Rytr.me Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 70.2/100
🔥 published May 4, 2023 - updated February 8, 2024

Quick overview

Rytr.me is a proper AI-writing solution for users with moderate demands for functionality. It simplifies the essay writing process with an easy registration, aesthetic interface, and straightforward essay creation flow. While it excels in overall user experience, it falls short in offering a comprehensive range of services and paper quality. With its limitations in text submission formatting and a lack of advanced research tools, it may not be the best option even during Rytr Black Friday sale.

The Good
  • Quick content generation
  • Affordable monthly “Saver” plan
  • High paper quality
The Bad
  • Scanty text submission options
  • Few additional services
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An infographic with a short Rytr.me review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 70.2/100
A screenshot of text generation at Rytr.me
Generating essay with Rytr.me (click to see a bigger picture)

In already long-gone times before the Internet, students ventured into the vast, mysterious realm of libraries, armed with nothing but a pen, paper, and thirst for knowledge. It would take them days or even weeks to shovel through hundreds of pages to find enough relevant material for their academic papers.

The 21st century, the age of instant gratification, brought information just a click away, and dozens online essay companies and cutting-edge AI-powered services have streamlined the once-daunting task of essay writing. However, the great power and the wealth of choice come with responsibility and confusion. In this dazzling abundance of ai tools for academic research and ai text generators, students often find themselves adrift in a sea of options, unsure of which lifeboat to cling to.

But as a dedicated student, you have no reasons to worry, because the experts at academichelp.com have committed to carefully evaluating AI writing tools, providing you with the most accurate and thorough reviews online. 

So, buckle up as we unveil the secrets of the most illustrious AI-writing services, brought to you by the explorers of academichelp.com. Today, the subject of our professional interest is the website called Rytr.me that boldly claims it can write literally anything with the speed of light. And if you’re wondering about what exactly we explore within AI-driven tools and why we do that, read our guide on How we test AI essay writers

RYTR.ME Review: Verified Mystery Shopping

When a company like Rytr.me asserts that generating exceptional content is a breeze, are you inclined to believe them? Your past encounters with academic writing or common sense might cause you to question such statements. At A*Help, we share your skepticism and value tangible outcomes more than luring yet hollow words. To determine the credibility of such promises, we engage in a mystery shopping experiment using the platform’s services to generate an actual 550-word student essay. This approach enables us to assess not only the result itself but also the overall experience with the service in various aspects, including affordability, user-friendliness, range of features, and general satisfaction with the interaction. 

To gauge a tool’s performance, we consider those and other criteria contributing to three fundamental service quality indicators: value for money and overall experience we evaluate on our own, and paper quality is determined by Professor Low according to “American college standards.” These elements are combined to create the A*Help rating, a measure of the service’s standing against the competition.

Despite the significant rise of such services, prominent figures in the scientific community remain highly skeptical of AI’s role in academic writing. We sought the perspective of our collaborator and US-based professor, Sybil Low, on the abilities and prospects of AI-powered writing tools.

Of course, opinions differ, as they should and will continue to do so for any contentious topic. I’m not surprised that renowned academics express doubts about the AI-driven frenzy. Dr. Noam Chomsky himself co-authored an article in the New York Times recently, asserting that these tools do not possess a profound comprehension of human cognition and language. He recognizes their remarkable performance but argues they are confined to statistical correlations and superficial descriptions. I personally concur, but who can tell what the future holds? History is replete with illustrations where groundbreaking technological or scientific advancements were initially mocked – the light bulb, airplanes, and vaccines, to name a few! In my humble opinion, it’s premature to forecast the potential of AI-powered writing tools.

The diversity of thoughts and opinions only makes us more intrigued and anticipated to finally make our impression of all the strengths and weaknesses of Rytr.me.

Paper Quality — 33.2/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The quality of work accounts for 50% of the A*Help score. Even though we typically evaluate this aspect towards the end of our reviews, it is actually the most significant factor for both us and users of AI writing services, and should be given particular consideration.

Before looking at the paper score, let’s see what workflow is waiting for a customer to achieve it.

The tool generates text as a single, continuous fragment, leaving the responsibility of dividing it into meaningful paragraphs or other logical structures to the student. Rytr.me provides a rudimentary editor with limited functions, but clients can conveniently export the result to another format and continue working elsewhere if needed.

The essay’s score is 77.9/100 which is well above the passing minimum of 60. The document formatting is deemed very good, although there is room for improvement in terms of vertical and horizontal spacing, as well as the page header. The integrity of the essay is rated at 100%, indicating no issues with plagiarism or other ethical concerns. The length is slightly short, with a recommendation to add more content or quotes. Regarding mechanics, spelling received a perfect score, while grammar, punctuation, and word choice all scored well. Reasoning and logic scored 62%, with efficiency and acuity scoring the lowest. The essay was complimented for its clarity and objectivity. The paper shows potential, but formatting and reasoning need to be improved.

