As reported by Preston Fore on, the top three companies hiring coding bootcamp graduates are Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Accenture.

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Key Takeaways

  • Coding bootcamps are a sought-after route for gaining vital skills for tech careers in today’s digital era.
  • Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and Accenture stand out as top employers of coding bootcamp graduates.
  • Coding bootcamps align skills directly to job openings and often include mentoring from industry professionals.
  • Many bootcamp programs also offer career services.

In an age where digital skills are a premium, coding bootcamps have emerged as a practical alternative to traditional degree programs, equipping students with in-demand technical skills in less time. These bootcamps, offering flexible, short-term courses, have become a stepping stone for many looking to launch or further their careers in tech, especially amidst industry layoffs and a shift towards artificial intelligence (AI).

Finding the Right Talent

“Employers are really looking for people who can learn quickly, onboard quickly; they want a diverse talent pool,” says Lupe Colangelo, manager of outcomes partnerships at General Assembly. Many graduates of these programs end up working at top companies like Apple, AT&T, and Mastercard.

Bootcamps often provide career services, making it possible for students to secure a job post-program. Seth Greenberg, vice president of program operations at Springboard, affirms their program’s role in training for “roles of today and the future,” and connecting students with industry mentors from companies like Google, Adobe, and Airbnb.

Top Employers


Amazon has proactively partnered with coding bootcamps such as TLG Learning and Skillstorm. These partnerships aim to train both potential and existing employees with the right skills to thrive at Amazon. According to Career Karma, Amazon had hired over 1,000 bootcamp graduates in the period 2021-2022. Nick Curry, senior manager of emerging talent pipelines at Amazon Web Services, says,

We’ve built a network of third-party partners to help train potential and existing employees in the skills they need for jobs at Amazon or other companies, whether that’s coding, IT, software development, or in specific programs like Python or Java.

Amazon has also partnered with bootcamps like Flatiron School and Kenzie Academy through Amazon’s career choice program, which focuses on career advancement and equipping employees with technical skills.

JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase, a titan in the financial sector, has been investing heavily in tech – to the tune of $12 billion each year. This significant investment signals the bank’s commitment to embracing tech talent, especially those from non-traditional career paths, including coding bootcamp graduates. The bank’s software engineer emerging talent program particularly seeks candidates who have received technical training from coding bootcamps. JPMorgan Chase values the technical and collaborative skills gained at a coding bootcamp, as these can help candidates stand out when applying for tech positions. Bootcamps like Tech Elevator confirm that JPMorgan Chase is among the top recruiters for its “ready to work” graduates. Moreover, Amazon’s software coding bootcamp, We Can Code IT, has also helped boost grads to JPMorgan Chase.


Accenture, a multinational company, hires hundreds of bootcamp graduates each year, valuing the diverse skills and experiences these candidates bring to the table. Ironhack notes that Accenture trusts bootcamp grads to “have what it takes to hit the ground running.” According to Career Karma, Accenture has hundreds of job openings, many of which involve skills learned at bootcamps like software engineering, Java, and Python. The company has also announced a free cybersecurity upskilling program, reflecting their commitment to continuous learning and skills development.

As the demand for tech skills continues to grow, coding bootcamps could be a viable path for many seeking to kick-start or advance their careers.


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