Course Hero Black Friday Deals

published October 19, 2023 - updated December 29, 2023

CourseHero is an online platform designed to assist students in their academic journey. It provides a vast collection of study resources that cover a multitude of subjects and courses. Students can access notes, essays, study guides, and other educational materials uploaded by members of the community. Apart from these resources, CourseHero offers a unique feature where students can pose questions and get answers from educators or peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The platform aims to complement formal education by filling in gaps and offering alternative explanations, making challenging topics more comprehensible. With its blend of user-generated content and expert insights, many students wonder, “Is CourseHero worth it?” as they consider to use this  resource for enhancing their understanding and improving their grades.

With all of that in mind, who wouldn’t be interested in getting an even better deal? Especially if you are a student on a tight budget, but still want to learn and get quality tutoring, just for a more affordable price.

CourseHero Black Friday 2023 Discounts

Students, more often than not, find themselves grappling with escalating educational expenses. From tuition fees to textbooks, the costs add up. In such scenarios, discounts can serve as a welcome relief, lightening the financial load and making educational resources more accessible. Recognizing this need, CourseHero is offering enticing Black Friday deals tailored just for students. Shoppers can enjoy up to 20% off on various plans, making their premium services more affordable. But the deals don’t stop there. CourseHero is also providing free textbooks and textbook unlocks, ensuring that students have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. It’s a thoughtful gesture, and CourseHero’s commitment to supporting students in their academic pursuits is evident.

The deal goes live in the same period that other similar discounts start getting traction online, the end of November. This year, you can grab your laptop and start going through the website on November 24th for the Black Friday deals. Cyber Monday is practically the same and will be available for you to use on the 27th of November.

CourseHero Subscription Plans and Their Benefits

CourseHero offers various pricing plans tailored to the duration of access and the number of tutor questions you can ask. So, before you start purchasing stuff left and right because of the deals, consider evaluating your own study needs.

Monthly PlanQuarter PlanAnnual Plan

With the Monthly plan, you get access for one month and can pose up to 10 questions to tutors. Those looking for a slightly longer commitment can consider the Quarterly plan, which provides three months of access, allowing for up to 20 tutor questions, and has a charge of $59.85 every three months. For those aiming for an extended period of engagement, the Annual plan is available. It grants a full 12 months of access, lets you ask up to 40 tutor questions, and comes with a billing amount of $119.40 annually. Each plan is designed to cater to different study needs and durations, ensuring students find a suitable match for their academic requirements.

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