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Hi everyone!

The Internet has granted people with the ability to earn money in the most unexpected and/or unusual ways. One of them is blogging: writing regular articles on various topics on behalf of your own experience. It might be difficult to stand out by what you write about, because almost every topic has already been covered (well, at least I think so); however, you can stand out by creating high quality content, and today’s blog post should help you in this quest.

So, in order to create a decent blog, you need to observe the following steps.

  1. Set up the categories for your future posts. You cannot blog about everything, so choose three-five topics that you are
    a) familiar with
    b) fond of

    From now on, you should focus only on them.

  2. Create a content calendar. On the Internet, one of the main requirements for content is that it must be updated regularly. Ideally, you should update your blog at least three-four days a week. Decide on which kind of content you will post one day or another; for example, for Fridays, it would be great to post something entertaining, because on Fridays, people are usually anticipating weekends and relaxation. Stick to your schedule.
  3. Writing blog posts has its own specifics. You must be able not only to tell something to your readers, but present your topic in a unique manner, because things in the world are not unique—your vision of them is. Convey this vision in your posts! This might require great writing skills, so if you are not sure about yourself, take some writing classes and workshops.
  4. I do not believe in the opinion that you should know your audience, and write posts based on this knowledge. On the contrary, I believe all that matters is interesting content, plus maybe SEO, because otherwise no one will see your product. Write vividly, write for yourself, and the audience will appear on its own. If you try to write for an audience, your blog will be dull.
  5. Create posts in advance. This way, you will
    a) have enough material, and even if you have writer’s block, or want to take some rest, this practice will be your backdoor.
    b) have enough time to polish and improve each of your blog posts (although I don’t do it myself, I know people who need this time).
  6. Links are important. Provide your audience with links to external resources. Do not worry: if your blog is useful one way or another, people will return to it—if not for the love of your writing style, then at least to check whether there is something else useful to read. Besides, this is a way to get noticed by other resources, and maybe start associating with them.

These are some of the ingredients necessary for successful blogging. Everyone has their own recipe of writing success, but I believe the points I’ve covered are universal and applicable for any type of content. Enjoy!

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