JustAnswer Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 81/100
published July 28, 2023 - updated January 5, 2024

Quick Overview

JustAnswer, claiming to be the best website for online tutoring, proved to be one of the best choices for academic assistance. Our A*Help team confirmed the varied service offers presented on the platform, its simplicity in usage, as well as timely and high-quality assistance. Despite slightly lacking in extra features and not having a trial opportunity, JustAnswer.com is what most students can benefit from.

The Good
  • Versatile pool of services
  • Helpful support
  • Quick response time
  • Expert task solution
The Bad
  • No extra features
  • Pricey subscription
An infographic with a short JustAnswer review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 81/100

You were given another homework task yet again. This time you decide to sit and solve everything without missing out on any details. You can’t remember everything your teacher told you in class though. And once you open your assignment, you feel paralyzed. You stare at the question and it just stares back at you and no solution pops up in your head. 

At this stage you might think “To hell with the homework” or “I will deal with it later”, just close your book and go watch TikTok. Then you’ll end up in deadline debt, anxiously trying to understand every subject at once.

All you need to avoid that nightmare is to look up JustAnswer. It’s an online tutoring website that offers assistance to students feeling stuck with their tasks. They will guide you through the solution process and help the needed answer. How do you know you can trust this platform? You can’t, but we do, as we tested this service first-hand in our mystery shopping experiment. To get a better insight into how this process worked, see How We Test Online Tutoring Services.

JustAnswer Review – Mystery Shopping

You decided to find an explanation for your task. Naturally, you need it to be clear and correct. And how do you know that the website that popped up first in Google search has exactly that one?

We can’t know that either. That’s why we test the reviewed services on first-hand experience to see that for ourselves. We conduct our evaluation on the premise of three main criteria: value for money, overall experience, and quality of help. 

When looking at value for money, we pay attention to the variety of services the platform offers, the range of covered subjects, whether there’s a trial period and its limitations, and the website’s pricing policy.

With Overall Experience, we pay attention to how easy the platform is to navigate, how adapted is the question request form, whether there’s a well-organized support system, and how quick and simple the registration process is.

The biggest part of our research is the review of the quality of help. Here, we place a question of our own to see how well can services deal with them. We asked the platforms’ tutors to guide us through a three-part Algebra task taken from the year 2 college book. The assignment regarded the use of numerical methods and mainly the Newton-Raphson method. We then compared their solutions to the textbook one and therefore made a conclusion as to whether the platform was helpful and correct.

We also asked our technical expert Logan Romford why students may find math-related tasks more difficult than others:

JustAnswer Review

“You see, to grasp mathematical concepts, students need to pay extra attention during class. What usually happens though, is they lose focus, skip on formula or two and then they can’t understand any further topics that build on the previous one. To get back on track what they really need is a simple, step-by-step explanation. And it’s better if it builds on a practical task rather than on theoretical expressions. Mainly, that’s why algebra is so hard to grasp — its main concepts are too abstract for our brain to comprehend and put to use.”

In the end, we combine all the points given during the assessment and form the website’s A*Help score. This mark reflects the services’ convenience and ability to give you decent advice on your homework. JustAnswer was also closely analyzed and received its score. So, let’s spill the tea about this platform. 

See How We Test Tutoring Websites for more details on our evaluation approach.

SpeedPaper Review

JustAnswer’s Service Potential: Value for Money — 16/25

Features and Services
Additional Features
Payments & Price
Range of Subjects

Would you rather choose to subscribe to a website that has most of the answers and study materials collected in one place or the one where you will have to ask questions all the time and still google the additional information yourself? After all, when you pay to work with the platform, you expect a beneficial type of service.

With JustAnswer, we received a fair share of offers. We got to surf through their Q&A base and take a look into their studying community. There weren’t any guides or blogs but we noticed they offered live tutoring sessions. This is a great plus as sometimes you need a more detailed clarification to deeper understand the topic. As for the additional features, such as some kinds of AI solutions or study groups, there weren’t any to mention. 

Ask a Question feature at JustAnswer.com
Ask a Question feature at JustAnswer (click to see a large image)

We liked that the platform offered two types of payment opportunities. We could commit to a subscription, which was $125/month. JustAnswer didn’t have any trial option though. There was, however, a special offer for the newcomers as you get to ask 2 questions and use the service for $25/month. Since we were, just like regular students, on a budget, we saw it as a good offer. Convenient enough, we could use both a card and a PayPal to pay for everything.

We also checked out which subjects you can expect to get explained by JustAnswer. As it turned out, it mostly covered STEM-related courses and language questions.

JustAnswer.com had a useful set of useful features, convenient payment process, and a subscription offer that suited our wallet. If only there were more extra services and a trial opportunity, this platform would make even larger value.

SpeedPaper Review

Working with JustAnswer: Overall Experience — 17/25

Ordering Form

Online tutoring services should be convenient, period. You are not opting for assistance in explaining a confusing task to stumble upon a more bewildering website.

Frankly saying, JustAnswer had a bit of a confusing website. We had to dig through it a little bit in the beginning. However, the ordering form was simple. It allowed to add images, files, and formulas if your task requires any. 

Communication with the tutor at Just Answer
Communication with the tutor at JustAnswer (click to see a large image)

The registration process also went smooth. Still, aside from email we were also required to provide our phone number. Note that when creating your profile here.

The platform also deserves a place for its assistive support. There were guides and FAQs that proved helpful when we accustomed ourselves with the website. In addition to that, JustAnswer had an on-site messenger. First we were met with a bot there but after a few requests got directed to an assistive agent.

