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Hi everyone!

awesome springSpring has finally come. The winter is over, the next six or seven months promise to be warm and sunny, and there is nothing to worry about. Great news! The beginning of spring is also a wonderful time to change something in your life: occupations, hobbies, and so on. For me, March has become the time of experimenting with inspiring habits; recently, I was trying to bring some additional inspiration to my life by developing new habits. Here are some of them—try them out, as they can be really helpful!

1. Getting up early. This is so simple and effective that I wonder why I always ignored this piece of advice. I usually woke up at 9-10 a.m., and although for some people it might seem early enough, real earliness is about 6 a.m. For some reason, the brain seems to work more productively in the morning, when you have woken up and had your first cup of coffee. Besides, it’s a great and inspiring feeling when you do tons of tasks, and then look at the clock and it’s just 11 a.m. But, to be able to get up early, you will have to turn some of your “evening habits” into, for example, “afternoon habits,” if you see what I mean.

2. Listening to relaxing music. I’ve been a devoted fan of such bands as Rage Against the Machine and P.O.D. for a long time, but I’ve discovered that calm psychill or ambient music can incredibly boost productivity. I am not sure about classical music, although many experts write about how great it is, to me it is boring. But such bands as Carbon Based Lifeforms or Solar Fields bring me to new levels of inspiration and efficiency.

3. Going out for a walk and working in new surroundings. Recently, when I feel stuck, I take my photo camera, a notebook, and a pen, and go out. Usually, I head to the nearest park, but sometimes I can go to the opposite side of the city to explore and maybe find something new. Our brain works in a peculiar way: when you change your surroundings, your thinking changes as well. This is the reason why we often forget what we came for when we enter a different room, or why our outlook changes after travelling to foreign countries. So, whenever I go out, I refresh my mind and thoughts.

4. Go to a foreign country, settle in a hostel (yeah, not in a hotel, but in a hostel), and start writing a diary. These three things alone will make you feel like an experienced traveler who writes a log of one’s adventures. For more immersion, do not use English when trying to communicate with locals—only phrases from their native language, and gestures. Trust me, it’s enlightening. Besides, a decent hostel is a perfect place to meet interesting people from all over the world, and to listen to stories about their adventures.

5. Involve your close friends in what you do, from time to time. Discuss ideas with them, ask them to read and criticize fragments from your writing, encourage them to write their own story or novel (even if they say they cannot write a single line) and help them with it. Sharing your favorite occupation with close people is so great!

Oh, and one more thing. Give up any bad habits you have, such as smoking cigarettes or drinking. I know that Hollywood stereotypes about creative people are different, and we prefer to believe creative people need some external stimulants to boost their capabilities, but in fact cigarettes and alcohol have nothing to do with creativity. It’s propaganda and marketing. When you quit, you’ll see how much brighter life will become for you.

Enjoy, and stay inspired!

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