As always Sybil Low declares her expert verdict:

This essay is an excellent illustration of what Noam Chomsky spoke about in the article that I’ve cited earlier. The essay has a clear structure and is easy to follow. However, it could benefit from more elaborate examples, and the conclusion could have been more decisive. Rytr.me uses quotes from Jonathan Haidt’s book to support its argument, which shows solid research results and understanding of the task’s requirements. Overall, the paper is well-written technically but underachieves creatively. With a human contribution this piece would have been more complete.

Find a more in-depth description of the paper’s score below:

Score 77.9

Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; page header. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (96%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 91% (spelling 100%, grammar 86%, punctuation 94%, word choice 84%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 62% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 87%, objectivity 61%).

The evaluation and the score of the paper suggest a reasonably good quality of the produced output, although it still exhibits typical flaws associated with artificially generated written content, so you might want to look into Rytr alternatives in that regard.

Paper score: 77.9/100

 Parameter✅ Personal Essay
Paper score77.9/100
Creation time 3-5 min
Number of words557 words

Value for Money — 16/25⭐️⭐️⭐️

The value-for-money ratio of a service supplier is an essential metric for you, as a customer, to consider, especially when shopping online. It lets you get an idea of what a specific service offers compared to similar ones. If the level of cost-effectiveness is solid, it is a winning situation as you get more services and quality for your money. That’s why the AI text generator’s value proposition is one of the things constituting the A*Help score.

Rytr.me doesn’t seem to be willing to impress with a wide range of services: users cannot count on a sufficient number of them and are limited only to text generation itself, paraphrasing, grammar check, and a plagiarism test. There is also an AI-chat assistant, but creating in-text or MLA/APA citations can’t be done at this point. This can be problematic for those seeking assistance with assignments that require proper referencing and citations. On the other hand, the service provides a selection of more than 30 languages, 40 templates and use cases, and 20 available tones for generated text, which in some cases may alleviate the lack of certain additional services and allow you to get a quality result.

Access to the tool is carried out in several ways: through the website or a browser extension. The latter may appeal to a broader audience, as an add-on may become a quicker way to work with certain tasks. As for mobile applications, when this review is being written, the service does not offer applications for mobile devices.

A screenshot of subscription plans at rytr.me
Subscription plans at Rytr.me (click to see a large picture)

Information regarding subscription options and associated limitations is simple to find on the website. A free trial version is provided for users to test the technology, allowing up to 10,000 characters per month. If this is insufficient, two types of paid monthly plans are available, “Saver” for $9 and “Unlimited” for $29, both offering a bonus of two months free when purchasing a yearly subscription. While the starter’s cost is reasonable, we believe the $29 price tag for the unlimited plan may be somewhat excessive for what Rytr.me offers.

Ultimately, the value-for-money proposition of this website depends on individual user needs and preferences. If its specific features align with your requirements and you find the pricing reasonable, it might be a viable option. However, if you are in search of a more comprehensive AI assistant with a broader range of services, you may need to explore other alternatives.

Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

Overall Experience — 21/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Although value for money often persuades a user to pay for a service, it’s the overall experience that ultimately determines customer’s satisfaction with their choice. At A*Help, we make all decisions, correct and mistaken, with the aim to ensure that you’re always delighted with the AI essay writer you choose, whether it’s Jasper ai vs Rytr or any other platform.

This service will be perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity, security, and flexibility of the registration process. All you need to log in is your email or one of the existing Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or Google accounts. We consider such a vast selection of registration methods a great solution that won’t disappoint anyone.

A positive website experience can significantly impact a user’s overall satisfaction, and this is exactly what you should expect at Rytr.me. An aesthetically pleasing interface makes navigating the site enjoyable, increasing engagement with the tool. Additionally, an easy-to-use platform can make completing tasks on the site more efficient and less confusing. For instance, a simple essay creation flow that guides the student step-by-step through the process can help simplify the project and reduce their frustration. The workspace has a clean and uncluttered design, with a minimal amount of buttons and icons. The main element on the screen is a window that displays the generated material, while a sidebar provides options for adding instructions and choosing languages, templates, or use cases. We need to give Rytr.me a credit: the tool indeed works fast. No more than 5 minutes should pass before you have your essay downloaded.

A screenshot of editing features at rytr.me
Editing features at Rytr.me (click to see a large picture)

The straightforward and plain design, along with the speed of work, makes everything clear and uncomplicated for the user. First-timers or inexperienced students have an opportunity to watch video guides or read tutorials about using the tool that Rytr.me kindly prepared. In addition to technical materials, there is also a live support chat that is always ready to connect all the remaining dots for you. We find such attention to customers appropriate and advantageous. 