Our interactions with JustAnswer were unproblematic and required no additional effort. We think this provider succeeded in organizing a convenient platform.

SpeedPaper Review

JustAnswer’s Quality of Help — 45/50

Response time
Communication with tutor
Solution quality

The juiciest part of our experiment is finding out how well services perform in their field of expertise. Don’t get us wrong, but anybody can call themselves a professional at what they do. It still doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.

In the case of JustAnswer’s tutor, we can say that those judgements are true. The whole process from posting a question response to finding a tutor and getting an explanation only took 40 minutes. 

A screenshot of  Zoom call with the tutor at JustAnswer
JustAnswer Tutor’s solution (Click to see a large image)

We also got an image showing the calculations to get a better idea on how we got the results. And even when we asked our tutor to elaborate more on the answer, they were open to give us an answer with no extra charge.

After comparing the expert’s solution with the textbook one, we found that ⅔ parts of the assignment had the exact same answers. The last one had a good start, but the numbers didn’t match the results in our book.

Question Response TimeSolution QualityPrice
40 min⅔ tasks fully completed — 80%$25

Overall, JustAnswer’s tutor did a good job at guiding us through the task. They gave us the materials that could help us make better calculations in similar assignments in the future. Therefore we could say that JustAnswer was of grand assistance to us.

Final Point

Solving homework proved to be too difficult? JustAnswer.com is the place to go. That’s the conclusion we came to when working with this platform, at least. It was convenient, provided quick assistance and had helpful features like Q&A base and live tutoring. The service’s tutors were also interested in giving us detailed explanations and getting us through the assignment. If that’s not what you expect to get from an online tutoring service, we don’t know what else is.

Possible Issues with JustAnswer.com: Negativity Rank — 42.7%

We believe that an honest review of the service shouldn’t include just positive sides. After all, it’s important to know what possible problems may occur during your customer journey.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with a view on the negative experiences. To do this we browse through websites like Reviews.io, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot looking for unsatisfactory feedback from previous users. We weed out the ones that may be written by competitors in an attempt to lower the platform’s performance. The ones left we evaluate in terms of severity and plausibility. As a result we get a general Negativity Rank which mirrors the website’s flaws and usage risks.

We did the same with JustAnswer. It’s score rounded up to 42.7%. The interesting part is that all negative comments we found regarded the website’s hidden fees. Users were charged for memberships when they didn’t even subscribe to the service and just used it once (and paid for it). There were also complaints about hardships with getting refunds. Even though this is a relatively high result, it seems that JustAnswer is handling these problems. In our experience, canceling our subscription wasn’t a problem and we saw that there was an automatic renewal set for it. So, if you keep mindful of your profile, you most definitely won’t have any problem with managing your membership in time.

Why academichelp.net is a credible source of information:

Stay curious with us. Academichelp.net has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data.

JustAnswer’s Specs

> Features/Services
Q&A Base
Live Tutor Sessions
> Additional Features
Comments reviews from previous workQuizzes
AI solutions (detectors, checkers, editors, tutors)
Study groups/bootcamps
> Trial 
Free questions
Free answers
> Payments& Price 
Subscriptions $25/month for first-time users (2 questions),
then — $125/month (5 questions)
Pay per chat ✅
Pay per time (1 h, 30 min, 15 min)
Pay per additional question
> Methods 
Card Payments
Wallet Payments PayPal
> Range of Subjects
Natural subjects (Physics, Chemistry, etc.)
> Support
Support availablity 24/7
Support on-site messenger
Support guides/community/FAQ/Q&A
Helpfulness of supportHigh
> Registration&Privacy
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Uses third-party registration methods (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft account)
> Response Time 
Question response Took 40 minutes combined with
finding a tutor
Live chat responseNo live chat
Finding of tutors Took 40 minutes combined with
question response time
> Materials 
Include answers
Include explanations
Explanatory videos, images
Download video/image
> Communication with Tutor
Live chat
Video call
Asking additional questions for free


JustAnswer Reviews

We browse through TrustPilot, Reviews.io, and Sitejabber to find feedback from previous customers of the service. We analyze them and include our findings in our reviews. We did the same with JustAnswer.com. Refer to the Negativity Rank section to get a more detailed view on its results.

Is JustAnswer a Scam?

We tested JustAnswer ourselves creating a profile, and asking a question of our own. We got connected with the tutor almost right away and received an explanation we needed. As such we confirm that this platform will not scam you but provide you with the service you expected.

Is JustAnswer Legit?

The A*Help score was designed to evaluate only legitimate services with an established audience, operating experience, and a record of successfully solved requests. Since we applied our unique methodology to review JustAnswer, you can be sure that it’s a legit website.

Is JustAnswer Safe?

We went through the registration process on JustAnswer and created an account. Even though we were asked to give our phone number, we didn’t receive any unsolicited messages. We also didn’t notice any data breach on our device after using the website. As such, this service can rightfully be called safe and secure.

Is JustAnswer Trustworthy?

We asked the platform’s tutors to help us out with the math task which they gladly did. We received timely assistance and detailed explanation of the solution. Coming from our experience, we can assure you this website is worth your trust.

Is JustAnswer a Good Service?

We put JustAnswer.com through a scrutinizing test, evaluating its quality. In end, it received 81/100 pts A*Help score which reflects this platform’s ability to ensure its clients with convenience and quality.

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