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book with idea written on itHaving an idea notebook around for ideas is a great… idea. This idea diary is fantastic to have when you want to write something new, especially something creative. This morning, for instance, I wrote a short story based on an idea I had since I was a college student, which was a long time ago. This is a usual thing for a writer—keeping ideas around for a long time, letting them brew, and then working on them years later.

Sometimes, it takes many attempts to work on an idea properly. For example, the story I wrote this morning had already been written, but I had gotten stuck in the writing process of it before. I started writing it all over again and somehow the idea I wanted to convey came through the story without hamper. But it might have taken a few more tries to get it right in my eyes. One has to be patient as a writer.

Anyways, you should buy a notebook for cool ideas. Don’t be shy to write anything in it, even if the ideas seem ludicrous. There is no compulsion to use any or all of the ideas: it is a tool you can use whenever you want to start a new writing task.

A smaller notebook is better so you can carry it around with you at all times. One of the worst things for a writer is to have an amazing idea and not being able to record it, and forgetting the idea by the time you can write it down. Having an idea notebook for a writer is an essential tool that must be used daily for a writer to reap its full benefits.

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