Homework Help Websites To Know About: Top 10 Picks

The shadow of homework looms behind every class students take, starting from high school to college and university. It seems like this extra work just never ends, and all you do is study day through night. But the most daunting part is when you find yourself stuck for hours on just one homework assignment. You are mentally exhausted, want to sleep, and you still have a whole line of tasks ahead of you. It may feel like you hit a dead end. 

However, there’s no need to torture yourself trying to deal with all that work on your own. Thanks to the Internet, students can now find services that help effectively handle homework. To save you time on the search, we compiled a list of the most helpful websites that offer assistance with assignments. We believe objectivity to be the key in this matter. So, we based our ranking on personal experience of interacting with the services. We used our unique A*HELP methodology to rate the websites accordingly.

How We Select the Most Effective Homework Help Sites for College Students

We perceive the responsibility to provide you with clear-cut details about the reviewed services very seriously. Our experts conduct mystery shopping investigations by placing orders with every academic help platform we mention in the article. Our experience is then thoroughly analyzed and evaluated according to our own rating strategy.

We take into account every step of the order process, from communication with the support team about making a homework request to choosing writers and giving them directions. To make proper judgments, we place two different orders: a quick 2-page essay with a 6-8 hour deadline and a lengthier 4-page memo to the CEO due in 7 days. The assessment of the final results is an important part of our research. In this review, we will concentrate and base our ranking on the analysis of the quality of the first paper, the general A*HELP score of the website in our system, and the consideration of the established deadlines. 

Best Homework Help Websites – Dedicated Number 1 Solution (November 2022)

Having scanned through the list of our best homework help sites, we established that the greatest representative in this field would be CustomWritings.com. This platform stands out with its highest essay paper quality, top A*HELP score, and undeniable dedication to time limits. All these factors make it the most productive service to assist with your academic home tasks.

Top List of College Homework Help Sites

Following our mystery shopping experience and with the consideration for our reviews, we can form the rating of the top 10 platforms for homework help:

1.  CustomWritings

How We Select the Most Effective Homework Help Sites for College Students
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 92.6/100
Order completion — 2 hours before the deadline

CustomWritings is a golden ager among popular services. With more than 15 years of industry experience, this platform helps students gain control over their studies. They cover various tasks in numerous disciplines starting with English and ending with Chemistry and Finance. These features make this service a universal solution for any student in need of homework help.

So, we ordered our urgent assignment with a 6-hour deadline. After receiving the task, we sent it out to the US college professors for grading. The paper was marked with 92.6/100 pts and stood out with its exemplary integrity (100%), clarity (100%), and grammar (100%). To say that CustomWritings blew our minds with provided quality is to say the least, as it was the leading essay result in our general rating.

The deadlines were also carefully observed by the writers. Our task came 2 hours earlier giving us enough time to review the work and request a free revision. All we can add here is that if you have an urgent home task, you can be sure that this service will do tasks on time.

CustomWritings also showed high results on value-for-money ratio and overall experience as well.  A versatile collection of additional services, from writer samples to smart papers, and a helpful support team as well as communicative writers is what drew us to the platform even closer. The evaluation of all the aspects resulted in the highest A*HELP score on our record – 86.75/100 pts. 

Considering all the above-said, we can’t disagree with the fact that CustomWriting proved to be an excellent choice for those in need of academic support. Its quick and quality assistance is what every student dreams of when they feel troubled by homework.

Top List of College Homework Help Sites
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 89.7/100
Order completion — 4 hours before the deadline

Service with a first-rate reputation and low-rate prices, EssayPro seems to be a dream for every student. This platform delivers top-tier quality assignments for a price of 8 Venti Starbucks lattes. Considering the number of sleep hours the service will save you, you won’t need that much coffee anyway. 

As we are fond of exploring everything ourselves, we decided to proof-check this fact as well. We sent a request to EssayPro’s writers to help with our 2-page essay paper due in 6 hours. We received a completed task 4 hours in advance, ready to be reviewed and revisioned. 

We gave the task out for grading. It came back with the mark of 89.7/100 pts, and distinguishable results in length (100%), integrity (100%), spelling (100%), punctuation (99%), and grammar (97%). The only issues touched upon were formatting (vertical and horizontal spacing) and efficiency.

Besides great paper quality results, the service also gifted us with almost the highest overall experience (24/25). Mainly, EssayPro offers 24/7 support chats with considerate assistants, a bunch of payment methods, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, and communicative writers. On the other note, it wouldn’t hurt to add some additional services. All things considered, the platform ended up scoring 77.1/100 pts according to the A*HELP score.

