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Following last week’s surprises, the top five settled into a more familiar pattern. Nursing secured its customary top spot, followed by English and Business Studies in the next two positions. Psychology and Management also returned to the chart and were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

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Business Studies
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English 101
6.92% 11.47% Top essay topics
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Miscellaneous essay topics

Accounting King and company pro forma auditor’s report
Anthropology Commodity Chain Analysis
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Should the Parthenon marbles be returned to Greece?
Aviation Employment Trends
Aviation Operating Environments and Risk
Aviation Rotorcraft Environmental Accidents
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Biological Macromolecules
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Canadian Water Standards
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Nigella sativa in Middle East
Classic English Literature Common Themes in Characters of A Raisin in the Sun
Classic English Literature Social Issues in The Partials
Computer science Comprehensive comparison between Microsoft and Linux operating system.
Computer science Short Paper: Team Building and Collaboration
Communications Communication Challenge
Communications Science journalism
Communications Contemporary New Media Technology Review
Communications Electronic Communications
Communications Media and The Ongoing Hijab-Banning Debate
Communications The Role of Social Media in Promoting Heritage and Culture: A Case Study of Government Institutions
Communications YouTube User Engagements on News Videos
Criminal Justice Criminological Theories and Intervention
Criminal Justice Domestic Violence-Til Death do us apart
Criminal Justice Enhanced Social Responsibility
Criminal Justice Merton’s Strain Theory
Criminal Justice The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Criminal law Criminal Investigation television shows and how they impact criminal justice in reality
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Dance Me Outside (1994) Movie Review
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Differences in Communication Across Cultures
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Diversity, Biases, and Special Populations
Economics Brief of Spectrum – The Spawn of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communication
Economics Out-Pocket-Health expenditure in Nigeria;Case study of HIV/AIDS
Economics Urban economics research paper
Engineering Determination of the Critical Micelle Concentration for Aqueous Tetradecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromid
Engineering Simulation in the Systems Engineering Lifecycle
Engineering Studying the corrosion properties of Magnesium and its applications in dissolvable implants
Environmental studies and Forestry Algal control and prevention technologies for lake diefenbaker irrigation canals
Environmental studies and Forestry Ecological Footprint Report
Environmental studies and Forestry Factors between china and Japan in future energy
Environmental studies and Forestry Select a hazard. Select a geographical region. Create a risk/vulnerability chart for that region.
Ethics Tesco Case Study
Film & Theater studies Angels in America
Film & Theater studies Film and Literature Anaylsis
Finance Assessing competition in the insurance sector in the GCC
Finance Inventory Concept and Depreciation Methods
Finance Managerial Role and Annualizing Staffing
History Mexican Texas The state of Texas belonged to Mexico from 1821-1836, when it became an independent
History Building a New Europe
History George Washington as Military Leader and President – views and attitudes
History Historical Interpretations of Past and Present
History Global Drug Trade
History The Holocaust
Human Resources Management (HRM) Amazon Warehouse Employees Compensation
Human Resources Management (HRM) Professional Appearance Presentation
International Relations How have China and Pakistan Established Good Bilateral Relations?
International Relations What are China’s main principles and historical concepts that may affect current foreign policy?
International Relations Characteristics of Politics and Economy for South and Central Asia
International Relations Defense Diplomacy of UAE
International Relations French Foreign Policy (Turkey 2000-2003)
International Relations Terrorism and National Security
International Relations UAE scientific and academic diplomacy
International Relations What are the characteristics of politics and economy for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia
International Relations What are the main factors in China’s Afghanistan bilateral relations?
International Relations What are the most important motives behind China and Central Asian Countries’ Relations
IT, Web Sony Hack Case Study
IT, Web Tools for My Professional Toolbox
IT, Web Web browser Security and Vulnerability Assessment
Law Balenciaga
Law Bankruptcy Fraud
Law Compare two texts of Constitutions and assess differences in the fundamental principles 
Law Reorganize the entire thesis and editing citation.
Law Tulsa- How America showed the world that Justice for all doesn’t include black people.
Law What role do you see for Human Rights going forward?
Leadership Studies Coaching as a Way of Leadership (And Life)
Leadership Studies Coaching Effectiveness
Leadership Studies Personal and professional leadership philosophy
Literature Don Quixote de la Mancha
Literature Jane Eyre, Hermeneutics, and Marxism
Logistics General Property Contracts and Exposures in the Retail Environment
Marketing Applying marketing concept on Adidas
Marketing Decision making and purchase journey
Marketing Galoobin Coffee
Marketing Luxury goods competitive sections
Marketing Netflix pricing strategies case study
Marketing Social Enterprises
Marketing Social Media Marketing Plan: Tuning; Budgeting & Return on Investment
Marketing Social/Green Marketing
Marketing The marshmallow effect
Mathematics Solving linear equations by substitution and by elimination
Medicine Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) – A Review of clinical approach for diagnosis and current treatment strategies
Nutrition/Dietary Special breakfast menu for athlete
Other (enter below) The role of quality assurance in positioning universities in the UAE
Philosophy EcoFeminism: Progressive Research Paper
Political science Burundi in the last 50 years
Political science Geof Harkness on Qatar (Changing Qatar Podcast and Expats and Workers reading etc.)
Political science Moral Courage and Ethics
Political science Racial capitalism and the US Prison Systems
Political science Research Question: How Iran’s government doing too little to end honor killing and how is it differe
Political science The development conundrum: Choices amidst constraints
Political science The issue of the decrease in Population of the UAE natives
Political science Topic: Feminism as a social movement
Public Administration Bobsville Emergency Operations Plan
Public Administration Diversity Statement
Religious studies Book Analysis: Share Jesus Without Fear Assignment
Religious studies Satire: Juvenal and American Satire
Sociology Deviance
Sociology Diversity in Mass Media
Sociology Essay on neo-liberalism and social problems.
Sociology Just how inclusive are the various types of citizenship?
Sociology Simple Survey Project
Sociology Social Services – Race and Ethnic Relations
Sociology The Nuclear Family
Statistics Elementary Statistics Project
Technology Business Process Modeling Methodology
Technology Effective Use of Virtual Reality To Improve Learning Outcomes in Math and Science
Technology Structured vs Unstructured Data
Week 5

Accounting Advanced Accounting Assignment
Accounting Kunapipi Gardens: Transfer Pricing in the service industry
Anthropology The evolving roles of women in the Middle East
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Google Art Project
Aviation UASs as Reliable Medicine Delivery Platforms
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Molecular Biology research
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Skin cancer
Biology (and other Life Sciences) the role of biological security and safety in medical laboratory and blood bank
Chemistry The decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide
Civil Engineering FRP composite materials for strengthening concrete structures using cement-based and epoxy adhesives
Classic English Literature A Doll’s House
Classic English Literature American Identity
Classic English Literature Emerson Redefined
Classic English Literature My Take on Death of a Salesman
Composition How Reading Enhances Personal Health and Professional Growth and Development
Composition Plastic pollution
Computer science Advanced in drone technology and control
Computer science Cardinal Realty Group
Computer science Cybersecurity and Legal Protection
Computer science Idea for cyber security capstone projects
Computer science The Efficiency of the COVID-19 Vaccines Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Analysis Tools.
Computer science Using Artificial Intelligence to Increase Security in Internet of Things Devices
Communications Creative AI Reading Responses
Communications How commodity fetishism is operating or working?
Communications Reviewing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice – Leadership  & Online Anonymity might affect Forensic Investigations
Criminal Justice cultural differences and diversity influence professional practice in criminal justice
Criminal Justice Pre-Trial Identification Procedures, Investigation And Pre-Trial Release
Criminal Justice The pros and cons of modifying hiring standards
Criminal law Criminological Theories and Intervention
Criminal law Restorative justice in corrections
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Hockey: The First Century Research Assignment  Hockey’s Immortals
Ecology Chernobyl (1986) Nuclear Disaster case study
Ecology Gallatin County Regional Park – Bozeman Pond
Economics Econ forecasting asset price
Economics Income inequality
Economics Macroeconomic Climate
Economics What is International political economy?
Engineering Measuring the energy content of food
Engineering Impact of natural disaster’s on electric car charging station
Environmental studies and Forestry The UAE’s Green Agenda
History Age of Exploration
History George Washington in the American Revolution
History Global Drug Trade
History Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Early Modern World
History My Mastery of the course outcomes
History Opinion Essay: The British Lose America
History Reading: Bradley, Patricia, Making American Culture: A Social History, 1900-1920 (New York: Palgrave
History Second World War and the Cold War
History Sparta Womens Roles in Ancient Greece
History The Era of Reconstruction, 1865–1876
History What did the Revolution mean to different groups of Americans?
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Development and Career Management & Social Responsibility: Legal Issues, Managing Diversit
Human Resources Management (HRM) A5. Strategic Direction
Human Resources Management (HRM) Case Study 21: Google’s Dilemma in China
Human Resources Management (HRM) Resistance and Communication – Amazon
Human Resources Management (HRM) The Influence of Reward and Incentives on employee motivation and performance: with a special focus
Human Resources Management (HRM) Unifying Company Culture
Human Resources Management (HRM) What do workers want?
Human Resources Management (HRM) Would HR development and performance management create a competitive advantage?
International Relations Human security is merely a new mechanism for powerful states to control and intervene in the Global
International Relations The globalization of world politics
IT, Web North Star Case Study
Law Bullying in schools
Law Housing Discrimination
Law Legal Case Assignment
Leadership Studies Dialogue 3 What should be included in a Coaching ROI for global organizations?
Leadership Studies Executive staff rotation impact on staff at Naval Consolidated Commands
Leadership Studies Minimum Wage Laws in Indiana
Leadership Studies Understanding Marketing For Managers
Literature Why Fairy Tales Spark Imagination and Offer Moral Lessons
Literature A small place by Jamaica kinkaid
Marketing Individual Data Analysis – Report from Google Merchandise Store.
Marketing Advanced marketing study
Marketing Maintaining Control of DMO Content on Social Media: Best Practices and Implications.
Marketing The Coffee Culture in France
Marketing Unilever’s New Global Strategy: Competing through Sustainability Case
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Outline the use of biologics as an add-on therapy for the maintenance of severe asthma
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Academia Rotation
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Classical and Clinical Pharmacology Concentration
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Current Mental Health Legislation
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Ethics and Multicultural Competencies
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Hope for People Living with Schizophrenia
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Is there a connection between microbes and mental health?
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Oral Therapeutics
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Respiratory system
Medicine Abstract for case report
Medicine Effect of amniocentesis on the course of pregnancy.  Comparative analysis of groups of pregnant pati
Music Instrument Report: A critical analysis on the role of the instruments of the symphony orchestra
Music Plantation Songs
Nutrition/Dietary Ketogenic diet
Philosophy Philosophical Issues in Health Care
Physics Electric Energy and Electric Power
Political science Anti-Immigrant Nationalism, France, and Turkey
Political science Critiquing the banning of CRT in the USA
Political science Discretionary and Rule Making Authority
Political science From Sustainable Development Goals to Basic Development Goals
Political science Gangs and Large-Scale Criminal Violence
Political science The Effects of Abortion Restrictions on Minorities
Political science The best ways for the EU to go through the next winter assuming Russia will continue to deliver gas
Political science The Case for pragmatic idealism
Political science the driving forces behind processes of regional cooperation and regional integration
Public Administration Sampling and Recruitment Strategies
Public Administration The dysfunction of Congress
Religious studies Heresy and Orthodox Belief
Religious studies Religious Pluralism in the Middle East: Jew/Islam coexistence
Shakespeare How the city of London shaped Shakespeare
Social Work and Human Services Addiction treatment
Social Work and Human Services Administration Management, and Supervision in social Work Practice
Social Work and Human Services Administration, Management, and Supervision in Social Work Practice
Social Work and Human Services Administrative, Management & Supervision in Social Work Practice
Social Work and Human Services Connections to the NASW Code of Ethics and Principles.
Social Work and Human Services Intimate personal violence
Social Work and Human Services Legislative Policy Brief
Social Work and Human Services Mental Health Crisis in Los Angeles
Social Work and Human Services social welfare and policy
Social Work and Human Services Urban Nation: Life in Canadian Cities Wilderness Nation: Nature and Recreation
Sociology The sociology of food and nutrition
Sociology The impact of environmental racism on respiratory health
Sociology The non-profit sector in Global Health
Sports one year action plan with SMART Goals
Technology A Brief History of Wearables
Technology An Introduction to Information Behaviors
Technology Case Study. Phool: The vegan leather made from India’s waste flowers
Technology Corporate Governance vs IT Governance
Technology Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Tourism Travel Writing in Premodern China
Urban Studies Adapting tactical urbanism to benefit society and policy makers: a case of Dubai Historical zone.
Urban Studies The Immigrant and Refugee mental health programs in Canada
Women’s & gender studies Barriers to women’s higher education and the reasons for them
Week 6

