Brainly, globally recognized as the leading homework help app, has recently launched an array of AI-driven features, propelling the platform to the forefront of the educational AI revolution. These features bridge the divide between community-driven content and advanced artificial intelligence, ensuring personalized learning experiences for students everywhere.

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✅ AI Essay Writer ✅ AI Detector ✅ Plagchecker ✅ Paraphraser
✅ Summarizer ✅ Citation Generator

Key Takeaways:

  • Brainly introduces groundbreaking AI-powered tools, including AI Tutor and Dive Deeper
  • Research indicates a growing trend in students seeking AI-assisted homework help, with 65% expecting improved grades.
  • Along with AI, Brainly also harnesses the power of its vast community, offering Expert-Verified answers.
  • Brainly is backed by reputable investors and caters to users from over 35 countries

The newly introduced AI Tutor integrates seamlessly with Brainly’s Live Expert support, allowing students to instantaneously alternate between AI-guided and human expert-led assistance, as reported by Courtney Merolle from BUSINESS WIRE. Moreover, Brainly has enriched its platform with AI-powered answers and the Dive Deeper function. The former aids students when they are unable to locate a satisfactory answer from the community-driven Knowledge Base, while the latter delivers AI-generated trivia, enriching the learning process with fascinating facts akin to textbook sidebars.

Hannah, a college freshman, lauded Brainly’s innovative “Scan to Solve” feature, stating,

“Brainly has helped so much with math. I would get stuck on a question, and it would take a long time to finish my assignments. I really appreciate the Scan to Solve feature where it pulls up several explanations, so I could find the one that matches my learning style.”

Brainly’s advancements come at a crucial time. Recent research has shown:

  • 79% of students from grades 6-12 look for external assistance for their post-school assignments and study sessions.
  • Over the past year, 67% of students have utilized AI for academic assistance.
  • This year, 59% of students anticipate using AI for their school tasks.
  • 65% believe that employing AI will enhance their academic performance.
  • The primary reasons students use AI are to verify the accuracy of their answers (38.6%) and to understand solutions (23%).

The AI Tutor, underpinned by generative AI tech, taps into Brainly’s vast Knowledge Base, boasting over 250 million vetted answers. Designed for personalized learning, this tool is much more than just an answer generator. 

Sophia, a high school junior, attests to its effectiveness, expressing her appreciation for the “Simplify and/or Expand” feature that provides in-depth, step-by-step explanations.

“The thing that has been super helpful is the ability to Simplify and /or Expand answers that you find. I’m one of those people where a simple answer usually doesn’t explain enough for me, and I don’t fully understand it. So being able to expand an answer has been helpful because I get step-by-step explanations on everything I’m struggling with.”

Brainly’s expertise isn’t solely rooted in AI. The platform champions Expert-Verified answers stemming from its extensive community. Students can use the Simplify and Expand answer features, guided by Ginny, Brainly’s AI assistant, to customize content according to their grasp of a topic.

Bill Salak, Brainly’s CTO, reiterated their founding vision, emphasizing fostering “independent thinking and spurring greater curiosity.” Salak proudly asserted that Brainly users possess the autonomy to dictate their learning trajectory, be it through community insights or novel AI functions.


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