Regarding payment methods, a client can choose between one of the credit card options to complete a transaction. Unfortunately, neither Apple nor Google Pay wallet is supported, which we see as the only blot on the otherwise incredible landscape of user experience that Rytr.me guarantees. 

To conclude, Rytr.me excels in furnishing a user-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing AI essay writing experience. The various registration options, step-by-step guidance, and attentive customer support contribute to a satisfying overall experience. While the lack of certain payment methods is a minor drawback, the numerous benefits outweigh this limitation, making Rytr.me a top choice for those seeking a seamless and enjoyable essay creating process.

Website Experience
Text creation time


Rytr.me presents a mixed bag in terms of AI-driven writing services. The tool is suitable for users seeking quick content generation and simplicity.  While its swift content generation, affordability, and high paper quality are commendable, it falls short in offering a diverse range of additional services and text submission options.


Rytr.me Reviews

Every company reviewed on our site, such as Rytr.Me, undergoes a meticulously designed multi-tiered evaluation process. We gather diverse data via mystery shopping, scrutinize it, and present the findings as an A*Help rating. Also, we examine user opinions from sources like Reddit, Sitejabber, Reviews.io, and Trustpilot to guarantee utmost reliability.

Is Rytr.me a Scam?

Through our direct interaction with the platform, Rytr.Me effectively fulfilled the task by adhering to our instructions. The platform exhibited outstanding dependability and efficiency, establishing its credibility. Based on this, we can confidently assert that the platform excels at generating written content and dismiss any unfounded allegations that question its legitimacy. Rytr.me is not a scam.

Is Rytr.me Legit?

After conducting a complex review of Rytr.Me, we can confidently assert that it is a legitimate service for producing written content. The platform has garnered positive reviews from numerous contented customers online, further validating its credibility and dependability.

Is Rytr.me Safe?

Despite utilizing an AI language model, Rytr.Me functions as any other internet-based service, abiding by customary terms and conditions, privacy, and other prevalent policies. Consequently, it is a completely secure entity.

Is Rytr.me Trustworthy?

Based on our experience with Rytr.Me received during the mystery shopping process, we can conclude that the service is trustworthy and warrants consideration. The company effectively handled and fulfilled our assignment as expected.

Is Rytr.me a Good Service?

We have assessed the essential features of Rytr.me as an AI-powered essay composition tool. Based on our analysis, the platform has achieved a 69.2/100 A*Help score, suggesting it is a reliable service for handling AI-created content.

Is Rytr.me Free?

No, Rytr.me is not an entirely free service. Three subscription plans are offered: free plan with limitations, “Saver plan” ($9/mo), and “Unlimited plan” ($29/mo). 

Can Rytr.me write my College Paper?

Rytr.me is a practical resource for improving academic writing samples. It is achieved by offering idea expansions, diverse word choices, and adjusting to proper styles. Although some may perceive that it can produce entire college papers, it is important to keep in mind that using such generated text as original submissions is deemed academically unethical. As such, the generated content should only serve as an initial basis or reference for crafting distinct written works.

Does Rytr.me have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

The service has an integrated anti-plagiarism detection tool in all three pricing plans. Users can also double-check their writings using one of many existing alternative solutions. 


>Website experience
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essay3-4 minutes
Wordcount limitsDepends on subscription
> Support 
Support chat/phone
> Services 
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
> Free trial 
Free trial/plan
Limits10K characters/mo
> Subscription & Limits 
Monthly plan
Saver -$9.99 monthly
Unlimited – $29.99
Annual plan
2 months for free
with each plan
> Text Creation Options 
> Text Formatting 
FormatSimple text
Can be done

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Caitlin Walter August 22, 2023

I’ve been using it for SEO! It’s good for getting the basics down, but I always add my own touch to make the copy more engaging.

Eve Mccoy August 20, 2023

I just want to say, the future is here! Who would’ve thought we’d have AI tools to write content for us? Mind blown!

Molly O'Ryan August 17, 2023

Great review! I’ve been looking for a tool like this. But I wish they had more services, especially for academic writing. 🎓

Kathryn Paul August 17, 2023

Just started using Rytr for my blog. It’s crazy how quickly I can write a post now. Time-saver for sure

Syed Haynes August 10, 2023

I didn’t trust AI tools initially, but Rytr has been super helpful. I can generate a draft in minutes and then just tweak it to fit my style.

Otto Pierce August 9, 2023

Anyone else using Rytr to write SEO articles? How’s your experience been?

Hallie Parrish August 8, 2023

Writing has always been a challenge for me. If Rytr can help me create content that sounds professional, it’s a win!