Criminal law Counter Terrorism – Emerging Technology
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Elements of Critical Thinking
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Experiencing Culture
Ecology Public Discussion About Climate Change
Economics Are Climate, Energy, and Carbon Policies really Effective for Decarbonization?
Economics International Trade and Finance
Economics Marketing: How social media helps or hurt businesses increase sales/revenue
Economics What is the World Trade Organisation?
Engineering 3D printing technology in customized implants and prostheses
Engineering Decision support systems in disaster management.
Engineering Dental applications in 3D printing
Environmental studies and Forestry Disaster assessment practices
Environmental studies and Forestry Effective Environmental Communication
Environmental studies and Forestry Fukushima earthquake Analysis
Environmental studies and Forestry Waste Minimization
Ethics Environmental Ethics
Ethics Hosmer’s Moral Reasoning Process: Wells Fargo
Ethics Tesco Case Study
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Possible Impact of Climate Change on Saudi Arabia
History On What it mean to be Black Intellectual
History Postwar Society and Culture (Postindustrial Economy)
History The Cold War and Decolonization
History The Day of the Locust
History Understanding Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Human Resources Management (HRM) Communication Improvement Project
Human Resources Management (HRM) Determine Ethics Of Visual Communication
Human Resources Management (HRM) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Campaign
Human Resources Management (HRM) Evaluate Visual Persuasion Communication
Human Resources Management (HRM) Makana Ferries Organizational Chart
Human Resources Management (HRM) Onboarding and Performance management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Outline assignment
Human Resources Management (HRM) Professional Behaviour and Valuing People
International Relations The Southern Border as a National Security Issue
Law Police Brutality and how to fight it
Law Right to Privacy
Law Telecommunications Discrimination
Leadership Studies Effective listening and the Leader in the military
Leadership Studies Establishing a Constructive Climate
Literature Prometheus
Logistics Basics of Reverse Logistics
Logistics Fallacies
Logistics General Liability
Marketing Facebook Audit
Marketing Market research for Katz Water Technology
Marketing Marketing Project and Marketing Strategy
Marketing Marketing Strategies in Hotel Management
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) What is the role of Cabenuva in the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus?
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Systemic Diseases Associated with Periodontitis
Medicine Systemic Diseases Associated with Periodontitis
Nutrition/Dietary Gender and Food
Nutrition/Dietary The Dorito Effect
Other (enter below) Annotated bibliography
Philosophy Cultural Pluralism, Ethical Relativism, and Moral Absolutism
Philosophy Philosophical Exposition on Ancient Greece’s View of Change
Philosophy Uncovering the Implausibility of Plato’s View on Soul Recall from the Forms
Philosophy Visual Essay Vampires
Political science Covid-19 impact on regional and global economic outlook of the UAE
Political science Long-Term Strategic Decision-Making Analysis for the Negotiations among the Eastern Nile Countries
Political science Terrorism and Counterterrorism
Political science What is the impact of the Sierra Club’s use of social media on its advocacy efforts?
Public Administration American Housing and Need for Public Housing
Public Administration Understanding Leadership
Religious studies A History of Christian Education by James E. Reed and Ronnie Prevost
Religious studies Book Analysis: Family to Family
Religious studies Essential Islamic Doctrines
Religious studies Muhammad and the Origins of Islam
Sociology Family Tree
Sociology Karl Marx Theory
Sociology The Myth of American Universities as Inequality – Fighters
Sociology Theories of Gender Stratification
Sports Muscle Lab
Technology Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbots in Business Management
Technology Closure of a set of functional dependencies
Technology Discuss insertion, deletion, and modification anomalies
Technology Human Computer Interaction
Technology Importance of professional Communication
Technology Interface Design
Technology NOSQL Systems
Technology Security Components
Urban Studies African Resistance, Abolitionism and the Civil War
Women’s & gender studies Embrace Equity-International Women’s Day
Week 7

Accounting Ethics  In Managerial  Accounting
Anthropology Black Perspectives Matter
Anthropology Culture and Fieldwork
Architecture, Building and Planning Designing a paradise garden.
Aviation Explain why modern supply chain management extensively uses aviation transportation.
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Cell Communication and Reproduction
Biology (and other Life Sciences) How Can We Slow Global Warming? Simulation Assignment
Classic English Literature George Washington’s lifetime
Computer science Organizational Profile and Access Management Case
Communications Persuading through Multicultural Diplomacy or Monocultural Propaganda
Communications The (Near) Future of Cyberspace
Communications Applying Ethos and Pathos
Communications Critical studies of Digital Media
Communications Digital Media Entrepreneurship
Communications How law enforcement uses kinesics to anticipate, react, and interview
Criminal Justice Anxiety and Trauma-Related Disorders
Criminal Justice Combating Money laundering in the UAE
Criminal Justice Criminological Theories and Intervention
Criminal Justice Desistance from Crime
Criminal Justice The Role and Impact of Forensic Evidence in the Criminal Justice Process
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Latin American Women in Politics
Ecology Salamander polymorphism
Economics Competition policy and market regulation
Environmental studies and Forestry Compare and contrast the National Emergency Management organization
Finance Applied Financial Economics
Finance Aymmetric Information
Finance Consumer Strategies
Finance International Banking, financial markets and monetary policy
Finance International Financial Managment
Finance New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Finance Optimal Risky Portfolios
Finance The Federal Reserve’s Current Monetary Policy
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Life’s Rocky Start
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Possible Impact of Climate Change on Saudi Arabia
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) The impact of Humanity on Natural Processes
History Europe after the Cold War
History Hellenistic Period
History History of Madam CJ Walker
History History of New Dorp Beach, Staten Island
History Japanese Treatment of Occupied Territories
History Property Rights and Freedom in U.S. History
History Sexual Misconduct in Puritan America
History The Great Depression
History The Great Plague Pandemic P lll
Human Resources Management (HRM)  Investment into Training and Development
Human Resources Management (HRM) Building an Effective Team
Human Resources Management (HRM) Organizational Culture Assessment
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Evaluation
Human Resources Management (HRM) Selecting New Employees
Human Resources Management (HRM) Workforce Nationalization Through Technical Education in Saudi Arabia
International Relations Are human rights under threat from poverty and racism?
IT, Web Cloud Computing
IT, Web Linear Programming
IT, Web Web Internetworking
Law EPIC Systems V. Lewis Supreme Court
Law Securing Human Rights
Leadership Studies Executive staff rotation affect the strategic planning of Naval Consolidated Commands
Leadership Studies Leading In Diversity
Literature 17 steps of the monomyth based on the book of Siddhartha
Literature LITERARY ANALYSIS ESSAY ON “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner
Music Claudio Monteverdi
Philosophy Ecofeminism
Political science Caribbean Revolutionaries
Political science Civil Wars and Insurgency
Political science Information Operations as a Joint Function
Political science Political Parties and Interest Groups
Political science Urban Planning: Homelessness in Houston TX
Religious studies  A History of Christian Education by James E. Reed and Ronnie Prevost
Religious studies  Growth in Understanding Theology
Religious studies Devotional: Reflections on the Psalms
Religious studies Growth in Understanding Theology
Sociology Analyzing Mass Media and Pop Culture: How the Image Shapes the Need
Sociology Dependency Theory, Modernization Theory, Globalization Theory
Sociology Parents’ perceptions of childhood obesity in Saudi Arabia: Exploratory descriptive qualitative study
Technology Network Security Applications and Countermeasures
Technology To what extent have social media revolutionised our lives?
Tourism Sustainable Tourism
Zoology Ethics of Recreational Fishing Assignment
Week 8

Accounting  Financial repoting and discolures and climent change role in petrochemical firms in the GCC
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Antibiotic Resistance
Communications EFE Matrix
Communications How has Nike influenced consumer purchasing decisions through digital transformation in recent years
Communications Legal Memorandum Funny Face Case
Communications Representation of LGBTQ Athletes in Media
Classic English Literature Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Classic English Literature The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath
Criminal Justice Police Brutality
Economics Consumer Confidence
Ethics Company X Ethics Training
Ethics Ethical Issue Related to Artificial Intelligence
Ethics Singer vs O’Neil
Film & Theater studies John Carpenter
Finance Financial Statement Analysis – Microsoft
Finance How ESG Investment should evolve?
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Hydrogen
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Krakatoa Volcano
History A Frontier Society in Transition, 1876–1886
History Europe after the Cold War
History Sparta Womens Roles in Ancient Greece
Human Resources Management (HRM) Mistakes in the Performance Appraisal Process
International Relations The implications of the rise of Russia and China on the structure of the international system and re
International Relations The influence of Soviet-style communism on the development of political systems in the Middle East.
IT, Web New Forensic Artifacts
Law  Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL)
Law Anatomy of a Murder
Law EPIC Systems V. Lewis Supreme Court
Literature How do social media involve Gen Z more engaging in nonprofit charitable organizations?
Marketing Global Marketing Factors
Marketing Ice Cream Industry – Marketing
Marketing Lawson Cosmetics Case Study Analysis
Nutrition/Dietary Diabetes Meal Plan
Political science Cacique Democracy in the Philippines
Political science Mass atrocities and humanitarian intervention
Religious studies Medicine and surgical procedures in  ancient Egypt
Religious studies Teaching of ancient artifact
Statistics Analysis with Correlation and Regression
Statistics Basic Statistics Data Used in Everyday Life
Technology Fostering Innovation Ecosystems
Technology Network Management Justification
Technology Privacy, Security and Ethics
Women’s & gender studies Chick Flick Analysis
Women’s & gender studies Personal Valentine
Week 9

Accounting Amazon case report
Accounting Goodness of fit
Anthropology The Evolving Roles of Women in the Middle East – Language in Culture
Architecture, Building and Planning Bill of quantities
Architecture, Building and Planning DUBAI Bluewater island
Architecture, Building and Planning Mamluks Architecture.
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Exploring Death in Art
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Rivers and Tides
Astronomy (and other Space Sciences) The future of the UAE space program
Astronomy (and other Space Sciences) The Sun
Aviation Airport Management
Aviation Applying the Payback, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return
Aviation Rotorcraft Industry Trends
Aviation Understanding Contract
Aviation Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) as Reliable Medical Delivery Platforms
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA Encoding of Genetic Information
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Seed Germination
Computer science Applied Cryptography
Computer science Boomerang Decompiler
Computer science Facial Recognition Technology and its Ethical implications
Communications Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Alternatives to Copyright
Communications Implications of ChatGPT and AI for Strategic Communication
Communications Queen Rania
Communications The change of leadership in Netflix
Communications Universal Healthcare
Communications What is ‘Media Management’?
Criminal Justice Evolution of Criminal investigation
Criminal Justice he Requirements and Challenges of International Cooperation in Counter-Terrorism: Examining the Impl
Criminal Justice Outline and Reference List: Racism and Police Brutality
Criminal Justice Policing, Crime and Society
Criminal law Definitions of the three kinds of criminal liability
Criminal law Fla. v. Bostick
Criminal law Juvenile Courts
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Cinema is a projection of the Arab society
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Japanese curry
Economics Capital market analysis
Economics Post Covid Economy
Economics UAE Economy
Environmental studies and Forestry Climate Change and Humans: How Are We Impacted?
Environmental studies and Forestry Identifying the Root Cause and Corrective Actions
Environmental studies and Forestry International Emergency Disaster Management
Environmental studies and Forestry Investigating Climate Change in the US
Environmental studies and Forestry Public Participation in the Los Angeles River Restoration
Environmental studies and Forestry The Potential Impacts of Offshore Wind Developments on Marine Environment
Ethics Bioethics
Ethics Ethical Challenges for Embryos
Ethics Theory of Health Care Ethics
Ethics Volkswagen Emissions Scandal
Film & Theater studies A Seranade for the Undocumented
Finance Elements of Health Care Finance Management and Ethical Reporting
Finance Mergers and acquisitions
History Achilles and Hector: A Contrast and Comparison
History Anti-Democratic Origins of the U.S. Constitution
History Effects of Colonization
History Essay Assignment #1
History Japanese Treatment of Occupied Territories
History JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE: Why He Died and Why it Matters
History Positive Role of Government
History Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment
History The Age of Ideologies: Europe in the Aftermath of Revolution
History The Renaissance
History The Splendid Little War
History Witchcraft
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Wellness and Reducing Burnout Rates
Human Resources Management (HRM) Evaulating Performance Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) HR Strategy and Organizations
Human Resources Management (HRM) KSA’s (Knowledge, Skill, Ability)
Human Resources Management (HRM) People Management in an International Context
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Measurements
Human Resources Management (HRM) Selection of Artifacts
International Relations From Apartheid to Democracy: South Africa’s New Constitution
International Relations How are Islamic networks radicalized into terrorist groups in South Central Asia?
IT, Web ACME Dental Workforce Security Policies
IT, Web Management information system graphs
Law Intoxication as a Defense
Law Relevance of Research to Job Position
Leadership Studies Assess Your Level of Conflict Knowledge
Leadership Studies Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Leadership Studies Sampling and Recruitment Strategies
Leadership Studies What is next in the Capstone process?
Literature Death Cafe
Literature Research Methods in Business
Literature The dangers of socialism
Literature Young Goodman Brown
Logistics Traits of a successful supply chain management
Logistics Transportation and Distribution challenges before and after covid-19
Logistics Vice President of Supply Chain Management
Logistics Walmart and Supply Chain Management
Marketing PESO Scavenger Hunt
Marketing Promotion Discussion
Marketing Winter Olympics and Marketing Dilemma
Marketing Zara Case
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Medical Ethics and Law in Radiologic Technology
Medicine Anxiety and Depression
Medicine Pregnancy
Medicine The endoscopic treatment for the patient who suffered from GERD
Nutrition/Dietary Nutrition, Metabolism and Disease
Political science Countering Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia
Political science Egypt: Land of Political Change
Political science Good Governance and Anti-corruption
Political science Mexican Drug Trafficking is masked terrorism.
Political science Public Safety and Security from a Global Perspective
Public Administration Education policy issue in Hong Kong
Religious studies Martin Luther King Jr-Theology for What
Religious studies Views of Suffering
Sociology Treating the Person, Not Just the Disease
Sociology Types of Social Action in the Killing of John Allen Chau
Sociology Understanding Culture and Socialization
Sociology Walmart in Africa
Sports Ethical Principles
Sports Generating Revenue
Technology A Basic Database
Technology Ethics
Technology U.S. Compliance Laws
Women’s & gender studies Family Interviews about Masculinity/Feminism
Week 10

