A high school student, who we’ll refer to as “Alex,” has been accused by his teacher of submitting an essay generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Despite Alex’s insistence that he did not utilize any AI assistance, the teacher remains unconvinced.

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The issue arose when the teacher stated that Alex’s essay did not pass the “AI-generated content test,” an increasingly common method employed by educators to detect artificially produced academic work. In response, Alex has been requested to redo the assignment, this time taking care to structure it in the correct format.

As the debate continues, Alex is determined to prove his innocence. He has sought advice from peers on Reddit and will implement suggested changes in his new essay, all the while ensuring they can provide proof of his individual work.

One Reddit user mentioned that the student could use Google Docs’ revision history feature to demonstrate the process of his work. This software automatically takes snapshots as the user writes, providing a clear trail of the essay’s development over time.

“What software did you use to write it? Some software like Google Docs automatically takes snapshots as you write, visible through the revision history feature.”

A flurry of sympathies and frustrations were also shared, with one user expressing relief at not being in school anymore. They empathized with both students and teachers navigating this new era, where AI’s prevalence complicates academic integrity.

The unreliability of AI-detection tools was a prominent topic. Users argued that these tools often result in false positives and suggested that the student rejects the accusations and insist on his innocence.

“The only thing I can think of is maybe to show your previous drafts if you have any. Other than that, best I can say is to insist that you didn’t use AI and reject the accusations since the tool honestly can’t possibly be all that accurate and surely has tons of false positives.”

An elaborate critique of AI usage in higher education was also shared, pointing out the issues that arise from AI systems like ChatGPT and GPT-4. The user emphasized the need for more in-class projects and assignments that would challenge AI’s abilities.

“This is a problem that is going to ruin higher education unless we get back to projects and assignments that are either done in-class, or will trick AI as powerful as ChatGPT and GPT-4.” 

They also highlighted the issues with software like Proctorio and TurnItIn, citing personal experiences where these systems had unfairly penalized students.

Another user shared their experience with Chat GPT detectors, one in particular called ZeroGPT. They revealed that it inaccurately identified their manually written documents as AI-generated. The user concluded that the teacher, in this case, should bear the burden of proof and validate the claims of AI involvement.

In their most recent update, Alex shared that he has completed the second version of the essay in one sitting, using Google Docs. Initially, Alex was concerned as the document history only showed two versions – the blank page and the completed essay. However, upon discovering the ‘version history’ feature in Google Docs, Alex realized he could track all the modifications made to the document.

Now armed with this evidence, Alex is prepared to counter any further allegations of AI involvement in his work. By showcasing the entire process of essay writing via Google Docs’ version history, the student hopes to finally put the controversy to rest and prove their academic integrity.

This case serves as a reminder of the evolving complexities of education in the digital age, where AI-generated content is becoming an increasing concern for educators. As students like Alex navigate this challenging landscape, it is clear that tools like Google Docs offer innovative ways to ensure and demonstrate academic honesty.

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