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Hi everyone!

Almost a month and a half has passed since the New Year, so it’s already time to start creating all kinds of literary charts, ratings, and so on. For example, a list of the best short stories in the winter of 2015, or the top five novels published in 2015, and so on. Today, however, I’d like to pay attention to five writers whom I believe every person following the novelties of contemporary literature should be familiar with:

  1. Brendan Duffy

    A promising young writer, the author of “House of Echoes,” which was warmly received by critics and reviewers, is definitely worth your attention. It is a true successor of the glorious tradition of the American psychological thriller.

  2. Hanya Yanagihara

    The New-York-based author of “A Little Life,” Hanya Yanagihara manages to show the complexity of relationships with a meticulous and scrupulous credibility. Her award-winning story of four friends, described in “A Little Life,” can be related to by anyone, regardless of their background or current occupations. Yanagihara pays attention to the meaning, not the form—to what stands behind things, not to things on their own: and this is why she deserves your attention.

  3. Niina Pollari

    A poetess whom you might be looking for for your whole life, Niina Pollari has quite something to offer you in her magnificent book of poems called “Dead Horse.” What is it exactly? A strange mix of contrasts, wrapped in a deceivingly easy-to-read form. But don’t let your eyes trick you: her poems are one of the best things that happened to literature during the recent year.

  4. Lucy Wood

    A talented short story author, warmly acclaimed by critics. It is her manner of writing that got me (and probably will do the same to you), not the plot lines. Her short stories are based on Cornish folklore, and the way she operates with words, the way she transforms ancient motifs into modern-sounding prose, gave me goosebumps. Pure magic.

  5. Nicole Haroutunian

    Her “Speed Dreaming” is what I’d call a good example of womanly prose: sensitive, piercing, emotional, and realistic. Saying anything else would be superfluous—just read her work.

Have fun reading!

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