Accounting Determinants of Corporate Fraud
Accounting Principals of Financial Accounting
Anthropology Archaeology of Ancient China
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA Barcoding Partial Manuscript
Chemistry Hazardous Materials
Chemistry Influence of KDM1A on Blood Cancer
Civil Engineering Innovative Roadway Materials for Road Maintenance purposes
Classic English Literature A History of Reading
Composition The Myth of the Robber Barons by Burton W. Folsom
Computer science Everyday Cyber Crime
Communications The Effects of Streaming Services on UAE Culture
Communications The Role of Technology in media
Communications The Walt Disney company
Criminal Justice Ancient Civilization
Criminal Justice Behavioral Science and Organizational Behavior
Criminal Justice Broken Windows Theory
Criminal Justice Public Safety Reasearch and Technology
Criminal Justice Three Categories of Management Roles
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Military Overseas (Cultural Experience)
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Otomisan Japanese restaurant
Economics  The European Refugee Crisis: A Dramatic Shift in Economic and Political Dynamics
Economics Overkill- America’s Epidemic of Unnecessary
Economics The COVID19 pandemic has had significant impacts on the global macroeconomy
Economics Why does income inequality matter?
Engineering Dependability and resilience
Engineering Designing a clean energy system for an off grid application
Engineering Designing a plant for PIPSA
Engineering Development of Electric Machines for Electricity Generation
Environmental studies and Forestry Addressing Climate Change: What Can We Do?
Environmental studies and Forestry Landscape Changes: The Consequences of Climate Change
Environmental studies and Forestry The Escalating Effect of Climate in Southern California
Finance Assessing the competition in the insurance sector in the GCC
Finance Financial Management and Markets
Finance Risk and Return
Finance Stock and Bond Valuations
Finance Strategy and Forecasting
Finance The collapse of Lehman Brothers (2008)
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Populations and Cultural Practices
History Climate change and the industrial revolution
History The Almost Christian
Human Resources Management (HRM) Determination of Performance
Human Resources Management (HRM) Diversity management emerged as a strategic approach to HRM in the 1990s
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Performance Improvement Plans
Human Resources Management (HRM) Factors Affecting the Implementation of E-HRM in the Public Sector
Human Resources Management (HRM) Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Understanding and Managing People
International Relations The Policy Challenge in the Gender Gap in Japan
International Relations UAE and China Deal 2019
Law Pacific Rim Cayman v. El Salvador case
Leadership Studies Consulting Principles
Leadership Studies Keys to Professionalism
Leadership Studies Present a High-Level Overview of Conflict
Leadership Studies Recommend Improvements in Capacity Building
Linguistics Applied linguistics
Linguistics Description of the contextual parameters of a teaching context
Literature Public Speaking
Literature The Role of Women
Marketing DMO behind the marketing strategy
Marketing Employability Skills and the Future of Work
Marketing Global Marketing
Marketing The Impact of Marketing Strategy on Tiktok Use in the US
Mathematics Vectors and Oblique Triangles
Music Elements of Music Report An analysis of the musical components within a musical composition
Nutrition/Dietary Micronutrients Metabolism
Philosophy Philosophical Issues inHealth care
Philosophy World Hunger
Physics Conservation of Momentum in Collisions
Political science Politics in Islam
Political science Proposed political issues and movements in Texas state, Texas state and local, and Texas politicians. Note: The paper must be included the word “Texas”, the topic should be about Texas State
Public Administration Ethical considerations
Public Administration Quantitative Methods Strengths and Weaknesses
Public Administration Thinking Critically as a Researcher
Public Relations (PR)  COVID’s Hidden Toll
Religious studies Christology from Above or Below?
Religious studies The Life We’re Looking for by Andy Crouch
Sociology Absolute and Relative Dimensions of Poverty
Sociology Youth Advocacy and your voice
Sports Facility Safety
Sports Youth Sports Participation
Technology Design and Applications of Microprocessors
Technology Digital Devices and their Influence on Children and Adolescent Attention Span
Women’s & gender studies Women study the forerunner CD
Week 11

Accounting Examining the context and purpose of accounting
Application Letters Applying for graduate school
Application Letters Personal Statement for Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management
Architecture, Building and Planning Museums and their physical space
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Analysis of Cultural Significance
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Finding Light in the Dark
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) The Quran in Islamic Art
Aviation Evolution of Aviation Safety
Aviation Quality Assurance in Aviation
Aviation The Green Initiative in Aviation: Alternative Fuel.
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Immune system
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Microscopes and Cell Transport Protocol
Computer science Incident Response and Disaster recovery
Computer science Introduction to data privacy
Computer science Security and privacy risks of IoT: Smart city applications.
Computer science Security Intelligence
Computer science UX Design Comparison
Communications Rhetorical Analysis: Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Communications Software Deployments
Communications The effect of social network sites (Facebook) on adolescents’ social and academic development
Communications The Role of Technology in media
Criminal Justice FBI Website-Crime laboratory
Criminal Justice Immigration Policy
Criminal law Differential Association Theory
Criminal law Why racism still persists in the criminal justice system
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Geography Rise to the Challenge (TM)
Cultural and Ethnic Studies The power of story
Ecology Management Plan for Canada geese in Illinois or in the U.S.
Ecology Plant Association Half Lab Report
Economics Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Qatar’s Economy
Economics Fast Food Industry Analysis
Economics Global Business Economics and Finance
Economics The volatility of oil prices
Engineering An Improved Heuristic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Demands
Environmental studies and Forestry Future Challenges for Environmental Auditing
Ethics Ethics and the Family
Film & Theater studies Pretty In Pink-Lauren Shuler
Finance Risk Management and Change
Finance Time value of money
History Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Early Modern World
History Manifest Destiny
History Russian history
History William Lloyd Garrison
Human Resources Management (HRM) Acquiring Employees
Human Resources Management (HRM) Benchmarking
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Wellness and Reducing Burnout Rates
Human Resources Management (HRM) Exploration of the Emerging Human Resource Issues in Qatar During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic
Human Resources Management (HRM) Henry Le Leading in a New Era Case Study
Human Resources Management (HRM) Legal Expertise: Fundamental Skill to the Best Practices in Human Resources
Human Resources Management (HRM) Workforce Nationalization Through Technical Education in Saudi Arabia
International Relations Capability Expectations Gap Approach, Assessing the EU since Russia invaded Ukraine.
International Relations Terrorism
International Relations Water Security in Canada
Law Legal Aspects of International Finance
Law Media, Politics, and IP Law
Law Why racism still persists in the criminal justice system
Literature Gender roles in Novels
Literature Study Questions for The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Goethe
Medicine Knowledge for Practice
Medicine The role of endocrine disruptors in the development of reproductive disorders and women reproductive disorders in women
Music Elements of Music Report An analysis of the musical components within a musical composition
Music Guitar Recital Reports
Music The Intersection of Social Media, Music, and Intellectual Property Law in the Digital Age
Philosophy A Critique of Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Argument on Abortion and Pregnancy
Philosophy Medieval Philisophy
Philosophy The Essentiality of Fun
Political science Russia’s policy on the Iranian nuclear program
Political science Security Risks
Political science The impact of social on political participation and engagement
Political science The Original Question PackBack
Political science Transnational Social Movements: New ICTs and Social Media
Public Administration Design, Data, and Measurements
Public Administration Program Evaluation: HPV vaccination program in Vietnam implemented by PATH
Public Administration Public Values Frames in Administration and Governance
Religious studies Credo: Christ and His Work
Religious studies Religious Pluralism in Nigeria
Sociology Culture Shared Through Food and Experience
Sociology Group Conformity and Deviance
Sociology Max Weber’s analysis on ‘The Originals’
Statistics Mental Health disorders plaguing African Americans in New Jersey
Technology Nanotechnology
Technology Network Vis and Map colors
Tourism The quality of crowd management and its impact on the visitors experience in Riyadh season.
Urban Studies The New Negro Renaissance
Week 12

Accounting Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
Accounting Waste Management Fraud Scandal
Architecture, Building and Planning Passive design and sustainable
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Creative Lighting
Aviation The Legal Implications of the Aviation Industry’s Entrance to the Metaverse
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Bioengineering
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Exploring Antibiotic Resistance Using Antibiotics and Spices
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Microbiome as a modulator of healthy aging
Classic English Literature The Boarding House by James Joyce
Composition Historical Analysis
Composition Prewriting Activity for Evaluation Essay
Computer science Artificial Intelligence Ethics in Education: Ensuring Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency.
Computer science ChatGPT
Computer science CISCO
Computer science Encryption
Computer science Hardware Technology
Communications Professional Code of Ethics Analysis
Communications Professional Ethics
Communications Training Manual
Communications Walt Disney Company
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its Effects on the Adult Judicial System
Criminal Justice Security and Crime
Criminal Justice The George Kogan Case
Criminal law Policing National Security
Economics Diversification in Qatar’s Economy
Economics The Role of WHO in Facilitating, Informing, and Managing Global Health Issues
Engineering Process Instrumentation
Engineering Risk Management in Oil and Gas.
Engineering Stress and Dynamic Analysis : Model Validation
Ethics Library Ethics and Neutrality
Finance Managing budgets and finance
Finance Sillicon Valley
Finance Valuing A Business: Learning Takeaways
Geography Low Resistivity Payzones
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Possible Impact of Climate Change on Saudi Arabia
History History of the Caribbean
History Texas and the Great Depression, 1929–1941
Human Resources Management (HRM) Conflict in Organizations
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Wellness and Reducing Burnout Rates
Human Resources Management (HRM) Global Sustainability in International Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Metrics: Balanced Scorecard
Human Resources Management (HRM) The company is Walmart
International Relations Environmental sustainable development
International Relations The foundations of social diversity in the Middle East ?
International Relations The Importance of the Middle East region
IT, Web Contemporary Issues in Technology: Ransomware
IT, Web The Dark Web
IT, Web Wearable sensors in Policing
Law Cybersecurity and Criminal Law
Law Environmental Law and Policy in Silent Spring
Law Legal Risk Communication Skills
Law The Power of Juries
Leadership Studies Cultural and Ethical Dimensions of Consulting
Leadership Studies Mission Command Implemented in Operation Anaconda
Linguistics Expressive Language Disorders and Delays in ChildrenIn Learning English
Literature Finding Empowerment in Vulnerability
Marketing Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google 2018
Mathematics Analyzing Faulty Work
Mathematics The Role of Primary Caregivers in Intrinsically Motivating Students to Engage in High School
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Alzheimer’s Disease
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Interpret X-ray image of the hand Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Vitamin D deficiency
Nutrition/Dietary Dietary Analysis
Philosophy The Causes of Obesity
Physics Maxwell’s Wheel
Physics Radon Radiation
Political science  Epidemiologic Transition Theory
Political science Egypt: Land of Political Change
Political science Party Systems
Political science Sexual assault against Alaska native women
Political science The Executive Branch
Public Relations (PR) Dubai radio and television
Religious studies Islam and Religious Pluralism
Religious studies Youth Leadership and the Bible
Sociology Confronting Suicide
Sociology Freedom and Iranian Women’s Movement
Sociology Global futures of sub-Saharan Africa and Canada’s Strategy
Sociology Institutionalized Discrimination
Sociology Intersections of Social Institutions
Sociology Mechanical Solidarity vs. Organic Solidarity
Sociology The Intersections of Inequality
Sports Comparing the Benefits and Challenges of Physical Education Research Aim
Sports Critical Event Management Functions
Statistics Confidence Intervals
Statistics Possible Partnerships Prospects
Technology Artifacts from the futures
Technology Cyber Security
Technology Digital Signatures
Urban Studies Impact of Globalization on Transforming the City: Urban Megaprojects
Zoology ShouAntibiotics Be Used in Veterinary Medicine, How antibiotics Affect Environment
Week 13

