statement >Txt 3 – Research Paper Intro
>Grammar 2/4 2/5 2/5
>Punctuation 1/5 0/3 3/5
>Spelling 6/6 4/5 4/5
>Word Use 0/4 0/6 0/15
>Word Order 0/1 0/2 1/2
>General Mistake Correction Score 9/20 6/21 10/32

SpellCheckPlus Main Specs

>Supported languages English, French, Spanish & others
Words/Sentence suggestions
>Possible extra services
>Free use & Wordcount Limites
Free use
Wordcount 500 words
Plans Annual – $15.99/year
Need to create an account
Email for registration
Third-party registration (Google, Facebook, Apple)
>Website Experience
Easy-to-use platform
Aesthetic Interface
Irritating ads
Contact center
Email, live chat, contact form, phone, WhatsApp
>Document Upload
Docx/doc files
Pdf files
Browser Extension
>Checking process
Underlines each mistake
Underlines incorrect sentences
Option to correct all mistakes at once
Shows the general grammar score
Underlines mistakes that are not there


SpellCheckPlus Reviews

We are devoted to presenting a transparent review of various online tools. That’s why we’ve looked into platforms like Trustpilot, Reviews.io, Sitejabber, and Reddit to get a feel for users’ experiences with SpellCheckPlus. By weighing both positive feedback and concerns, we aim to provide a well-rounded understanding of the platform.

Is SpellCheckPlus a Scam?

No, SpellcheckPlus isn’t a scam. From our thorough review, it’s evident that its grammar and spell-checking functionalities work as intended despite not living up to the highest expectations.

Is SpellCheckPlus Legit?

Absolutely. SpellCheckPlus has steadily built its reputation in the online community over time. Given the positive feedback from users and our own evaluations, we can confirm this service to be a legitimate provider.

Is SpellCheckPlus Safe?

As we checked, you can use SpellCheckPlus’s core features without the need to sign up or disclose personal details. This ensures a straightforward and secure experience. We are confident in endorsing it as a safe platform for grammar and spell checks.

Is SpellCheckPlus Trustworthy?

After putting SpellCheckPlus to the test, we discovered its proficiency in spotting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors wasn’t that great. Sure, you can trust it to help you fix up your mistakes a little bit. Still, your text would need a more detailed analysis afterward.

Is SpellCheckPlus a Good Service?

In our book, SpellCheckPlus earned an A*Help score of only 43.5/100 pts. Considering its low proficiency in correcting grammatical mistakes, we wouldn’t go as far as calling it a good service. You can use it if you like but it’s better to check out a few other options first.

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