The "Fun-Filled" College Life Is Just An Illusion? A Personal Perspective of A Student Who Struggles To Fit In

Key Takeaways:

  • The conventional “college experience” narrative often fails to align with students’ actual experiences.
  • Mental health and self-confidence issues can significantly impact the college journey.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has notably impacted students’ socialization and networking opportunities.
  • Personal growth and professional skill development can act as important alternatives to traditional college expectations.

In a poignant confession, a student, let’s call him Morgan, dispels the traditional college life narrative that many high school seniors are led to believe before entering their freshman year. Speaking from personal experience, Morgan unveils the harsh reality that lies behind the “best 4 years of your life” trope, reminding us of the complexities of the modern college experience.

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The Myth of the ”College Experience”

Morgan began his freshman year with lofty aspirations and a glittering image of what college would bring: friends, fun, freedom. However, the reality he encountered was far different, with self-esteem issues, academic stress, and an inability to form networks casting a shadow over his college life.

“Making friends was replaced by low confidence, low self-esteem, and image issues. Joining clubs was replaced with anxiety about grades and schoolwork,” Margan narrated. The feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) that resulted from these challenges was profound, amplifying the pressure to live the ideal college life.

“Used to be before classes started people were greeting each other and chit chatting. Now they are mostly hunched over and gazing into their phones, barely acknowledging each other, much less me. Not sure how dorms are, but the in-class dynamics are very distant and cold,” shared one faculty member, reflecting the changes in social dynamics in the COVID-19 era.

The College Landscape Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has indeed had a substantial impact on students’ socialization, a fact reinforced by multiple students who experienced the before-and-after shift. College, they say, has become a vastly different experience, colder and more distant.

Yet, amid these struggles, Morgan found a silver lining, making the decision to focus on personal growth, build skills, and lay the foundation for post-collegiate success. “Tbh all that fun social and networking stuff comes after you’re comfortable/happy with yourself,” one empathetic peer agreed, reinforcing that self-confidence could lead to improved social experiences.

Others added that the stereotypical college experience, complete with a vibrant social life, rarely exists anymore, particularly in the United States. This is now the exception, not the norm. The real college life seems to be more about personal and professional growth than partying and socializing.

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COVID-19 greatly affected traditional college life

“At least in the United States, the stereotypical college experience where someone transitions to a 4-year institution directly from high school and then finishes in 4 years all while having a thriving social life rarely exists anymore. This is now the exception, not the norm,” one shared, highlighting the changing landscape of higher education.

Morgan’s candid sharing has brought light to the reality of college life, revealing that the experience isn’t always as glamorous as promised, but filled with personal struggles, transformations, and triumphs.


The idyllic depiction of college life doesn’t often mirror the real experiences of students today. The challenges of mental health, academic stress, and social anxiety, exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, significantly reshape the modern college experience. However, as students like Morgan have shown, personal and professional development can provide a valuable alternative focus, paving the way for success beyond college.

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