Accounting Preparing an Adjusted Trial Balance
Agriculture Is organic farming and organic produced food essential for the environment and future human welfare?
Architecture, Building and Planning Compare and contrast the town planning control system of Hong Kong and New York
Architecture, Building and Planning How can we address the challenges of increased traffic and congestion expected to arise from the growth of local businesses and farms within the proposed central social district
Architecture, Building and Planning How Macao Learned from Las Vegas: the impact of Postmodernism on the urban restructuring of Macao
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Hip Hop
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Is Repatriation Right?
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Teotihuacan
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Woodcut between Qing China and Western Europe
Astronomy (and other Space Sciences) Astronomy in the Ancient World
Aviation Airline Management
Aviation Aviation Strategy
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Describe the Phototransduction process in rods.
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Diseases affecting the Respiratory process
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Evolution Game
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Genetics
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Opioid
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Stream Ecology
Biology (and other Life Sciences) The effect of climate change on malaria transmission
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Vascular disease
Chemistry History of Chemistry
Classic English Literature In The Time of The Butterflies
Composition Noise pollution
Composition Surrogate pregnancy: Should it be used on–demand or due to health problems?
Computer science An Analysis of Cybersecurity Attacks against Internet of Things and Security Solutions
Computer science Cybersecurity behavior in the Metaverse
Computer science Fundamentals of Data Analytics
Computer science Investigating and Prosecuting Cybercrime
Criminal Justice Continuous Evaluation/Vetting and Security Reporting Requirements
Criminal Justice Control of the evidence
Criminal Justice Criminology Impact of Crime
Criminal Justice Ethical Challenges Within the Criminal Justice System in South Africa
Criminal Justice Forensic Pathology
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its Effects on the Adult Judicial System
Criminal Justice Personal Boundaries and Ethical Decision
Criminal Justice Reform bail act
Criminal Justice Restorative Justice
Criminal law  Memorandum of Law: Personal Property Crimes
Criminal law A History of Fentanyl and its Impact Upon Society and Policy
Criminal law Types of forensic evidence used in US courts, particularly in homicide cases
Cultural and Ethnic Studies The Role of Cultural Values and Intercultural Communication
Economics Money and Banking
Economics The economic theory of a common- property resource the fishery
Economics Transforming Critical Access Hospitals Into Profitable Organizations
Environmental studies and Forestry Agricultural impact on water quality
Film & Theater studies John Carpenter
Film & Theater studies The Many Wondrous Realities of Jasmine Starr Kid
Finance Apple
Finance Army Finance Corp
Finance Economics of Financial Institutions
Geography Geography of Costal Environments
History Music from the Vietnam War
History Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan
Human Resources Management (HRM)  Challenges Affecting the Implementation of E-HRM in the Public Sector
Human Resources Management (HRM) Abusive School Leadership
Human Resources Management (HRM) Legal Expertise: Fundamental Skill to the Best Practices in Human Resources
Human Resources Management (HRM) The Challenges of International Human Resource Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Unifying Company Culture
International Relations Knowledge-based economy and the patterns of development in India and China
International Relations The indépendance War of Algeria
International Relations The Rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt
IT, Web In-depth analysis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
Law International Law
Law Restorative Justice
Law What Prosecutors and Incarcerated People Can Learn From Eachother
Leadership Studies Authentic leadership’s impact on emotional intelligence in the field of leadership psychology
Leadership Studies Consulting Principals: Cultural and Ethical Dimensions of Consulting
Leadership Studies Consulting Principles:  The process of establishing your own consulting firm or practice
Leadership Studies Issues Management: Alliance Article
Leadership Studies Strategic Alliances
Leadership Studies The importance of critical reflection on the process of practice for professional development
Literature Cultural Poetics Textual Analysis
Logistics The Supply Chain Game
Marketing Caesan Cheese Cooperative
Marketing Preliminary Program for Walmart
Marketing Supply Chain Management
Marketing The Process of International Marketing Plaining
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Anemia
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Is Crime a Disease?
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Neurobiology of Schizophrenia and Pathophysiological Consequences
Medicine Cardiovascular Case Study
Philosophy Assigning Causes: Gut Bacteria and Brain Disorders
Political science Citizenships: Qatar Granting Athletes Mission Passports
Political science Greek Financial Crisis
Political science Life after Incarcerated
Political science The Court System
Public Administration Awareness of vaping and smoking in pregnancy
Public Administration Public and Environmental Health Ethical Failures in East Palestine Train Derailment
Sociology Fake News
Sociology How the sustainable built environment affects human
Sociology Leadership and conflict management
Sociology Mental Health issues in the Workplace
Sociology Social Conflict Approach
Sociology Social Movements: Insights from Sociology of Social Movements
Sports Marketing in Sports Management
Technology Policies Related to Digital accessibility
Tourism Quality and quality experiences
Women’s & gender studies Gender in Sports
Women’s & gender studies Gender Studies – Desiring Women
Women’s & gender studies The Role of the Classroom in Constructing Masculinity and Femininity
Week 14

Architecture, Building and Planning Heatwave Inequality
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Edvard Munch
Aviation American Airlines
Aviation Framing the Problem
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Carbon and its molecular diversity
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Identifying Spider Molt Gene Via DNA Barcoding
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Parts of a Flower
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Phototransduction process in rods
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Teen Pregnancy
Civil Engineering Research direction topology optimization based on density method using MMA
Civil Engineering Residence Plans
Classic English Literature Critical review of the portrait of the artist as a young man
Classic English Literature Read Allen (Making Connections)
Computer science Enhancing Cloud Computing Security with Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems
Criminal Justice 4th Amendment
Criminal Justice Hirschi’s Control Theory
Criminal Justice Jail House Trauma
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its effects on the Adult Justice System
Criminal Justice Social Disorganization Theory
Criminal Justice Succession Planning
Criminal law Prison Facility Cross Gender Supervision, Challenges and Ideal Implementation
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Involvement of Indigenous People on social media to deliver their voices.
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Japanese Cultural Soft Power – Cool Japan in the making
Economics Government Business Economics and Finance
Economics How can a small company and natural resources coexist peacefully?
Economics The effect of flexible working arrangement on informal care for the elderly
Economics The impact of AI on sustainability
Economics Urban economics
Engineering Bioengineering
Engineering Florida International University Pedestrian Bridge Collapse-March 2018
Engineering Green Hydrogen: The Key to a Decarbonized Future
Engineering Metals in Soundproof walls
Engineering Nanoelectronics
Engineering Nanoidentation
Engineering Nanoscale energy conversion
Engineering Surgical applications of 3D printing technology: A scoping review of promising areas of research
Environmental studies and Forestry Assessing the Use of Energy Storage for Electrical Power Distribution
Environmental studies and Forestry Ecology Scavenger Hunt
Environmental studies and Forestry LA Air Pollution
Ethics Ethics in the Workplace
Finance Apple
Finance Assessing competition in the insurance sector in the GCC
Finance Corporate Forms of Business Management
Finance Evaluation of a Merger or Acquisition
Finance Green Fintech
Finance Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking
Finance Stocks
History Apollo 13
History British Mercantilism during 1607 and 1865
History Contemporary Urban Operation in OIF: Falluja
History Dante’s Inferno
History Famous African American
History Security
History Siege of Gaza 332 BCE
History The New Deal
History War, Prosperity, and Modernization, 1941–1960
History World War II
Human Resources Management (HRM) Achieving Global Integration
Human Resources Management (HRM) Alignment of HRM and Business Strategies
Human Resources Management (HRM) Becoming Locally Responsive
Human Resources Management (HRM) Human Resource Management and its importance to organizations
Human Resources Management (HRM) Interview methods and process in recruitment
Human Resources Management (HRM) Multi-Level Talent Management Plan
Human Resources Management (HRM) Selecting a Company – Verizon
Human Resources Management (HRM) Selection Methods and Recruitment Process
Human Resources Management (HRM) Training and Development
International Relations Kenya, Human Rights and the ICC
International Relations Mid-Term Exam
International Relations Realist or Liberal analysis of small powers’ relation with Russia over Ukraine
International Relations Russia
International Relations The UN Secretary General: Responsibilities and Challenges
Law The Five Most Significant Developments In Criminal Investigations
Leadership Studies  Supplementary leadership model for developing future leaders
Leadership Studies Anticipatory Management Audit
Leadership Studies Consulting Principles
Leadership Studies Performance Management
Leadership Studies Response Post: Anticipatory Management Audit
Leadership Studies Response Post-Consulting Principles: Consulting as an Art
Literature A Song for Change
Literature Close Reading Workshop
Literature Contemporary Society
Literature Study Questions
Literature Women’s Sexuality in Literature
Logistics CO2 Emissions from the Aviation industry and their damaging effects.
Logistics Reverse Logistics
Logistics Safety Stock
Marketing Cultural Analysis
Marketing NIKE
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)  Fighting antibiotics
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Antibiotics
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Endometriosis
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Genetics and Inheritance
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Health Inequality in children of immigrant families
Medicine Career in Neurology
Medicine Client Intervention
Medicine Deep Vein Thrombosis
Medicine Pharmacy
Music Classical period
Nutrition/Dietary Food and Children
Nutrition/Dietary Kinesiology
Nutrition/Dietary Nutrition and Cancer
Other (enter below) Linear Regression Analysis
Philosophy Irrationality of romantic love
Philosophy Philosophical Issue in health care
Political science Citizenship Revocation of Shias in Bahrain
Political science Codes of Ehtics
Political science Countering Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia
Political science Critiquing the CRT Ban in schools
Political science Dobbs v. Jackson
Political science Domestic issues
Political science Ethics in Personnel Management
Political science Foreign policy of India
Political science Free lunch program in schools
Political science Long-Term Strategic Decision-Making Analysis for the Negotiations among the Eastern Nile Countries
Political science Place Nation and the Mexico-US soccer rivalry
Political science Policy statment: sexual assault of indigenous women in alaska
Political science States and Markets in an Era of Globalisation
Political science UK House of Lords
Public Administration Accountability
Public Administration Data analysis
Public Administration Homelessness in the Los Angeles Area
Public Administration Public Sector Pros and Cons
Public Administration Two Strategies
Public Administration What the Government Does and How It Does It
Public Relations (PR) conflict and power in Shrek movie
Religious studies Youth Ministry Implemention
Sociology Deviant Behavior by Erich Goode 12th Edition
Sociology Durkhein social facts
Sociology Effects Social Media has on Children
Sociology Homelessness
Sociology Inclusivity, Racial Diversity
Sociology Psychosocial Assessment Evaluation
Sociology Public health outline
Sociology The Division of Household Labor Within Families and How It Is or Is Not Gendered
Sports Biography of leader
Sports Challenges in Functional Areas Applied to Sport Management
Sports Chicago Blackhawks
Statistics  Exploratory Data Analysis
Technology Body Heat Energy Harvesting
Technology Comparison Between Public and Private Cloud Networks
Technology Contextual Interview
Technology Exploratory Data Analysis
Technology Introducing Digital Transformation by the NATO
Technology Manipulate view
Technology Network management plan and a security plan
Technology Research Methods
Technology The use of SCADA and DCS against Cyber Attacks
Tourism Tourism Society and Culture
Women’s & gender studies Perceptions of Pregnancy
Week 15

Accounting Sea Mist Dining Fraud
Accounting The Auditor’s Responsibilities Relating to Fraud in an Audit of Financial Statements
Agriculture Finding and Learning From Extension Publications
Anthropology Muslim women in Mosques
Architecture, Building and Planning Dubai Blue Waters Report 
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Controversial Art and Censorship
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) El Movimiento
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Finding Nemo
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Humanities Critical Media
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Optional Museum Visit
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Public Art Proposal Development
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) The Passing on Netflix
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) TV as Art
Aviation Airport Management
Aviation Aviation Strategy
Aviation Aviation strategy (Impact of policies on the aviation sector )
Biology (and other Life Sciences)  Personal Well-being and Stress 
Biology (and other Life Sciences) African Elephant (Loxodonta Africana)
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Biophysics Chemistry
Biology (and other Life Sciences) CPW Data analysis and Results
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA STRUCTURE
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Vaccinations and Society
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Vaccines
Composition Alien encounters
Composition Banning Tiktok in the US
Composition Green cities
Computer science Network Wireless Security
Computer science Planning and Implementing a website
Computer science Wireless Network Security
Communications Advances in nanotechnology
Communications Attributes and Empathy
Communications Exploring the film
Communications Informative Speech
Communications Lack of work-life balance
Communications Organizational Communication
Communications Sight Sound Motion
Communications The Role of Xiangsheng (Crosstalk) in Shaping Chinese Language and Dialects
Criminal Justice CAC Amber Alert
Criminal Justice California v. Acevedo
Criminal Justice Child Abduction
Criminal Justice Countering Violent Extremism in Southeast Asia
Criminal Justice General vs Classic Strain Theory
Criminal Justice Ian Simms Case
Criminal Justice Michigan v. Sitz
Criminal Justice Peace Officers Bill of Rights Guarantees Responding to Union Demands with a Management Sanctioned
Criminal Justice Riley v. California
Criminal Justice Strain Theory
Criminal Justice Structural Racism, Critical Race Theory, and Social Media
Criminal Justice The Violence of Whoville
Criminal law Rational Choice Theory and Islamic Terrorism
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Single Mother Homes
Economics Comparative Analysis of Feed-In Tariffs and Auction System in Promoting Solar Energy Development
Economics Export International Business Plan
Economics Global Dual Sourcing
Economics Global Dual Sourcing: Tailored Base-Surge Allocation to Near- and Offshore Production
Economics Product Life Cycle
Economics The Role of the Private Space Sector in Driving Innovation and its Broader Impacts on Industry
Economics Why the Current Tax system should not be Reformed
Engineering  Design of a Small Savonius Wind Turbine to Increase Its Efficiency
Engineering Cooling tumbler
Engineering Effective Communication Skills for Engineers
Engineering Leadership styles of effective project managers: Techniques and traits to lead high performance team
Engineering Manufacturing technologies
Engineering Nano sensors: The development of sensors
Engineering Probabilistic risk assessment on an electric motors
Environmental studies and Forestry Royal Dutch Shell and beyond:strategizing the future of esg compliance
Ethics Business Ethics and social responsibility
Ethics The mirage of product safety
Ethics The tuskegee study
Ethics Thrasymachus vs Socrates
Finance Assessing the competition in the insurance sector in the GCC
Finance Balance Of Payment
Finance Financial Markets and Instruments
Finance Health Finance
Finance Management Decisions Based on Accounting Information
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Is the New Madrid Fault Line a Threat?
History American Foreign Policy during the Cold War
History Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
History Emancipation in Diaspora
History European History
History Extra Credit Women’s Current Event
History Gawain and the Green Knight: Heroism vs. Monstrosity
History McCullough Book Review
History Migration
History Texas in Transition, 1960–1986
History The Queer History in Denver
History The triumph of the Right and The Recent Past.
Human Resources Management (HRM)  Structuring Global Coordination
Human Resources Management (HRM) Building Social Architecture
Human Resources Management (HRM) Collaborative Teams
Human Resources Management (HRM) Global Performance Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Green Human Resources in the Public Sector:A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda
Human Resources Management (HRM) Leadership Style
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Appraisals
Human Resources Management (HRM) Social Media in the Workplace
Human Resources Management (HRM) Workplace Privacy
International Relations Deterrence on the Taiwan Strait
International Relations International Business Analysis (Ghana)
International Relations Nuclear environment
Law Memorandum of law
Law Memorandum of Law: Perjury
Law Space Law
Leadership Studies Assess an Unresolved Conflict and Work Toward Forgiveness
Leadership Studies Collector’s Conner’s Current Vision, Mission and Objectives Analysis
Leadership Studies ISSUES MANAGEMENT: Managing Issues-issue life-cycle
Leadership Studies Leadership in Public Health
Leadership Studies Response Post-Issues management (IM)
Leadership Studies Strategic Leadership and Future Leaders
Leadership Studies The Controversial Link Between Leadership and Management
Leadership Studies Uni Groups’ Current Vision, Mission and Objectives Analysis
Literature A Lyrical Expression of a Women’s Work Experience
Literature Benchmark – Instructional Activity: Applying a Critical Theory to a Text
Literature ZZ Packer, “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere”
Logistics Environmental impact of LNG vs fossil fuels in marine transportation.
Marketing Information Search, Product Use, and Disposal
Marketing Solving Societal Problems with Sustainable and Purpose-Driven Marketing
Marketing Starbucks: It Starts With You
Mathematics Pythagorean Theorem
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Endometriosis in middle east
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Smart Packaging technologies
Medicine Obesity among children
Music Robert Schumann
Nutrition/Dietary Making seaweed safe for broader consumption
Nutrition/Dietary Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children
Philosophy Logic and Ai
Philosophy What is a good life?
Philosophy what would a satisfactory moral theory look like?
Philosophy Why do Muslims encounter harsher religious discrimination than Christians?
Political science Islamophobia and the Marginalization of Muslims by the French State
Political science Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Political science LeT Terror attacks in Mumbai 2008
Political science Mayoral Control In Education
Political science Political Risk Assessment
Public Administration Why Illegal Immigration is an Intergovernmental Mess
Sociology A study on gender gap in urban area
Sociology Black lives matter
Sociology Contemporary Sociological theory
Sociology Family Abuse
Sociology Gender Inequality in Tennis
Sociology Sex Offender
Sociology Urban social problem
Sports First Generation African American College Student-Athletes and their Lived Experiences
Sports Strategies for Career Success
Technology Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Culture Analysis
Technology Current Event and Power Grids
Technology Privacy issue with new technology
Technology Quantum Cryptography
Tourism Sustainable Development Goals – Hybrid conference in the future
Urban Studies Effects of Race on Housing Inequality in New York city
Urban Studies Mapping out Immigrant and Mental Health Programs within Toronto
Week 16

