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Week 49

In contrast to the dynamic nature of global geopolitics these days, the academic writing world is currently witnessing a remarkable phase of stability. The top five academic disciplines have maintained their rankings from the previous week, with their percentages showing minimal variation. Consequently, Nursing, Business Studies, English 101, History, and Management continue to be the favored topics for academic essays in the 49th week of 2023.

TOP Essay Disciplines Total orders Previous week 🔥 Updated December 2023
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13.18% 13.39% Top essay topics
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Business Studies
8.82% 8.02% Top essay topics
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English 101
6.34% 6.26% Top essay topics
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5.85% 5.81% Top essay topics
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3.96% 5.37% Top essay topics

> TOPIC FOCUS – English 101

English 101 has ranked among the top, securing second or third positions for many consecutive weeks. This steady level of student engagement emphasizes the subject’s popularity among the most favored disciplines. As a result, “Lessons From ‘Fahrenheit 451’ in the Age of Social Media” becomes the topic of the week.


Minor changes in results require an in-depth look to determine the category leader. Business Studies finished the week with a popularity score of 8.82, marking a nearly 1% gain over the previous session. While this increase is slight and has no bearing on the subject’s ranking, it is this fluctuation that separates Business Studies as the field witnessing the greatest gain in popularity over the last week.


Management, like Business Studies, went through minor changes. It maintained its fifth-place position despite a 3.69% outcome, which is 1.41% lower than the previous period. This drop, however, is highlighted as the most significant when compared to all other subjects.

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