Apprenticeships Make a Turn in Coding Bootcamps in 2023

Coding bootcamp industry has faced a crucial shift – the rising popularity of apprenticeships. Coding bootcamps, a newer addition to the educational landscape, are poised to become a $1.2 billion industry by 2026 according to Technavio estimates, as Fortune reports. Typically, these bootcamps offer intense, short-term courses to help students acquire tech skills and enter the job market swiftly.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The coding bootcamp model is evolving due to various factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, layoffs in the tech sector, and the emergence of AI-powered tools. These factors have prompted bootcamps to rethink their approach, focusing more on delivering specific outcomes for both students and potential employers.
  • Coding bootcamps are adopting apprenticeship models to better fulfil their promise of job placement after graduation.
  • The apprenticeship model not only provides real-world professional experience but also guarantees employment from day one, offering a more attractive alternative to traditional bootcamps.

The year 2023 has seen significant changes in the coding bootcamp space, largely due to the impact of the pandemic. These courses have transitioned from physical campuses to online platforms, adapting to the realities of the new normal. Institutions like General Assembly have updated their courses to offer personalized experiences and more specific career outcomes for their students.

In an attempt to address tech skill gaps across various industries, General Assembly has partnered with global talent solutions provider LHH to launch GA Talent. This initiative is aimed at helping employers build more diverse tech talent pipelines and providing more direct pathways for students into tech careers.

Apprenticeships & Bootcamps: The Current Trend

Apprenticeships are fast becoming the central feature of coding bootcamps, mainly because they offer an effective solution to the problem of graduate employability. While bootcamps were designed to bridge the gap between the skills provided by traditional colleges and those demanded by employers, they have often fallen short of this goal.

Investors like Ryan Craig, managing director at private equity firm Achieve Partners, believe that the apprenticeship model offers a better approach. Unlike conventional bootcamps, apprenticeships allow students to learn in a professional setting, gaining the practical experience that is essential for their careers. Additionally, apprenticeships assure students of a job from day one.

The Future of Coding Bootcamps

With the benefits that apprenticeships offer, many bootcamp providers are expected to adopt this model. However, this does not mean that traditional bootcamps are completely on the way out. They continue to serve as a quick and viable option for many prospective students looking to establish a career in the tech sector.

The shifting landscape of the coding bootcamp industry underscores the need for ongoing evolution and adaptation. The rise of apprenticeships demonstrates the industry’s commitment to meeting the needs of both students and employers while delivering real-world, practical education. As Roger Lee from General Assembly suggests, entering the field of tech requires dedication and hard work, but with the right resources and opportunities, it’s an achievable goal for anyone.

Top 5 Coding Bootcamps Ideal for Career Switchers into Tech

For those looking to pivot into a tech career, coding bootcamps offer an expedient route. These immersive, intensive programs can equip you with the necessary skills to enter the tech industry in a relatively short period. 

Apprenticeships Make a Turn in Coding Bootcamps in 2023

While there are many excellent coding bootcamps out there, here are five specifically tailored to help career switchers make a successful transition into tech.

  1. General Assembly: Known for its comprehensive approach to teaching tech skills, General Assembly offers full-time and part-time courses in web development, data science, and more. Their focus on career outcomes and individualized career mentoring makes it a top choice for those looking to shift into a tech career.
  2. App Academy: This bootcamp offers a 16-week immersive software engineering course, which claims a high job placement rate. The unique deferred payment plan, where students only pay tuition if they secure a job in tech, makes it an attractive option for career switchers.
  3. Flatiron School: With a rigorous curriculum and a strong focus on career services, Flatiron School is a great choice for those looking to break into tech. Their courses in software engineering, data science, and cybersecurity are well-reputed in the industry.
  4. Le Wagon: This is a nine-week intensive coding bootcamp covering Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, APIs, Github, and more. Its strong global community and emphasis on product development are beneficial for career switchers.
  5. Coding Dojo: Coding Dojo’s full-stack coding bootcamp is known for its thorough three-stack curriculum. This bootcamp offers students the flexibility to learn online or onsite and even has career services to support job placement after graduation.

Each of these coding bootcamps offers unique strengths that can be beneficial for career switchers, from comprehensive curriculums to career support and flexible learning options.

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