Accounting Frenchies: Creating and Using a Master Budget
Accounting Management Accounting in decision making iSingapore
Accounting Ratios and Analysis
Anthropology Anthropology
Anthropology Green Belt Movement
Architecture, Building and Planning Detroit
Architecture, Building and Planning Washington
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Beyoncé
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Controversial Illnesses: Standing in Someone Else’s Shoes
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Latin American Art
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Soviet Art
Aviation Airline Management
Aviation Airline Route and Fleet Planning
Aviation Airport Operational Risk Management
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Critical Literature Evaluation on Mammalian brain glycoproteins exhibit diminished glycan complexity
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Mechanisms of quinolone antibiotic resistance in bacteria
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Muscle reflex
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Plant ecology
Chemistry Enantiomers
Chemistry Fractionation distillation
Classic English Literature ALBERT CAMUS AND THE GUEST
Classic English Literature The cost of dating apps
Composition Banning Tiktok
Composition Why emotional intelligence is important in Leadership Summary
Computer science Cybersecurity behaviour: A systematic review
Computer science The Application of Digital Forensic Tools in Investigating and Prosecuting Business Email Compromise
Communications How is social media use affecting the social skills of pre-teens, teens, K-6
Communications Media Strategies and Implementation
Communications The Business Decision
Criminal Justice Drug prevention
Criminal Justice Propositional Integration
Cultural and Ethnic Studies African Influence on American Music
Cultural and Ethnic Studies ANDALUCIA POETRIES
Ecology Succession and Seral stages
Economics  Economic Naturalist Writing
Economics investments attraction and Competitiveness Analysis on UAE and South Korea
Economics Structured Product Explanation
Engineering Decision support in disaster management
Engineering Hazards
Engineering Hooke’s Law
Engineering Investigating the Properties and Applications of Chalcogenide Glass for Infrared Optics
Engineering Operation Characteristics of centrifugal pump
Engineering X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Ethics  Codes of Ethics for National Associations
Ethics Business Ethics
Ethics Ethical Balance
Ethics Ethics Standards in Associations of Nonprofit Organization Professional
Ethics The Influence of Cognitive Biases on Legal Decision-Making Among Judges
Film & Theater studies Chicken Run
Finance Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships
Finance Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Finance Returns and Bond Ratings
Geography  Food Security
History American Imperialism
History History of olympic games
History Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Early Modern World
History Music is History
History Race and Class in American Society
History Reagan Inaugural Address
History The Algerian war of independence and the political structure
History The Historical Prevalence of African American Women in Higher Education
History The Korean War from China Perspective
History The Normal Heart Review
History Theodora The Elevated Empress of the Carolingian Dynasty
History World History
History World War II
Human Resources Management (HRM) Creating a Severance Package
Human Resources Management (HRM) Leveraging Human Capital
Human Resources Management (HRM) Organizational Behavior Section of Onboarding Playbook
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Appraisal
Human Resources Management (HRM) Recruiting Human Capital for the Organization
Human Resources Management (HRM) Rewards and Benefits Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Selecting a Diverse Workforce with the Needed Talents
Human Resources Management (HRM) Social media and ethics in the workplace
Human Resources Management (HRM) Starbucks
Human Resources Management (HRM) Talent Management and the Organization
Human Resources Management (HRM) Talent Management in health care
Human Resources Management (HRM) The impact of managing future jobs in finding future competencies in the public sector in Dubai
Human Resources Management (HRM) Turnover Concerns
International Relations U.S.-China Relations in the Post-9/11 Era
International Trade How International trade impact poverty alleviation and food security
IT, Web Email Investigations
IT, Web Information Security Overview
IT, Web Security and Mobility
Law  Accounting and finance law
Law Compensation and Benefits Law Final
Law Legislative Proposal
Law Minimum Wage Law in Indiana
Law West Virginia v. EPA Case Comment
Leadership Studies Change Leadership
Leadership Studies Character analysis: the blind side
Leadership Studies CONSULTING: Effective Marketing Strategy
Leadership Studies Element of constant change in Consulting
Leadership Studies Marketing Consulting Today and Tomorrow
Leadership Studies The Leadership Styles: A Case from UAE Ministry of Health
Leadership Studies Transitional Leaders
Linguistics Expressive Language Disorders and Delays in Children in Learning English
Literature American Psycho: A Satirical Critique on Consumerism
Literature Literary Criticism
Literature The Witcher
Marketing Conducting Marketing Research in the UAE
Marketing Planet Fitness
Marketing What Makes A Brand Strong?
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Oral Frictional Hyperkeratosis
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Pharmacy Work
Other (enter below) Child Growth and Development Theories and Parenting  Styles
Philosophy Agency and Moral Responsibility
Philosophy Free will and Determinism Philosophical Argument
Philosophy Mill’s on Liberty
Philosophy Tradition and Postmodernity: The lack of post modernization in Qatar
Political science American political thought
Political science Are citizens in America today competent enough for collective self-government?
Political science Striking a Balance: Our Government’s Best Corporate Strategy
Political science To what extent have middle eastern governments contributed to the effective management of climate ch
Political science Underrepresentation of Women in US Government
Political science What were the principal consequences of decolonization for international relations?
Public Administration Nonprofit Mental Health Organization’s Job Tasks Analysis of Administrative Staff: A Comparison of J
Religious studies Christian Origin
Sociology Digital Dystopia: From Tech Slavery to Contact Tracing and Online Dating
Sociology Identifying Emotions
Sociology Violence in Schools
Sociology Women gender and work in Canada
Sports Athletes and Their Perception of Supplements They Use to Enhance Performance
Statistics The influence of meteorological factors on air quality
Technology ChatGPT in education
Tourism Travel Agencies during Crisis
Women’s & gender studies Breaking Up with Normativity
Women’s & gender studies Women in the Workplace
Women’s & gender studies Women’s oppression
Week 17

Accounting CSR Disclosure in Saudi Banks and Its Impact on Financial Performance
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Art Midterm
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Rita Ackermann: Exhibit report
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) The Influence of Traditional Islamic Art on Contemporary Art in the Arab world
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Pathogen Report
Classic English Literature  The Expectations for Women and Traditional Gender Roles in the Early 20th Century
Classic English Literature Monstrosity
Classic English Literature Passing
Composition Cultural Identity in Education
Composition Differentiated Instruction
Composition The History Of Profanity
Computer science Artificial Intelligence
Computer science Business Brief about the Network Anomaly Detection Tools and Methods
Communications Communication Plan
Communications Customer Support Associate
Communications Ethic video
Communications Interview a Soldier
Communications Movie evaluation
Criminal Justice Analyze how early laws in America contributed to the legitimacy of intimate partner violence.
Criminal Justice Developmental and Life Course Theories
Criminal Justice Motivations of terrorist groups
Criminal Justice Odontology
Criminal Justice Organ Trafficking
Criminal Justice Peacemaking Criminology
Criminal Justice Racism and Police Brutality
Criminal Justice terrorist propaganda through social media
Criminal law Chicago’s Concentric Zones
Criminal law Merton’s Theory
Cultural and Ethnic Studies African Influence on American Music
Cultural and Ethnic Studies African influences in the RnB and Rap Music Genres
Cultural and Ethnic Studies La Camioneta
Ecology Assessing the growth promoting effect of commercial BIO 520 formulation on plants
Ecology Sustainable beer
Economics How the Macro Environment Influences the Micro Environment
Economics macroeconomic factors impact on deposits.
Economics Managerial Economics
Economics The Digital Age
Economics Writing up for Economics History
Engineering Bioengineering
Engineering Environmental impact on Manufacturing Industries
Engineering Risks in urban planning strategies in UAE
Environmental studies and Forestry Providing Equitable Access to Green Spaces Recreational Areas along the Los Angeles River
Family and consumer science Sex Education in school
Film & Theater studies Film analysis
Film & Theater studies Hong Kong in Chungking Express
Film & Theater studies Jaws Review
Film & Theater studies Rope by Hitchcock
Finance Comparison of DIB and NBD
Finance Costing Methods
Finance Nike Report
Finance Public Hedge Funds
Finance Quantitative Investment Strategy
Finance Trading report use CME trading simulator
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Ocean Alkalinity Enhancemen to Address Ocean Acidification: Effectiveness, Feasibility, Consequences
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Plastic Pollution in the Ocean
History America’s Transformation from 1877-2022
History American History
History Ancient Egypt civilization
History Black Liberation From Reconstruction to Black Lives Matter
History California history
History Civil Rights and the Right to Vote
History Europeans Encountering the Americas
History GCC representer speech in the Middle East International Peace Conference
History Historical Geography Essay
History Movie V.S Biography
History Nicolo Machiavelli’s The Prince
History Political Revolution: Iranian Revolution.
History Slave trade in America
History The Cold War World
History The Dark Ages
Human Resources Management (HRM) Boundaries of HR
Human Resources Management (HRM) Compelling Topics in Global and Diverse Workforces
Human Resources Management (HRM) Evolution of HR’s Role
Human Resources Management (HRM) Federal Regulations
Human Resources Management (HRM) Social Media in the Workplace
Human Resources Management (HRM) The lack of Black Cybersecurity Professionals and how to increase the representation
International Trade International business
IT, Web Digital Forensics – Warrant
Law Contract Law
Law Epic System V. Lewis Supreme Court
Law Foundations of Public  International Law FA
Law Legal Challenges in Combating Money Laundering in the UAE: An Analysis of Relevant  Regulations
Leadership Studies Initial Dialogue
Leadership Studies Investigating a Topic
Leadership Studies Organizational Change: Etihad Airlines
Linguistics African American Vernacular English
Literature How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Literature Social Change and Women’s Health and Well-Being
Literature Women’s Health and Well Being
Logistics Reverse Logistics
Marketing Component of Marketing Plan
Marketing Impulse Purchases of Sport Team Licensed Merchandise: What Matters?
Marketing Strategic marketing plan
Mathematics Heat and The Associated Boundary Temperatures
Mathematics The Role of Primary Caregivers in Intrinsically Motivating Students to Engage in High School Mathema
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Cluster Migraine of physiological view
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Polycystic ovary syndrome
Medicine Cancer Screening
Medicine Chronic pain
Music Purple Rain
Other (enter below) Jaws Critique
Physics Optical devices in medicine, Endoscope, and Different types of microscopes used in medicine.
Political science Create a policy paper on the following topics
Political science Implosion of the Media
Political science Tunisian Revolution
Political science US Constitution
Political science Was the Middle East important during the Cold War?
Political science What policy interventions are needed to address the social, economic, and environmental impacts of l
Public Administration Ethics and Public Policy
Public Administration The Executive Branch
Religious studies Purpose of worship in the Christian church is Christ
Religious studies Spiritual Protocol
Religious studies The Accounts of Loss
Sociology  Deviance
Sociology Deviance and Theory
Sociology Social Theory Exam Short Answers
Sociology Wilkerson’s concept
Sports How do organized sports constitute expressions of larger social forces?
Sports The Value of Learning Marketing Management in Athletic Administration
Technology Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the future
Technology Cloud Computing Security Challenges and How it Impacts Critical Infrastructure
Technology Emerging Industrial Policy Approaches
Technology Industrial 4.0 and 3D printing
Technology Information system analyst and design GANTT chart
Technology Internet of Things Security Challenges and Impact on Critical Infrastructure
Technology Investigating the Factors Affecting Employee Retention in the Cybersecurity Industry
Technology Transportation Critical Infrastructure and Two Current Events
Tourism Tourism planning
Urban Studies The role of Urban Public Squares and Urban Nodes: The case of London and Doha.
Week 18

