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By Johannes Helmold

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Have you ever experienced a feeling that a book you were reading wasn’t actually fiction (though you knew it was), but the truth? If you are a reader and have good literary taste, then I bet you have; many talented writers managed to describe their (or their character’s) feelings in such a way that readers would laugh or cry together with the protagonists or with the author.

This is a skill obtained and sharpened through years of writing experience; however, fortunately, there is something you can start practicing right now to make the first step on your road to persuasiveness.

credible creative writingWhat I am going to talk about today are beliefs in the context of academic writing.

So, how do beliefs help you to be persuasive in your academic writing? How can they turn your scholarly essay into a tool of persuasion? What you must consider in the first turn is that the process of persuasion is the collision of several opposite (or different) outlooks: your beliefs (in which you strive to persuade other people) confront the ones shared by your audience. And in this complicated battle, you have two aces to rely on: your passion about your beliefs, and your awareness of your opponents’ position.

A head-to-head collision of interests never works. Instead of beating all of your war drums and marching straight at your opponents’ positions, try to understand their arguments (I know, reading through pointless arguments that contradict your truthful position can be hard, but try to go through it). Knowing your enemy is 50% of your victory.

This is where you will need passion. Ideally everyone should write persuasive essays only on topics that match their interests, but the world and educational systems are cruel, so you will have to dig for passion even if you don’t feel it. Fortunately, persuasive essays topics usually refer to some controversial topics (like abortions or legalizing drugs), so it’s rather easy to develop your own position on a certain issue. Once you do it, become emotional about it; not just list the facts supporting your thesis that abortions are bad, but both formulate and declare them in an emotional and passionate way. Emotions are more convincing than logic, and combined together, these two forces become unbearable.

Your opponents can beat your logic with their own logic, but your emotions are a powerful reinforcement for your arguments, which are much harder to beat.

Further, I will teach you some similar techniques in creative writing. So far, just remember that passion and personal can make everything possible.

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