That being said, EssayPro is one of the websites that do homework for you both quickly and efficiently. And with such affordable pricing, who wouldn’t use it as a go-to choice for academic aid?

SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 88/100
Order completion — 4 hours before the deadline

StudyBay, as well as its previously mentioned peer services, is an affordable online platform that ensures to offer a-plus homework help for students. In need of an argumentative essay? Or did your professor give you research to do in a day? This service might be just what you were looking for. 

Following our plan, we ordered 2 pages of a personal essay to be written in 8 hours. 4 hours later we received a completed task leaving us with half of the estimated time to read through the content and ask for some corrections. 

After receiving the final revised version, we moved on to sending the paper to our fellow professors. The essay received 88/100 pts. It scored especially high in integrity (100%), spelling (100%), grammar (97%), and punctuation (94%). However, the work also excelled in acuity (90%), clarity (92%), and objectivity (100%). The only problems worth considering were formatting issues and word choice. 

StudyBay became one of the services to score the highest in overall experience (25/25), with every aspect, from the multiplicity of payment options to the writer-customer cooperation, being as great as it gets. Besides, the platform also showed a great value-for-money ratio, with questions drawn mostly to the availability of special offers. That explains how StudyBay ended up with the A*HELP score of 82.43/100 pts.

Overall, this service was not only advantageous in terms of homework help but also pleasant to work with. It’s only fair that with these results it takes its honorable 3d place in our rating. 

Best Homework Help Websites – Dedicated Number 1 Solution
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 86.5/100
Order completion — 2 hours before the deadline

An on-demand writing company, SpeedyPaper aims to help students make their study process a success. Even though the service doesn’t position itself as number 1 in the industry just yet, it tries hard to grow into that status.

As planned, we placed an order for a 2-page personal essay with a 6-hour deadline. SpeedyPaper came up with our task 2 hours before the established time. 

After the paper was checked, it turned out to receive 86.5/100 pts. Yet again, formatting seemed to be the main issue, with the need for improvement of vertical spacing and body headers. Still, it showed to be remarkable in terms of integrity (100%), length (100%), and spelling (100%). Other aspects worth mentioning are grammar, punctuation, and acuity, which all received 89%.

SpeedyPaper gained the general rate of 81.95/100 pts. A steep result was acquired mainly owing to the high value-for-money ratio (23/25), with a great pool of choice of free and additional services. The overall experience turned out to be not as pleasant as we hoped. A low writer-customer communication and lack of payment methods (with Visa and Mastercard being the only available) did not add points to this website.

Taking into account all of the features and aspects of SpeedyPaper, we placed it in the 4th position of our homework website rating.

5. CheapestEssay

Homework Help Websites To Know About
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 84.4/100
Order completion — 3 hours before the deadline

Having been in the industry for quite some time, CheapestEssay managed to establish itself as one of the top-rated yet inexpensive homework-help websites. After our experience, we can confirm this service to be not at the lowest but still at a reasonable price rate. And as for the level of quality, you can judge further by yourself.

Having placed an order for a personal essay of 2 pages and with a 6-hour time limit, we waited to receive the work on time. The paper came 3 hours before the deadline. With such a rapid delivery students can expect to have a chance for a quick read, correction, and all the needed adjustments.

Then, we sent the papers to be reviewed and graded by the US college professors. Our essay was marked with 84.4/100 pts. The parts that received 100% of points were integrity, length, and spelling. Punctuation and clarity were also highly distinguished. What seemed to lower the grading a bit was efficiency, formatting (body and page headers), and objectivity. 

As for the place in the general ranking, CheapestEssay made it close to the top part with 77.73/100 pts. What brought it this high, besides paper quality, were the money-for-value results (23/25). The possibility of a quick minimum deadline (3 hours), an average price of $44.07, and a range of free services (revisions, source quality, title page) sealed the deal for us. The overall experience could have been better, with low communication from the writers as well as from the support team. 

As such, CheapestEssay marked halfway in our ranking of the best sites for homework assistance. We don’t see the reason why someone wouldn’t consider this platform as a quick and affordable solution for their schoolwork hardships.

Fast essay writing service review
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 83.9/100
Order completion — 4 hours before the deadline

EduBirdie is certainly a blue bird of happiness for students who find themselves in need of professional help with their homework. This platform seems to combine all the best features: a medium price range, a diversified selection of assignment types (from essays to term papers), and quality work.

To check the reality, we placed an order for 2 pages of a personal essay. We set the time limit for 6 hours. Our writer spent only 2 hours completing our assignment. This gave us 4 hours to look through the paper and ask for a revision. EduBirdie also allows changing the writer completely, if unsatisfied with the result. 