Accounting Audit Planning and Control
Anthropology Linguistic Anthropology  – Ecology of a Language
Aviation Aerospace legalities
Aviation Aviation law
Aviation Aviation Safety
Aviation Green initiative
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Digenetic Bases Of Complex Diseases to Point Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Voorhis Preserve Background Activity
Chemistry Heat exchange design
Chemistry Scientific Method and Atomic Structure
Classic English Literature How technology has affected society
Communications Annual Review Forms
Communications Project Management in Communications
Computer science AI for Social Good: Addressing Ethical and Social Issues in AI/ML
Criminal Justice  Situational Crime Theory
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency
Criminal Justice Macro vs Micro Level Theories
Criminal Justice Reducing Institutional Racism Resource Guide
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Sum Q
Economics Ethical Issues and Personal Codes of Ethics
Economics Income inequality
Economics Sustainment Strategies by BAPCO
Economics The Impact of Preferential Trade Agreements on International Trade, Labor Markets, and Economic Welf
Economics The Impact of Social Relationships on Pricing Decisions: Study of Sellers’ Behavior Towards Friends
Engineering Cooling tumbler
Engineering Dynamic system modeling in systems engineering
Engineering Engineering Technology design
Engineering Impacts of employees satisfaction on lean application tools
Environmental studies and Forestry Mangrove Plantation Program in ADNOC Onshore Operated shoreline
Ethics Ethics of artificial emotional intelligence: Exploring the psychological implications of emotionally intelligent AI systems and their influence on human relationships, empathy, and mental health
Finance Inference
Finance Recapitulation and recommendation on which hotel to purchase
History A Weary Land
History Chicano Mexican American studies
History Civil World War
History Culture incursion
History Debate Francis Perkins
History Module 10 Journal Page Women in the 50s Alice Paul is the Character 1885 – 1977
History Module 9 Journal Page Women’s Suffrage.  Lucy Stone time period (1818-1893)
History Slave Narratives
History The Divergence of Europe
History The Little Rock Nine
History The Renaissance
History The Scientific Revolution
Human Resources Management (HRM) Digital Human Resources management
Human Resources Management (HRM) Performance Managment
Human Resources Management (HRM) The impact of climate change on food security
Human Resources Management (HRM) Zinnia project Personal reflection
International Relations Nagorno-Karabakh Problem Description
International Relations Two for Two
International Trade Problems at Westland City Airport
IT, Web Emerging Technologies
IT, Web Media Formats in IT
IT, Web Risk Management
IT, Web Securing Data
IT, Web Security and Mobility
IT, Web Standards And Legal Policies
Law Analysis of a hypotheticalscenario regarding the violation of international human rights norms
Law Business law and ethics
Law Challenges of Protecting IP in the Digital Age
Leadership Studies Nine Principles of Persuasion to Accelerate Your Career
Leadership Studies Using Theory to Frame the Research Topic and Question
Marketing AMEX
Marketing Global Economy
Marketing Managerial Approach to Marketing
Marketing Mayo Clinic mini case study
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Depression after postpartum
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Nervous system
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Perimenopause
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Pharmacy Exam
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Principal genetics
Medicine Differential attainment in medicine school
Medicine Executive Drug regulators assignment (pharmaceuticals
Medicine Principle of genetics
Philosophy Explanation of Friedman’s View on Capitalism and Freedom
Philosophy Rulership: Machiavelli vs. Huang Zongxi
Physics Kirchhoff’s rules
Political science Connection Between Our Culture and the News Media
Political science Enrique’s Journey Reaction Paper
Political science Gender Politics
Political science Is democracy at odds with globalization?
Political science Paying for Government
Political science State Powers
Political science The Political System
Political science The Young Karl Marx
Public Administration Decision-Making
Public Administration Enhancing Traffic Prediction for the long term in Dubai
Public Administration Global performance measurement systems
Public Administration Introduction to Qualitative Research for Public Administration
Public Administration The Art of Adminstration
Public Administration The Civil Service and Human Capital
Public Administration The People’s business
Religious studies Contemporary Issue Research Paper
Sociology Children raised in cohabiting families face an increased risk of falling into poverty
Sociology Ethics in Research
Sociology Mental Health and Society Final
Sports Foundations of Global Sport
Sports The Value of Completing an Internship in Athletic Administration
Technology Intel e1000 Network Driver Operating Systems
Technology Mixed methods research
Technology Motivation and Retention in IT Organization Analysis
Technology Technology-Final Assignment
Tourism The Quality of Crowd Management and Its Impact on the Experience of Event Visitors in Riyadh Season
Week 19

Accounting A balanced scorecard
Anthropology Chicano Mexican American studies
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Cellular respiration
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Culminating task
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Graphing exercise WS
Chemistry Dehydration of Alcohols Lab Report Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Identify Potential Primary Articles cited by Review to Highlight
Communications Evaluating a Speech
Communications Musical and Festival Life
Communications Persuasive Speech
Communications Presidential address
Communications Reliable Sources
Communications Space X Starship Rocket
Communications The benifits of AI
Criminal Justice DNA profiling
Criminal Justice Intro. to Homeland Security
Criminal Justice Juveniles are Prosecuted
Criminal Justice mass incarceration and work exploitation
Criminal Justice multiculturalism and diversity impact the criminal justice system.
Criminal Justice proper forensic processes and techniques
Criminal Justice Relationships Between the Law and the Court System
Criminal Justice Summary of Theories
Criminal Justice uses of DNA to solve crimes
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Cultural immersion Project
Cultural and Ethnic Studies intersectionality is a global issue affecting black women around the world
Economics Jiyang Han
Environmental studies and Forestry Policy Solutions
Environmental studies and Forestry Why is GHG emissions data not considered more by Operating Room (OR) decision-makers?
Film & Theater studies Shattered Dreams and Disillusionment in Bottle Rocket
Finance Asset Valuation
Finance Enterprise Performance Evaluation
Finance Investment banking
Finance Reflective Writing
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) The Heaven Lake
History Almeada and Anne
History Globalism and Terrorism Worksheet
History History of Silk Road
History Identification
History Revolutionary Writings
History Voltaire’s Candide
Human Resources Management (HRM) Are Empathetic Leaders More Developed
Human Resources Management (HRM) Case:  The Reluctant Receptionist
International Relations Ecuador
International Relations Nuclear environment
International Relations The Rise of China Influence in The Gulf And How It Affects US And Gulf Countries Relations with focus on Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Iran relations with the US.
Law english legal system
Law International Sale of Goods Essay
Law Judicial Precedent english legal system
Leadership Studies About the psychology of leadership and a reading and inspiration program for further study
Leadership Studies Historical Contexts must be Presently Understood
Leadership Studies How has the utilization of social media impacted our youth?
Leadership Studies Tell Why Your Topic is Needed
Literature All My Son
Literature Best Practices in Instruction in Higher Education
Literature Evaluating the Progress of Social Change
Literature Negative effects social media has on undergraduate’s physical health
Logistics Battle between Amazon and Walmart
Marketing How the Five Dimensions of Experiential Marketing Affect Customer Satisfaction: Focused on Starbucks
Marketing Marketing and Artificial Intelligence – In Class
Marketing Pricing Assignment
Marketing Saxonville Sausage Company
Mathematics Geoboards
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Coronary artery disease
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Vaginal birth versus caesarean section for low-risk pregnancies: factors affecting a mother’s choice
Medicine Brain
Medicine Differential attainment in medicine
Medicine Screening of Iron deficiency in pregnant women
Other (enter below) Critique of Hurricane Katrina Response
Philosophy Ancient Philosophy and How it Affects Us
Poetry How Ive grown as a writer
Political science Analyzing Body Language
Political science How does the midterm recession affect presidential economic policy?
Political science Pros and Cons of Interest Groups, Lobbyists, and Corporations
Political science The U.N and the U.S Foreign Policy
Public Administration Serving the Public
Public Administration Strong Mayor VS City Manager Argument
Public Administration Transformational leadership and its impact on Employee performance, field study in the Ministry of S
Sociology Homelessness after the pandemic in the USA
Sociology Italian Organized Crime and the Albanian Connection
Sociology Observation of Social Behavior
Sports Hazard register plan rock climbing
Technology Factors impacting information security in UAE governmental sector
Technology Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution
Technology Segment Routing
Tourism Food and Beverage Experience Evaluation and Design
Tourism Land based practical skills
Urban Studies Urban Societies
Women’s & gender studies The Electoral College Argument, Politics and Social Media
Week 20

Accounting Managerial Accounting
Aviation Error Chains and SMS
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Exploration of biomaterials for nano-composite fertilizer development in Africa
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Physiology of Circadian Timing
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Species Extinction
Communications Campaign and election
Communications Chicano Mexican American studies
Computer science Evolution of Machine Learning Algorithms for Big Data Analytics.
Computer science Foundation of data mining
Computer science System Security Goals
Computer science Zero-day Attack Detection using Deep Neural Network
Criminal Justice Choice and Trait Theory
Criminal Justice Homeland Security
Criminal Justice Psychology Training Guide
Criminal Justice Serial Offender Profile: Dennis Rader
Criminal Justice The Genesee River Killer
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Banning/Burning of Books
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Black Power Activists
Cultural and Ethnic Studies principles of representation in Ancient Egyptian art
Ecology The Four Pillars of Sustainability
Economics Russia’s Economic History(Ancient Before the year 1000)
Economics The Impact of Markup Factor Variations on Market Competition and Consumer Welfare
Engineering Human System Engineering
Ethics  Application of a decision making framework to an IT-related ethical issue
Ethics Ethical Theories and Principals
Ethics Medicine and capital punishment
Film & Theater studies Superman vs black adam
Finance Investments and Risk Management
Finance Management Decision-Making Processes
History “Treaty six” First Nations perspectives in contrast to the Crown’s perspective
History American Indian Civil Rights Movement
History Historical Blog Post- A British soldier on D-Day
History New Arguments and Criticisms of Industrialism
History The History of Yiddish Cinema
Human Resources Management (HRM)  Total Rewards: A Strategy for Hiring, Engaging, and Retaining
Human Resources Management (HRM) Apple
Human Resources Management (HRM) Manager Coaching and Feedback
Human Resources Management (HRM) Resistance and Communication
Human Resources Management (HRM) Talent Value Proposition for the Present and Future
Human Resources Management (HRM) What is Talent Management?
International Relations Nuclear environment
International Relations Saudi Arabia Geopolitics
IT, Web Duties Of A Project Manager
IT, Web Implementation and Report
IT, Web Report + Prototype
IT, Web Securing Data
IT, Web Website Comparison Presentation
Law Education Policy IP
Law Evidence Law
Law Job Design
Law Law and Religion
Leadership Studies Transforming Workplace with Good Leadership
Linguistics Expressive Language Disorders and Delays in Children in Learning English
Literature LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN  By Oscar Wilde
Literature Literary Devices
Literature The role of women in socitey
Marketing Chase Saphire
Marketing Marketing Excellence Nike
Marketing Marketing Research
Marketing Product Presentation
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Professional Growth Reflection
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) The End of Life and the Legalization of Assisted Dying: Exploring the Ethical and Practical Dimensio
Medicine Cancer
Other (enter below) Employee Rewards
Physics Blood Pressure Measurement with Sphygmomanometer Experience
Political science Congressional Black Internship
Public Relations (PR) School Counselor Assessment
Sports Adolescent Suicide
Sports Biomarkers in collegiate athletes that could help predict time needed to recover from concussions
Sports Real Madrid: A Winning Legacy – 2021/2022″
Sports Tips to improve two mile run time
Tourism Service robots
Tourism The Effectiveness of Digital Marketing and Promotion the Tourism in Saudi Arabi -GH
Urban Studies Climate Change, The Resilient Waterfront and the Green New Deal for Housing and Job
Week 21

Anthropology Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Architecture, Building and Planning Khalifa tower study
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Colony Morphology
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Machines that have relationship with toxicology and biochemistry
Biology (and other Life Sciences) The Appendicular Skeleton
Biology (and other Life Sciences) The skeletal muscles are key for animal movement
Classic English Literature The Masque of the Red Death
Communications Budgeting for Communications
Criminal Justice Behavior and tactics used by terrorists
Criminal Justice characteristics of high-tech crime
Criminal Justice Cybercrime topic in the US
Criminal Justice Investigating to Respond on the Effect of Cargo Theft on European Operations
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its effects on the Adult Justice System
Criminal Justice The association between the different motivations for terrorism and report on their confounding effe
Criminal Justice the use of forensic biology
Criminal Justice the use of intelligence-led policing (ILP) and the development of fusion centers
Engineering Cooling tumbler
Engineering Feasibility study of hydrogen production via process integration
Engineering How does HSE relate to the normal practices of Model Based Systems Engineering?
Engineering Human Systems Engineering within Systems engineering
Ethics Industrial Spying
Ethics The virtues of Bionics
Finance Capital Structures Financial Plan
Finance Comparing Tax Services
Finance Financial Market Shareholder Analysis
Finance Identifying Financial Information for a Company
History All the World is Human
History Exploring Causes of World War I
History Influence of The Potsdam Conference
History Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave
History Sam Houston
History Seguin
History The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Workforce
Human Resources Management (HRM) Digital HR Platforms-The Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
Human Resources Management (HRM) Diversity Hiring Practices
IT, Web  Information Systems Governance
IT, Web Benchmark – Designing a Defensible Security Architecture
IT, Web Network Security Monitoring and Threat Hunting
Law ERISA’s Uneven Effect on Martial Wealth
Law Use-of-Force Data
Leadership Studies Admissions Bribery Scandal
Linguistics Expressive Language Disorders and Delays in Children in Learning English
Literature Carter, “The Company of Wolves”
Literature M9 War
Marketing Emily and Donna
Marketing Warby Parker
Medicine Effects of multi-morbidity and social Support on patient’s psychological wellbeing
Medicine Malabsorption Syndrome
Political science Just War Theory and the Gulf War (1990-1991)
Political science Letter to Politician
Political science The Black Church and the Criminal Justice System
Public Administration Implementation, Performance, Regulation, and the Courts
Religious studies Theological liberalism and fundamentalism
Sociology Chicano Mexican American studies
Sociology Noise sounds and its effects on us
Statistics Statisitical Concepts
Week 22

Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Art and Mental Illness
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Research Process Analysis for Glazed Brick Wall Relief of Lion
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Fragile X Syndrome
Chemistry Measurement of Physical Properties
Communications All Your Devices Can Be Hacked
Communications Children and advertising
Communications Current Affairs in PR
Communications NIST Framework
Communications Social Media Management Platforms
Composition Do you think that illegal immigrants be granted residency?
Computer science Business Continuity
Computer science Evolution of Machine Learning Algorithms for Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Sectors.
Computer science Macintosh Forensics
Criminal Justice Criminal sentencing
Criminal Justice Death Penalty Introduction
Criminal Justice Emergency Management
Criminal Justice Ethical challenges
Criminal Justice identifying the wounds
Criminal Justice Inside Terriorism
Criminal Justice Jodi Arias- The defense
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its effects on the Adult Justice System
Criminal Justice Mass Shootings
Criminal Justice Middle-class delinquency’s relationship to gangs
Criminal Justice Restorative Justice
Criminal Justice Two Theories of Delinquency to Compare and Contrast.
Cultural and Ethnic Studies National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Cultural and Ethnic Studies THE IMPACT OF A REVOLUTION
Ecology BNG Sustainability Squad
Economics Do entry and technology affect the tobacco industry for the past 10 years?
Economics Economics
Economics Economics Federal Debt
Engineering industrial air cleaner
Engineering Privacy issue with new technology
Environmental studies and Forestry Environment and Health Issue
Environmental studies and Forestry Gantt Chart
Environmental studies and Forestry pollution control
Ethics Aristotle Forum
Ethics Euthanasia and the Right to Die
Ethics State of Emergency
Ethics Theresa Schiavo
Finance Valuating Hotel Asset for The Kirana Hotel Group’s growth
Geography USA and Canada Geography
History Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague
History Controversies about the Vietnam War Memorial?
History Creation of Israel
History Positive Impacts of Globalization
Human Resources Management (HRM) Critical Threats to the Global Environment
Human Resources Management (HRM) Full Disclosure on Sex Offenders
Human Resources Management (HRM) Impact of Green Human Resource Management Practices on Work Performance  in Saudi Organizations: The
Human Resources Management (HRM) Legal Expertise: Fundamental Skill to the Best Practices in Human Resources
Human Resources Management (HRM) Management and Leadership
Human Resources Management (HRM) Risk Management
Human Resources Management (HRM) The Cost of Economic Growth
Human Resources Management (HRM) Training Methods
International Relations Nuclear Energy
International Relations Nuclear environment
International Relations Research Sum Up Of Original Theory and English Speaking Results
Law Evaluation Research
Law Presentation UAE Commercial company law task
Law UK/ English Law/ tort and contract law
Leadership Studies Church Development – The Tuckman Model
Literature Annotation and Close Reading
Literature Critical Thinking
Literature The wire: The cost
Literature TONE
Marketing Executive Summary of Gatorade Zero Lemon-Lime
Marketing Interview with a Marketer Subject and Employer
Marketing Management plan
Mathematics Culminating Project – Design with Desmos
Music Lucas Apostoleris Trio
Music Movie soundtracks and emotional impact
Music Music and memory
Music West Side Story and Racial Tension
Nutrition/Dietary Scientific Research and Research Article Abstract
Other (enter below) Terrorism
Other (enter below) THE IMPACT OF A REVOLUTION
Philosophy Happiness and Morality
Philosophy Nietzsche, “Slave and Master Morality”
Physics RC Circuits
Political science A Bloated Bureaucracy and an Inclusive Supreme Court
Political science Learning Gaps within the Army
Political science Our Struggle for Freedom, Civil Liberties And Political Equality
Public Administration Accountability and Politics
Public Administration Ethics in Government
Public Administration government as a business
Public Administration Mitigating Misuse of Workplace Practices
Public Administration The CASE OF REPARATIONS
Religious studies  Abortion from a religious point of view
Religious studies “Method of Christ in reference to Ecclesiology and Personal Disciple Making”
Sociology Aging
Sociology Applying the Sociological Imagination Essay
Sociology Bridging the Gap: Addressing Social and Economic Inequality
Sociology Contemporary Applications Essay
Sociology Critical Threats to the Global Environment
Sociology Egyptian migrants to the UAE
Sociology Health and Society
Sociology Introduction to Research
Sociology Introduction to Sociology
Sociology Missing and murdered women in US
Sociology Personal sociogram
Sociology Plastic Surgery
Sociology Practice sociogram
Sociology social inequality: Why The Rich Stay Rich, The Poor Stays Poor
Sports Adolescent Suicide
Sports Importance of Sports Marketing Research In the Sports Business Industry
Technology Designing Enterprise Networks for Global Organizations
Technology Privacy Issues With New Technology
Women’s & gender studies A Letter to the Censors
Women’s & gender studies Women of Color and the Wage Gap
Week 23

Accounting Benefit of internal Audit disclosures.
Accounting Introduction to Managerial Accounting and using job order costing to track production costs
Accounting Managerial Accounting
Accounting Risk of Material Misstatement
Anthropology  republic of congo vs democratic republic of congo
Architecture, Building and Planning Sustainable Architecture
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) The Nanaimo Art gallery
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Caring
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA Replication Questions
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Entomology
Biology (and other Life Sciences) protein from the prokaryotic and eukaryotic replication machinery
Chemistry  Flow of Genetic Information
Chemistry Chemical Foundations and Nomenclature
Chemistry gene therapy
Communications Concussions in Football
Communications Source Evaluation on Work from Home: Measuring Satisfaction between Work–Life Balance
Communications The Impact of Advertising on Children: An Exploratory Study
Computer science Security awareness
Criminal Justice DNA analysis
Criminal Justice dried blood
Criminal Justice Ethical v Unethical behavior
Criminal Justice Ethics leadership
Criminal Justice Family Influence Juvenile Delinquency
Criminal Justice Organizational behavior summary
Criminal Justice Probation and parole in criminal justice
Criminal Justice Security role in society
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Ancient Egypt
Economics Economic freedom index
Economics Economic reasoning
Economics Economics
Engineering Cooling tumbler
Environmental studies and Forestry  Pest-No-More Pesticide
Environmental studies and Forestry Hierarchy of Controls
Environmental studies and Forestry Human Risk Assessment
Environmental studies and Forestry Invasive Species Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Environmental studies and Forestry Water Quality
Ethics  Current Or Emerging Technology Ethics Research Paper
Ethics Discussion: Is There Such a Thing as an Evil Exemplar?
Ethics Manufacturing Life
Finance finance for real estate
Finance FinTech
Finance Investing in Capacity
Finance Investment Choice
Geology (and other Earth Sciences) Carbon Sequestration Through Air Capture
History American Revolution is somewhat revolutionary
History Analyzing Primary Sources
History Ancient greece
History Assimilation as force in social relations and politics in late 19th century America
History Geronimo
History History of NCO
History Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Revolutionary War
History Operation Anaconda
History Padlet 2 Artifact Write up (TM)
History The Holocaust
History The Second Awakening
Human Resources Management (HRM) Digital HR Platforms-Yes Bank:  AI or Human Connection For Talent Management?
Human Resources Management (HRM) Global Professional Development-Consultancy
Human Resources Management (HRM) Human Resource Study Guide
International Relations Peace Processes and Conflict Resolution in Sudan
International Trade Republic of Congo Vs Democratic republic of Congo
Law Key Features of Living Things
Law Tax of business Entities
Law Use-of-Force Data
Leadership Studies  The Definition of Spiritual Formation
Leadership Studies EI Rumination paper
Leadership Studies Establishing & Communicating a Vision
Leadership Studies Leadership Communication
Leadership Studies Reaction to StrengthsFinder
Leadership Studies Wingfinder Strengths Assessment
Leadership Studies Working in teams
Literature Hobbes’ Leviathan: Mankind in the State of Nature
Literature Sapiens: The Evolutionary Origins of Friendship
Logistics Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Treatment plans
Medicine Assessing and treating vulnerable populations for depressive disorders
Music Hip-hop music viewed as a global learning experience
Nutrition/Dietary Energizing the Athlete
Nutrition/Dietary Food and Mood
Nutrition/Dietary Guyana
Nutrition/Dietary Keto Diet
Nutrition/Dietary MACRONUTRIENTS
Nutrition/Dietary Type 2 diabetes pediatrics
Other (enter below) Senior products in Korea and Japan market
Philosophy Famine, Affluence, and Morality
Philosophy Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Physics Magnetic Force and Forent’z Law
Physics Simple Harmonic Motion
Political science Create an Interest Group
Political science DEBATE: CHURCH AND STATE
Political science DEBATE: GUN CONTROL
Political science Human Rights
Political science International Security
Political science Political Theory
Political science Sports, Politics and Society in the Middle East
Political science The Relationship between The US and Middle East
Political science US intervention in the middle east
Political science US Invasion In Iraq
Public Administration Bullying of Christian Employees
Public Administration Housing Insecurity in East Boston, Massachusetts
Public Administration Intersection of Public Health and Mental Health: Meeting Family Needs
Religious studies ” Christianity and The State”
Religious studies ” Crime and Punishment
Religious studies ” Personal Disciple Making”
Religious studies ” The Life and Ministry of Evangelist Billy Graham”
Religious studies “”Ministerial Roles in Sexual Abuse Cases”
Religious studies “From Christology to Pneumatology”
Religious studies ”Disciple Making Disciples”
Religious studies Therapies and Treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Sociology Bridging the Gap: Addressing Social and Economic Inequality
Sociology Racism in New York
Sociology The Hatt Family – Generations of Policing
Sports Positioning and Target Marketing
Sports Promotions In Sports
Sports Sports Governance Structure
Statistics Brand love and brand addiction and their effects on consumers’negative behaviors
Statistics Building a Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection
Statistics Identify Analysis Tools in Published Research
Statistics Presenting Statistical Results for Decision Making
Tourism Sustainability Essentials for Hospitality Managers
Tourism The Quality of Crowd Management and Its Impact on the Experience of Event Visitors in Riyadh Season
Urban Studies Perkins Act
Women’s & gender studies Zora Neale Hurston’s
Week 24

Agriculture Spirit Field Farms Co Business Plan
Aviation Safeguarding Aviation
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Defects in proteins associated with homologous recombination are found in many cancers
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA Recombination and Linkage
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Food Analysis
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Infectious Microorganisms and Caring for the Suffering
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Physiology of Circadian Timing
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Virtual Tour of the Eukaryotic Cell
Communications Concussions in Football
Communications Creating the Risk Management Plan
Communications Outcomes of an Early Childhood Hearing Screening Program in a Low-Income Setting
Communications Remember the titans film analysis
Communications Social Media Management Platforms
Communications Spending Time With Stanger’s
Criminal Justice Rational Choice Theory and Islamic Terrorism
Criminal Justice Theoretical Framework for Countering Domestic Terrorism in the US.
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Rap, Religion, and Anti-Racism
Cultural and Ethnic Studies Toxic Exposure Landmark Cases in the South and the Rise of Environmental Justice Activism
Economics Discussion Board Inflation
Economics Economics
Economics The U.S. and our economy
Engineering The role of Systems Engineering in establishing a roadmap for the successful deployment of the Digit
Environmental studies and Forestry Ecological Risk Assessment
Environmental studies and Forestry Ground Water Monitoring
Ethics External Forces and Ethical Challenges
Ethics Organizational Culture and Ethics
Ethics Tales from the Trenches
Ethics Thomas Jefferson
Finance Tyson Food company
Finance Uber’s Analysis
History  How did changes in technology change peoples’ daily life in the 1980s?
History Greek Society
History Homosexuality and the Black Panther Party during the Civil Rights Movement
History ISIS
History Mapping the West
History What do you think the single most important legacy of the 1980s has been?
Human Resources Management (HRM) CRITIQUE OF TRAINING DESIGN
Human Resources Management (HRM) Developed Today, Gone Tomorrow
Human Resources Management (HRM) Recruiting Job Candidates
Human Resources Management (HRM) Shifting Workforce at the Workplace
International Trade The impact of inflation on Turkey’s international digital exports
IT, Web Cyber threats and database security
IT, Web Information security policy management
IT, Web Security policy implementation
IT, Web What Does a System Administrator?
Leadership Studies Crisis Communication Plan
Leadership Studies Formal Assessment
Leadership Studies Is leadership theory Biblical?
Leadership Studies Leadership Skill
Leadership Studies Leading Business Complexity
Leadership Studies Personal Leadership Mission Statement
Linguistics A critical, research-informed analysis of the way a grammar feature is dealt with in a contemporary
Linguistics Aramaic: The First Language
Literature  Aristotle on Friendship
Literature Faulkner, ” A Rose for Emily”
Logistics Republic of congo Pointe-Noire Port
Marketing Consumer Decision Making and Promotion/Marketing Strategies
Marketing Elements that impact customer’s perception of product desirability
Marketing Victoria Secret Market Analysis
Mathematics An Intensive Study of Eulerian and Hamiltonian Graphs.
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Kidney and Heart Report
Medicine  Sexual History
Medicine Electricity in Physical Therapy
Music National Identity
Nutrition/Dietary Chemical Farming
Other (enter below) Faulkner, ” A Rose for Emily”
Other (enter below) Reducing Tensions
Philosophy “Strengths and Weaknesses of Utilitarinism” by Lous Pojman
Philosophy “Utilitarianism”
Philosophy Moral Behavior in Animals?
Philosophy Moral Skepticism
Philosophy Of Lobsters and Men
Philosophy Teaching Philosophy
Political science 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar: “Soft power or Sportswashing?” Discussions
Political science Climate change issue Decision Memorandum
Political science Conflict and Communication in Public Policy: The 2013 Debate on Gun Control
Political science DEBATE: ABORTION
Political science Stake Holder Analysis
Political science The Federal System and Healthcare Policy
Public Administration Real World Case Design
Public Administration Transforming the system
Religious studies Buddhism Written Report
Religious studies Islam Written Report
Religious studies Ministers and Sex Roles Abstract “
Shakespeare Macbeth essay
Sociology Develop a Multi-media Presentation of a Stakeholder Involvement Plan
Sociology Economic Resources
Sociology Intelligence
Sociology Power Elite
Sports Benefits Of a Chosen Physical Activity
Sports Delivery audiovisual distribution rights of a boxing event
Sports Design of a heated swimming pool
Sports Mega sporting events, tourism and urban development
Sports Title Developing a sponsorship strategy for a specific brand.
Technology Is A.I Ethical?
Tourism Heritage as a political concept
Week 25

