Rarest Words in the English Language

By Bhalachandra Sahaj

Hi everyone!

Do you like to surprise people by using fancy words whose meanings are esoteric? Do you believe an intelligent and educated person should not only be able to operate with words people use every day, but also with rare and almost forgotten terms? If yes, then this post is for you.

Below is a list of 15 words that are in the English language, although at first glance it might be difficult to believe. Memorize them, and the next time you will be participating in a verbal duel, the words from this list will become your secret weapon. Enjoy!

1. Philodox.
A person who is extremely fond of his or her own opinion, regardless whether it is right or wrong. The word is good for calling names without actually insulting a person.

2. To bibble.
Means to drink often, and also to drink or eat in a noisy manner.

3. Erinaceous.
This adjective is used to mark that something resembles a hedgehog. Wow, seriously? Then there should also be other words like that for chipmunks, for instance. And where is “hedgehog” in “erinaceous?”

4. Churlish.
A rude, noisy, miserly, and/or scandalous person.

5. Gargalesthesia.
The next time someone tickles you, while laughing remember that gargalesthesia is the sensation of being tickled. Also, you can tell your friends you have gargalesthesia, and check their reaction. It’s fun!

6. Vulpine.
This word means a cunning and crafty person, and comes from the Latin word “vulpes,” which means “a fox.”

7. Jentacular.
Something pertaining to breakfast. Who would need such a word anyways?

8. Kakorrhaphiophobia.
This fancy and smart-sounding word means nothing else but a fear of failure. You know, not just a concern that something will go wrong, but a panic fear to start doing something and fail.

9. Brontide.
When thunder rolls somewhere far away, it is called brontide.

10. Dextrosinistral.
An adjective meaning a person who was born left-handed, but then taught to use their right hand as their main one. That’s me, by the way.

11. Hypermnesia.
A condition of having super-memory. Imagine you can remember everything, be it something you see, hear, say, or learn every day. I don’t even know if it’s cool or horrible….

12. Quire.
Twenty four sheets of paper. Don’t ask why exactly twenty four—I have no idea.

13. Virago.
A woman possessing qualities that makes her look and/or act like a man. A feminist’s dream, I suppose.

14. Xertz.
It’s not a name of some alien race, as you might have thought. Moreover, it’s a verb; it means to gulp something down quickly and greedily.

15. Yarborough.
Although it sounds like a name of some small countryside town in England, it is in fact a hand of cards where none of the cards is above nine. Why this misfortune needs a special name for it, I don’t know.


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