Signs of Persuasive Writing

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

You know when you read some advertisement that actually gets your attention, or a novel that makes you want to read each page as fast as you can? This type of writing has got some special ingredients in it. I will try to lay it down for you:

1. The writing sounds delicious. It is smooth and makes you feel like you are reading and eating chocolate at the same time. You want to read the writing just because it sounds so good.

2. You can relate to the writing. You feel as if the writer is talking about yourself. This association is why so many people like pop songs, for instance, because they feel the songs connect with their direct experience.

3. The pace is balanced. You never feel bored with the text. It is never too slow or too fast in description, action, or dialogue.

Number 1 is key due to the fact that readers don’t want to read writing that sounds like a monkey wrote it. Writing is a form of music—the only difference is readers listen with their inner ear instead of a physical one.

Number 2 is important because if a reader can’t place himself or herself in the place/environment of one of the characters or the topic being discussed, then they will not feel a bond with the writing.

persuasive writing tipsNumber 3 is essential, as the worst thing for a reader is to be bored. When a reader is bored, he or she might put the text down and never pick it up again.

Taking these factors into consideration, we can try to make our writing delicious, relatable, and balanced in pace. Get your readers crazy about reading your writing!


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