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Hi everyone,

life of pi movie posterI suppose all of us have seen movies based on famous books; “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” are the most obvious examples, but there are many more movies that have a foundation in books. As a person who wrote a novel and many short stories, I sometimes wonder how my writing would look on screen.

I like to have fun imagining whom I’d like to star in the film based on my novel. I think one of the main character’s role would go to Takeshi Kitano (it would also be cool to have him as a director—he is a real pro). He’s just the type I need for a lonesome old man: disappointed and tired, but still with some nerve and will deep within. Another main character—an always curious guy who suddenly gets involved in intense action—would look just fine if played by I don’t know whom. Really, I am not a fan of cinema, so I don’t know the names of all the actors. Any suggestions?

For the role of a journalist who is in search for sensations, I would invite Scarlett Johansson; she can be convincing, as I first noticed in “Lost in Translation.” She would perfectly suit the role of a career-oriented journalist.

There is a gang of criminals in my novel as well. It’s led by a mysterious figure, always wearing some sort of misshapen robe. He is not a typical criminal authority; his gang obeys him more on some sort of religious fear than from respect. This person’s face would not be revealed until the final part of the movie, and I am not entirely sure whom I’d like to see playing this character. Someone thin and tall for sure, with a skinny face; Ralph Fiennes, maybe.

There’s a private detective in my story—and what’s a detective story without an operative? He is a man with a dark, difficult past and no tomorrow. He tries to forget a dramatic turn of events that happened long ago, but he does not succeed in this, so he tries to stifle his unease with work, looking for the gang leader, supposing he’s also the one responsible for his personal drama from the past.

Do you have any stories written that you would like to see on screen? If so, whom would you like to star in it? Please, share in the comments.

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