Alexandros Mann August 4, 2023

I’ve been using another AI writer, but after reading this, I might switch to Rytr. The “Saver” plan sounds affordable.

Billy Hayden August 2, 2023

I’ve been on the hunt for a tool that can generate SEO-friendly copy without much effort. Might give Rytr a shot after reading this review. 👀

Bridie Mcgrath July 25, 2023

The review is thorough, but I’m still on the fence. I mean, there are so many AI tools out there. How do I know this is the one for me?

Amina Olson July 23, 2023

The ability to create content on the fly is essential for my social media strategy. Rytr seems promising!

Sufyan Finley July 13, 2023

I’ve tried Rytr, and while it’s good for generating content, I still prefer to add my personal touch. AI can’t replace human creativity… yet.

Malachy Berger July 15, 2023

Totally get that! I use Rytr to get the basics down, then I add my flair. It’s like having a co-writer. 🤖+👩‍💻=🔥

Yusra Duke July 7, 2023

I’m a non-native English speaker, and I’ve been using Rytr to help with my college essays. Works fine so far!

Gareth Irwin June 28, 2023

I’m all about that SEO, and I’ve been using Rytr for my blog. It’s decent, but I wish they had more features tailored for bloggers and social media content creators.

Norma Torres July 4, 2023

I feel you! I tried using it for my media assignments, and while it’s good for general content, it lacks some advanced features.

Jared Banks June 22, 2023

Just tried Rytr.me after reading this blog, and I gotta say, it’s not bad for quick content generation. 🚀 But I agree, they need to step up their game in the formatting department.

Hollie Stanton June 16, 2023

I tried using Rytr to generate a copy for my social media pos Seems ok

Lena Gay June 15, 2023

I’m all about that free trial life. 10,000 characters per month is decent, but I might need to upgrade if I keep using it for all my assignments.

Lorna Stokes June 3, 2023

As someone who’s terrible at citations, I really wish they had an in-text or MLA/APA citation feature. 😩 I need that

Sylvie Stephens June 6, 2023

Totally agree! I had to use another tool just for citations. It’s a bit of a hassle.

Fatimah Church May 23, 2023

I appreciate the thoroughness of your review! Rytr.me seems to be a decent tool for basic writing needs. However, the lack of citation and formatting support can be a turn-off for academic writers.

Louise Castaneda May 22, 2023

It’s interesting to see that the paper generated was scored by a professor. It gives a bit more credibility to the review. Appreciate the effort you put in this!

Brendon Pineda May 20, 2023

I love the mystery shopping approach to testing the service! It’s a more hands-on review than simply basing it on listed features and services.

Jim Marks May 17, 2023

As a first-time user of AI writing tools, the user-friendly nature of Rytr.me is appealing. Thanks for the review, it has certainly clarified a lot for me.

Roy Conway May 16, 2023

I’m intrigued by this service now, especially given that the paper scored fairly well. As a student, anything that can help with my essays is worth a shot!

Anita Lindsay May 16, 2023

I have used a few AI writing tools, but Rytr.me’s fast generation of content is commendable. However, the need for more services is definitely a valid point.

Jorja Sutherland May 22, 2023

@Anita, thanks for mentioning the need for extra services. I’ve been using Rytr.me for my blog posts, and found it to be really effective. However, I agree with the review regarding its limitations for academic writing.

Frankie Macdonald May 23, 2023

You guys, same stuff. I’ve been using Rytr.me for a while and can confirm that the user experience is quite smooth. But the platform could definitely do with more services.

Isabella Donnelly May 14, 2023

Your review provides a balanced perspective. While AI tools like Rytr.me have their limitations, they’re still quite impressive given how far technology has advanced. I’ll be keeping an eye on these developments!

Abubakar Schaefer May 10, 2023

Good analysis, but I think you might be slightly harsh on the pricing. Considering the time and effort it saves, I think $29 is quite reasonable for the unlimited plan.

Penny Gibbons May 9, 2023

I’ve just started using AI writing services, and I’ve found Rytr.me to be fairly satisfactory for my needs. However, the lack of citation support is a significant drawback, especially for academic papers.

Aditya Byrne May 6, 2023

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about AI writing tools. But after reading this review, I am considering giving Rytr.me a try. Thanks for the detailed insight!

Brooklyn Farmer May 5, 2023

This is a well-thought-out review of Rytr.me. I’ve used the service a few times, and I agree with most of your observations. I enjoy its simplicity but do wish it had more features for academic writing.

Hashim Peters May 13, 2023

An insightful review indeed! The step-by-step process description has given me a good idea of what to expect from Rytr.me. As a content creator, I might just check it out for simpler writing tasks.


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