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college party

Hi everyone!

Young people now and then say something like, “It’s so difficult to be a college student: so many assignments, so little time….” However, we all know that studying in a college is not only hard work, but also having lots of fun (thank God). Since I have not been a student for almost five years already, I hope that “having fun” nowadays means the same as it did in my days: hanging out at parties, instead of hanging out on Facebook 24/7.

For all those who prefer to participate in real life rather than watch it through update feeds, here are some recommendations, a piece of circulating student wisdom, so to say, a gift from the forefathers, and a life-giving source. Using them, you will be able to organize a solid college party without dragging yourself (and your friends) in trouble. Hopefully.

1. You will need to find a decent location. No, a college classroom won’t work. No, a gym is a bad idea too. A place within 15-20 minutes from your dorms would be fine, but such luck occurs in real life rather seldom, so finding a place will be one of your biggest challenges. Also, consider that people who live next to the place where you are going to arrange a party will almost inevitably be unhappy with the fact that several dozens of people dance, yell, and listen to loud music near their homes. So, when choosing a location, make sure the noise from your party does not make neighbors call the cops or something.

2. Estimate your budget. You are not kids anymore, so hanging out in a garage downtown with a boombox won’t look like an exciting party to anyone. Hence, you need money for some decorations, drinks, snacks, and so on. To give you an idea of how expensive a party can get, in our days, we would spend up to a 1,000 dollars. To cover your expenses as a host, you might want to set a small cover charge upon entry, or propose that all who are invited should chip in. Or, if you are rich, be generous and pay for everything yourself.

3. Use technology to advertise. Thank God we live in the 21st century, so inviting people anywhere is as easy as sneezing. Create a group on Facebook, inform everyone about preparations through Twitter, and so on. To keep a record of everything you do, use Google Docs or Google Keep; this way you will be always able to centralize your to-do list, and keep everyone who is involved in preparations coordinated and updated.

4. Find people who will clean up the mess after the party. Usually, it is reasonable to hire guys from a cleaning company, or pay a little money to junior students to clean. Of course, you can try cleaning up yourself, but trust me, you don’t want to do this.

5. Music playlist. Think of what is going to be played (considering the musical tastes of the people you gather). Or, if you are still rich after paying for everything (see point 2), hire a professional DJ.

6. Think of something to diversify the party, not just make it an event where everyone gets drunk. For example, arrange a karaoke party. People enjoy singing, especially after a couple of cocktails. It is lots of fun (especially if there are two or three tone deaf people in your company), and also cheap, because you can find tons of karaoke machines online. The party will definitely be one to remember. Or add some foam. Foam parties are memorable as well. Or combine. Or invent something else.

7. Organize various competitions and small prizes for them. Before the era of YouTube parties (ugh!) students used to play spin the bottle. Stick to the safe side and do not invent anything that would make people regret their actions later (in these terms, spinning the bottle might be dangerous), but if your party does not involve at least one fun contest with small prizes, it will lose some of its excitement.

Well, that’s it. I hope these recommendations help you organize a great party. Enjoy!

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