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crazy yahoo questionsMost aspiring writers have loads of questions they want to ask about writing in certain genres and writing in general. Instead of pulling your hair out each time a question is not giving you sleep, check out this compilation of websites offering great question and answer services (all free):


Come on, we couldn’t skip our own Q&A service.

With competent answers attached to guides/samples, our question and answer service is a great solution.


A place where you can easily get answers from experts in different fields, and you can even ask professionals to answer questions for you. The site is also well-organized with many tags.


Much like, it is well-organized and showcases experts to answer your questions. The format is not as nice as, though.


Although Yahoo is not too esteemed as a search engine, its Yahoo Questions is quite active and provides a valuable service of countless people answering your questions almost instantly. If you want fast answers to your questions, this is the question and answer site you need to visit first.

If you are a student, don’t forget to visit your college or university writing center for help as well. Visiting writing centers are invaluable for answering the questions about writing that are annoying you.

If you are not a student, you can get a writing tutor to answer your questions. Sometimes in-person meetings are more informative than online forums.

I hope this information helps you on the path to becoming a seasoned writer, academic or otherwise.

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