We ended up receiving the following marks: 83.9/100 pts in general, with 100% points for integrity and spelling. Grammar, clarity, punctuation, and objectivity, received 87%-89%. The issues mainly regarded formatting (vertical spacing body header), word choice (63%), and acuity (51%).

EduBirdie showed to have some stability in scores for value-for-money (20/25) and overall experience (20/25). On the one hand, there’s this quick delivery of tasks, a great choice of free options, and high-quality supportive customer service. On the other side, there’s this scarcity of up-to-date payment options. The variety of discounts is also a bit deficient. The customer-writer connection could use improvement. All of this resulted in 77.15/100 pts for EduBirdie on the A*HELP scale. 

In the general run of things, you shouldn’t exclude this service from your list of potential homework helpers. Stability in quality performance is a great sign that your work will be done as planned.

7. MyAssignmentHelp

SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 80.9/100
Order completion — 3 hours before the deadline

One of the industry’s old-timers, MyAssignmentHelp is still one of the biggest names in the assignment-help market. A relatively outdated website design doesn’t stop the service from acquiring new customers, as it still provides its clients with the quality assistance they look for.

The 2-page essay we ordered to complete with a 6-hour established time limit, came into our inbox 3 hours earlier than expected. An especially opportune prompt performance, as we also decided to ask for a free revision on this work.

After the corrections, we sent the paper for grading. It received 80.9/100 pts. The best features were marked to be length, integrity, and objectivity (all received 100%). The next batch of aspects worth mentioning is punctuation (98%), clarity (96%), grammar (91%), and spelling (90%). The indexes that needed improvement included formatting, word choice, efficiency, and acuity.

On the A*HELP scale, MyAssignmentHelp acquired 80.88/100 pts, with the highest result of value-for-money ratio. Indeed, it would be hard to rate this area any lower. Especially considering its quick minimum deadlines (2 hours), a whole list of free (from revisions to alphabetizer tool), and additional (Turnitin report, prebook order, and courses) services, as well as affordable pricing ($40 on average). The platform also did great with providing a quality overall experience (21/25), backed up by the proactive support team. 

It is only natural that MyAssignmentHelp would be included in our list of the top-rated homework-help platforms. However, in comparison with other competitors, the service has some more room for improvement, thus gaining its 7th place in our rating.

SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 88.2/100
Order completion — 2 hours before the deadline

Established back in 2011, EssayShark is another long-distance runner in the homework assistance marathon. With the bidding model as the heart of the service, this website ensures its customers get the most relevant and efficient help during their studying journey. 

To check how EssayShark’s system works, we placed an order for our 2-page personal essay with 6 hours for its completion. 4 hours after selecting the writer, we received our ready-to-read assignment. This gave us 2 extra hours for all necessary revisions and corrections.

After analyzing the paper according to the grading system, it came back with a mark of 88.2/100 pts. The highest points (90-100%) were assigned to integrity, length, mechanics (grammar, spelling, and punctuation), and also acuity, clarity, and objectivity. The only spotted formatting issues were vertical spacing, body, and section headers.

On the A*HELP scale, EssaySharks lands last, but still with a good mark of 70.8/100 pts. With a satisfying overall experience score (21/25), the thing that brought the mark down was the value-for-money index. Unfortunately, the website didn’t have any additional services or special offers to get customers interested in their services even more.

Nevertheless, EssayShark succeeded in completing our assignment quickly and with top-level quality. We believe that its 8th place in this rating is more than rightfully earned. 

PaperHelp Review
SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 79.8/100
Order completion — 2 hours before the deadline

The platform with the highest prices in our selection, PaperHelp is still a popular choice among students as its writers can assist you with any assigned home task. Whether it does a good job we check on our own experience. 

After placing an order for a 2-page personal essay due in 6 hours, we received the final paper 2 hours in advance. This is enough time to ask for all 3 free revisions that PaperHelp provides to its customers. 

After the proof check from the college professors, the essay was marked 79.8/100 pts. Integrity, length, and spelling received 100%. Other objectively satisfactory areas were punctuation (98%), word choice (79%), acuity (77%), and clarity (79%). The problems were noticed to be with formatting, efficiency, and objectivity.

As for the general score, PaperHelp received 78.93/100 pts according to our A*HELP score. The best parts of our experience resulted in a high value-for-money index (22/25). This includes a versatility of free services (formatting styles to a title page) and additional options (adding a table of contents, VIP service, plagiarism report, and many more). The service’s robust referral program also caught our eye. The overall experience was also pleasant (19/25). The only questionable aspect was the lack of diversity in payment options with solely Visa and MasterCard being at our disposal.

