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tips for creating credible arguments

So, the last episode, I was telling you about some tricks on how to make your arguments more credible and persuasive. Here are a couple of more tips for you. 

Guesses are good when you are a couch philosopher, trying to find an answer to a question, like whether there is life beyond Earth. However, when you write an academic paper, guesses won’t work. This means you will need to base your arguments on factual data. Moreover, these should be already verified facts, or such facts that can be verified easily; remember, you cannot make up the data you need to prove your claim. Well, you can, but it’s a dangerous and slippery path.

If you are persuading somebody (or at least writing a persuasive paper) you should remember that one of the most convincing things in the world are emotions. I guess only heartless people can remain indifferent when it comes to emotions. Therefore, try to make your arguments not only logical, but also appealing to the feelings of your audience. Think about what could make them cry, laugh, become compassionate, awed, or disturbed, and use this knowledge to manipulate them. Emotions combined with logic works perfectly—although neither logic nor emotions are convincing enough on their own.

These (don’t forget about the previous blog post) are the basics of making your supporting evidence credible and believable. The more experience you gain, the more sophisticated and unbreakable your arguments will become, so one day your word will be trusted more than a president’s word (sometimes that’s easy).

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