The phenomenal abilities of Chat GPT are enticing hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world. While some are toying around with the product, driven primarily by pure curiosity, many others are exploiting this technology to achieve their academic goals. The controversy over the issue is escalating.

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Pitfall for Students

The unregulated use of technology has inevitably led to pitfalls for students. The product immediately sparked fierce opposition from teaching staff, who began to spot artificially created essays circulating around their classrooms. This is unacceptable for them, and they don’t hesitate to react accordingly.

On January 13th, a Reddit user, throwabsentie, posted a message that went viral in just a few hours. 1.9K comments and 1.4K upvotes have been left on the post as of writing. In a highly agitated state, the author confesses that he used ChatGPT to generate his 4000-word college essay. Despite minor manual edits, the paper was marked as written by a “third-party tool,” and he was accused of violation of the student conduct of plagiarism. In light of the fact that he is pursuing his master’s degree, his situation is rather grim. The question remains, should students rely on modern technology or should they search for the best college paper writing service to help them with paperwork?

Reactions from Reddit

Two camps of Reddit users are vigorously discussing the post. According to the author of the post, half of the comments advocate apologies for violations of the student code of conduct, while the other half urge denying all “baseless” accusations.

“Deny everything.
Ask for proof.
If you made mistakes, do not bring them up, your unintentional shouldn’t be your front and center. Unless they can prove it, I’m not sure how they’d kick you out. I know with traditional plagiarism tools, it gives the sources as proof. How exactly could they without a shadow of a doubt prove it was written by ChatGPT?,”
suggests MrOtsKrad.

This opinion has found many advocates. Users offer to deny everything and ask for confirmation; otherwise, the school’s claims are invalid.

“Deny deny deny. There are a variety of tools that are all as imperfect what ChatGPT can produce. Challenge their findings, challenge their tools. The instant you admit fault you are done for,” Chogo82 supports the previous opinion.

The user Jakeiscrazy offers to point out the shortcomings of the college’s AI detectors. He thinks that when the college makes a statement, the grounds must also be explained.

“All they can say is their tool flagged it. They likely have no idea why their tool flagged it. Universities are going to have to allow tools like this. Because they shouldn’t expel someone on a suspicion alone and there is no way to prove absolutely these tools are being used.”

The opposite opinion is also very-well represented in the discussion. In many cases, the audience is not surprised by this turn of events and consider students relying on СhatGPT naive and irresponsible. CapHillster, one the top-voted comment’s author, says it’s very easy for a professional teacher to distinguish his student’s style from everything else.

“I’ve taught college-level writing to engineers at an R1 university. If one of my students changed their style/tone overnight, especially a weaker writer, the difference would be excruciatingly obvious. And there’s no way I’d have missed such an overnight change. The only writing sample I have of you is this post and your other Reddit comments. For what it’s worth, they reflect consistent non-standard punctuation usage (among other quirks) that would make it trivial to differentiate your writing from typical ChatGPT output,” states CapHillster.

The user paradeofgrafters, who claims to be an editor, backs up the statement above. He’s convinced that it is much easier to detect plagiarism than many people assume.

“If you’re familiar with an individual’s writing, you can Absolutely tell when they start plagiarising…or stop,” he says.

Some users seem particularly adamant and lack compassion for the post’s author.

This thread is full of technoretards and undergrads getting mad a university had the gall to ask them to do their homework. It’s pathetic,” remarks SyllabubBig1456.

Although opinions are often opposite, there is a clear trend. Among many emerging applications of various AI shapes and forms, OpenAI’s ChatGPT remains highly controversial when used for accomplishing academic goals.

Earlier this month we also informed previously about ChatGPT setting new trends in the academic environment and getting banned by the New York City Department of Education.


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