To sum up, we would recommend PaperHelp as an option for a homework help solution. Still, considering the results, this platform looks quite in place being in 9th position.

10. GoNerdify

SpeedPaper Review


Essay quality — 79.2/100
Order completion — 4 hours before the deadline

GoNerdify is a special platform that is centered around an individual selection of freelance writers for students searching for help. The service brings its efforts on a more personal level, taking communication directly to phone messengers, rather than using usual on-site chats. Is it helpful? Well, we took our look.

To put the service to the test, we ordered a 2-page personal essay with a time limit of 6 hours. Only 2 hours later we got our paper back, ready to be worked with. With 4 more hours at our disposal, we used the chance for a free revision. Even though, from the looks of it, it wasn’t even needed.

Afterward, we sent the paper for grading. It received 79.2/100 pts. The main mistakes were made regarding formatting, especially with vertical and horizontal spacing, body header, and font control. Efficiency, acuity, and word choice also needed to be worked on. However, other parts, such as objectivity, clarity, punctuation, and spelling, were marked 84%-100%.

On the A*HELP score scale, GoNerdify sits at its place with 76.83/100 pts. It has a high value-for-money ratio (22/25) with an array of resources provided to students for free, as well as for an additional cost. The overall experience was acceptable too (19/25). The support team was extremely considerate. The platform also gathered a vast selection of payment methods, including easy digital options like Google Pay and ApplePay. What could be improved is a writer-customer connection, as it would also increase the paper quality as well.

At last, GoNerdify established itself as a useful online platform for those seeking assistance with homework assignments. However, as there are some better options available, this service lands in 10th and final place on our list.

Final Thoughts

Some may say that if you want something done well, do it yourself. We, on the contrary, believe that some professional help never hurt anyone. Especially if you are a student who gets loaded with homework on every course and for whom 24 hours is not enough. That’s why we took the responsibility of investigating and evaluating the most popular platforms that lend a hand in these situations. With this list of the best websites to help you with home assignments, we hope that you will find the one option that best suits your needs.


What websites give you answers to homework?

As far as we know, there are no sources that can provide you with precise information on your home tasks. If only you are not assigned to do some kind of test, then searching for direct answers is out of the question. You may find discussions with students answering similar questions or writing on related topics. Nevertheless, some websites can do your homework for you. They can write essays and theses, do math equations and create presentations. Some of the most efficient of these services were mentioned in this article. So, if you are looking for something of that kind, don’t hesitate to check it out.

Where can I find answers to my homework?

You can search the Internet and ask on student forums. There’s also an option to turn to social media for help. Some students go to libraries and do their research on the topic of their assignments there. If you don’t have much time for independent preparations, you can search for platforms that provide academic help. They don’t just give you answers to the tasks, but rather do the whole work, from the beginning to the end, for you. If you need a website with particular services and features, you can refer to our reviews for the best choice.

Can you do homework for money?

You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Of course, you can organize your own small business by doing schoolwork for your peers. Some of the websites we review also offer opportunities for collaboration to those who want to put their academic knowledge to good use. Can you earn money working like that? Probably yes, if you have enough customers and a reputation as a reliable and efficient writer.

Is there a website that answers any question?

If you look hard enough, you can find answers anywhere you look. However, there’s no universal site that has a database with an answer to every inquiry on every topic. If you look for an option to submit different kinds of tasks and get them all done in one place, you probably need to look for academic help services. Some of them may have limited types of work they do, but others offer to fulfill a whole bunch of assignments. To know which platforms are better, scroll through our reviews. We give objective insights on most of the popular websites in the market.

Is there a website where I can pay someone to do my homework?

We would be surprised if there wasn’t! There are many services out there that offer essay-writing help and general assistance with homework tasks of various kinds. We review the best, most popular ones and give you our thorough feedback. We put them through a special ranking system called the A*HELP score that ensures our objectivity and professionalism. The best options in this category are presented in the article above. You can read about each platform individually as well, to make a more informed decision.

Is it illegal to do someone else’s homework?

There’s no way one can go to jail or be asked to court for finishing someone else’s assignments for them. Many can say that the question of fairness is also debatable. Is it considered to be cheating? Most probably yes. If you ask us, it’s not too big of a problem to ask for some help with your homework when feeling lost or stuck. However, we recommend using such works as inspiration and incorporating your own ideas into them. Everybody has something to say, some just need that little push in the right direction.


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