Accounting Ford Pinto exploding fuel tank scandal
Accounting Using process costing to track production costs
Application Letters AI and the Human Realm: An In-depth Exploration into the Symbiosis in the Music Industry
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Frida Kahlo
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Green Architecture
Biology (and other Life Sciences) DNA Repair
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Personal Genomics
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Static Electricity Effects On A Dead Fly
Biology (and other Life Sciences) XerodermaPigmentosum
Classic English Literature  Generosity: The power of giving
Classic English Literature Media, Fear, and Anxiety
Communications Digital Content Piece: Lucas Portes
Communications Lee Hyo-Jae
Communications Overall edit of thesis: IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON YOUTH DURING THE PANDEMIC
Composition The Recess Debate
Computer science Using Ricardo software for WAVE engine modelling
Criminal Justice  The Jodi Arias Case: Use of Science and Technology in the Criminal Investigation
Criminal Justice Cyber-Bullying
Criminal Justice death in the country
Criminal Justice Environmental deaths
Criminal Justice Organized Crime
Criminal Justice Policy Development
Criminal Justice Resistant and Unsuccessful Clients
Criminal Justice Theoretical Framework for Countering Domestic Terrorism in the US.
Economics Conversation with Latinos on Race
Economics Role of FDI in Qatar’s Diversification Strategy Away from Oil
Economics The Restaurant Industry in the U.S Part 1
Economics World Ethnicity Data from CIA Factbook
Engineering A paragraph talks about the relationship between fuze and MEMS
Engineering An Improved Heuristic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Demands
Environmental studies and Forestry Risk Assessor Evaluation
Ethics Environmental Ethics Article
Ethics Technology, Humanity and Ethics Article
Film & Theater studies Sun Valley Salvage
History Comparing the Spread of Christianity and Buddhism
History Primary source analysis on Opium War
Human Resources Management (HRM) Companies that Prioritize DEI Initiatives have Higher Levels of innovation
Human Resources Management (HRM) Maria Hernandez case
Human Resources Management (HRM) The Public Service Heritage
Human Resources Management (HRM) The Second Great Awakening
IT, Web Information Technology
IT, Web Preparing Data for Analysis
Law Criminal Intelligence Ethical Dilemma
Law Personal Use Paper on Comparative Law
Leadership Studies Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution
Literature  Aristotle’s accounts of happiness, friendship, and the relationship between the two.
Logistics Capacity Management
Other (enter below) Communication and Identity
Other (enter below) Medical education and the use and impact of technology for generation z medical students
Physics Working Principle of our Nervous System
Political science Campaigns and elections
Religious studies Foundations for Christians’ education
Religious studies Servant Leadership in Diverse Contexts
Sociology Data Collection
Sports Fan Cost Experience
Sports Proposed Analysis
Week 26

Accounting  Identifying cost behavior patterns and using cost-volume-profit analysis for decision making
Accounting Advanced financial accounting
Accounting Audit Documentation of the Revenue Cycle
Accounting Understanding the Client and Performing Analytical Procedures
Anthropology The Lemon Tree
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts) Museum Catalog
Aviation The Ethical and Environmental Implications of Wildlife Management
Communications Evaluation of Speech
Communications How do fashion bloggers based in the west influence woman trends and fashion in the Middle East
Communications How has Disney princesses culture affected body image?
Computer science cybersecurity governance
Criminal Justice Analyze Intermediate Sanctions Research
Criminal Justice Intermediate Sanctions and Traditional Incarceration
Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency and its effects on the Adult Justice System
Criminal Justice Personality Disorders
Criminal Justice Scenario Presentation : France’s Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice US Homeland Security
Economics Inequality and poverty
Economics International Macroeconomics
Economics The Economy of the Middle East
Environmental studies and Forestry Administrative and Engineering Controls
Environmental studies and Forestry Ecological Risk Assessment’s Risk Analysis
Environmental studies and Forestry Emerging Zoonotic Disease
Environmental studies and Forestry Environment and Health Issue
Environmental studies and Forestry Environmental Epidemiology
Environmental studies and Forestry FOOD SAFETY
Environmental studies and Forestry Nuclear Disasters
Environmental studies and Forestry Risk Characterization
Ethics “Carbon emissions”
Ethics Operations, Technology, Data Security, and Ethics
Ethics WSCC Focus
Family and consumer science Online shopping Behavior
Film & Theater studies Play Review: “Antigone”
Film & Theater studies Play Review: “Funny Girl”
Finance Analyzing Your Personal Finances
Finance Experience with Mutual Funds
Finance The Euro Zone and the Sovereign Debt Crisis
History  Italian Renaissance Society vs. Modern American Society
History The Spanish-American War
Human Resources Management (HRM) Independent Contractor or Employee
Human Resources Management (HRM) Organisational performance and culture in practice
International Relations The Rise of China’s Influence in The Gulf and How It Impacts US-Gulf Relations
IT, Web Data Analysis Using Excel
IT, Web Statistical Tools
IT, Web Statistics and Data Science
Law Ethical Standards
Law Maternity Rights in Employment
Law The RaDonda Vaught Matter
Leadership Studies Authentic Leadership Theory Analysis
Leadership Studies Building Leadership Character
Leadership Studies Consulting Contract
Leadership Studies Johari Window
Leadership Studies Leading Change Collaboratively
Leadership Studies Quality in Research, Developing Judgement for Scholarly Literature
Leadership Studies Share Apology
Leadership Studies Strengths-Based Leadership Theory Analysis
Leadership Studies The Impact of Applying the Five-Step Framework
Leadership Studies Transition from a manager to leader
Leadership Studies Your Most Important Goal
Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.) Azithromycin to Prevent Sepsis or Death in Women Planning a Vaginal Birth
Medicine Treatment for a Patient with a Common Condition
Philosophy  Purpose of Philosophy
Philosophy Aristotle Ethics
Philosophy Kant’s ethics
Philosophy The Nature of Philosophy
Political science Globalization
Political science The Federal System and National Security Policy
Religious studies ” Oral Presentation Worksheet Philippians 2:1-4″
Religious studies ” Philippians Critique by Gordon D. Fee”
Religious studies exploring the history and philosophy of Christian education
Religious studies Sermon Sketch for Habakkuk 3:17-19
Sports Contemporary Sports Marketing Issues
Sports Development of a digital marketing strategy for a triathlon clothing start-up
Statistics Conduct a Comparative Analysis of Non-Parametric Statistics in Extant Literature
Statistics Millennial vs Baby Boomer Employment Rate in the US.
Tourism The Quality of Crowd Management and Its Impact on the Experience of Event Visitors in Riyadh Season
Urban Studies Redbeard Brewing Company
Week 27

Accounting Principles of Accounting
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Eukaryotic DNA Transcription
Classic English Literature Adaptation Studies Essay
Classic English Literature Analysis of “The Handmaid’s Tale”
Communications Communication with Impact : How much is enough? (over/under communication)
Communications How Disney Princesses’ Culture has affected Body Image
Communications How do fashion bloggers based in the west influence woman trends in the Middle East.
Criminal Justice Th Problems of Human Trafficking in 21st Century
Criminal Justice Virginia Football
Economics A Conversation with White People on Race
Engineering Probabilistic Methods for electrical and computer engineering PD2
Environmental studies and Forestry List the four attributes of smoke, and describe how they relate to fire behavior in a building.
Environmental studies and Forestry Describe and discuss the three methods of reading risk at an incident.
Environmental studies and Forestry Florida Firefighter OSHA
Environmental studies and Forestry List and discuss the three types of force created when loads are imposed on materials.
Environmental studies and Forestry Define hazardous energy and list four ways to categorize its status.
Environmental studies and Forestry Environmental Acts
Ethics Ethics and Patient-Centered Care
Ethics The Pinto case and the cost benefit analysis
Finance Ethics in Finance
Finance The Efficient Market Hypothesis
History Slavery Throughout Colonial Mexico
History Atlantic Coast of the North American Continent.
History Characteristics of Ancient Greece
History David McCullough, “One Tough Son-of-a-Bitch of a Man.”
History Discrepancies of religions
History Karl Perspective of Capitalism
History The Lasting Effects of the Gold Rush
History The Second Great Awakening
History War and Poetry
Human Resources Management (HRM) Employee Engagement & Compensation
Human Resources Management (HRM) Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Blended Evaluation Plan® Form
IT, Web Probability and Data Science
Law Credit Monitoring and Recovery Strategies Adopted by the QCB and Compared to USFederal Reserve Bank
Leadership Studies Leader Ethics and Working in Diverse Teams
Leadership Studies Leadership Development Plan
Leadership Studies Organizational Leadership Theories
Literature Human Greed and Deception in Heart of Darkness
Marketing Effective of Social Media on Mental Health
Marketing Lilly Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Plan
Marketing Nike Strategic Promotional Plan
Marketing The Influence of Social Media in Marketing on Brand Awareness and its Subsequent Impact on Purchase
Medicine Study Guide for medication treatment schizophrenia spectrum and other psychosis disorders
Other (enter below) Anime Adaptation Hit Prediction
Philosophy Kant’s ethics
Philosophy Reality and Being
Political science Campaign and elections
Political science Political Environment of Real Estate
Sociology Mental Illness and Sociology
Sociology Technology and deviance
Urban Studies Evaluate the circular economy strategy in your london city
Week 28

Accounting Principles of Accounting
Accounting Risk of Material Misstatement
Accounting Using capital and operating budgets to make sound business decisions
Anthropology Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
Biology (and other Life Sciences) Spicy food and inhibition of pathogenic microbial growth.
Criminal Justice Criminal Profile of Jeffrey Dahmer
Criminal Justice Fourth Amendment exceptions
Criminal Justice Reintegration of Parolees
Criminal law The Accountability of Prosecutors
Economics Netflix Price Increase Hurts Membership
Economics Pay for Delay: AndroGel Avoids Competition
Economics The Effect of Entry and Technology on the Tobacco Industry over the Past 10 Years?
Engineering  Techno-economic Evaluation of Renewable Energy Grid Integration
Film & Theater studies Bonnie and Clyde in 1960s
Finance  The Federal Government’s Role in the Economy
Finance High management proposal for converting from floating interest rate to fixed rate for SME department loans in a Saudi Bank
Finance The Low Interest Rate Environment
Human Resources Management (HRM) Emirates Group Compensation and Benefits
International Relations Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement
Leadership Studies Ethical Formation of Ecclesial Leaders
Leadership Studies Ethics in Leadership
Marketing Neuromarketing Ethics
Marketing Persona Development and Positioning Map
Medicine Assessing and treating patients with sleep wake disorders
Medicine Breast Cancer
Nutrition/Dietary Ethnic differences in the role of adipose tissue dysfunction in the development of type 2 diabetes
Nutrition/Dietary Heart Healthy Cuisine Discussion
Philosophy The Morality of Abortion
Political science The Framers’ of our Constitution
Sociology Climate Change in the World
Sociology Racial Worldview
Week 29

Biology (and other Life Sciences) Species on the Brink
Chemistry Determination of Molar Mass and Identity of a Diprotic Acid
Criminal Justice Italian American Mafia
Economics A Conversation with Native Americans on Race
Environmental studies and Forestry  Human Health Risk Assessment
History Media and Propaganda in the American Civil War: Shaping Public Opinion and National Identity
History Missouri Compromise
Human Resources Management (HRM) Middle East vs. Western Europe
International Relations Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR)
Law The Future of Saudi Arabian Oil Diplomacy in The Context of Changing Global Energy Dynamics
Leadership Studies Ethics Democracy and Leadership
Leadership Studies Are you prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you?
Leadership Studies Where do Passions and Talents intersect for me?
Linguistics Challenges in Teaching and Learning Arabic for Non-Native Speakers
Linguistics The relationship between sound and meaning in the Iraqi proverbs
Marketing The 4 Ps of McDonalds
Medicine Ethical Concerns
Physics Do Radiofrequency Electromagnetic waves such as Wi-Fi, cellphone, or microwaves cause serious damage
Physics Magnetic Induction
Political science Debating the Merits of Privatization
Public Administration Advocacy Coalition Framework Theory
Week 31

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