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Hi everyone!

Being a writer is sometimes similar to being an equilibrist, meaning that a writer has to maintain a fragile balance; this balance is a proportion between what a writer wants to say and express through his or her writing, and what readers would be interested in.

Fortunately, there are topics that are in one or another way interesting to the majority of readers. These are “romance,” “danger,” and “food.” I use these names in parenthesis, because each of them is an aggregate of different conditions, situations, emotions, and other nuances, which I will describe a bit later. If you take a closer look at world literature, you will see the majority of stories are usually built around these three concepts. Authors mix these components in different proportions to get what their audiences would appreciate for certain.

So, here is a quick tip for improvement: refer to one of these concepts from time to time when you are writing. Depending on the audience you are writing for, you might want to add a bit of “romance” or “danger” into your story. “Food” is equally valued by audiences. Anyways, here is a list revealing what these concepts embody (the lists are not full, however).

Danger (everything affecting characters or circumstances in a negative or undetermined way):

  • suspense
  • chase
  • violence
  • threat
  • illness
  • uncertainty
  • cliffhangers
  • mystery
  • anger (and similar emotions)
  • bearing circumstances
  • and so on

Romance (everything connected to characters’ emotions, feelings and thoughts, their outlook, inner world, etc.):

  • love
  • dreams
  • philosophy
  • sex
  • dating
  • aspiration
  • relationship
  • friendship
  • support
  • positive emotions
  • jealousy
  • and so on

Food (the category incorporating all the material aspects of everyday life):

  • delicious food (how surprising!)
  • career
  • wealth and money
  • luxury
  • fame
  • work and business
  • and so on
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