Have you ever felt like your college classes could have been more helpful? You are not alone: thousands of college students worldwide share the same feelings. Fortunately, this situation can be improved, especially if you plan your next year’s curriculum well in advance. We’ve noticed the valuable discussion on Reddit and want to share practical advice on choosing the most beneficial classes with you.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Redditors recommend taking Personal Finance, Design or Art, Speech or Communication Skills, Career Preparation, Writing or Journalism, History, and Statistics courses to obtain practical skills.
  • It would be wise to also develop soft skills like Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Time Management, and Creativity to complement your professional knowledge.
  • You should plan your curriculum early to focus on beneficial courses that enhance both hard and soft skills for a productive college experience.

Top 7 College Classes Everyone Should Consider: Short Overview

You can find many useful tips and various recommendations in the thread, but there are several most popular answers. The most universally helpful classes for everyone to consider (according to Reddit users) are presented in the table below. 

💰 Personal financeYou learn how to handle money and taxes.
🎨 Design or artArt classes can reignite or inspire your creativity. 
🗣️ Speech or communication skillsLearning how to talk to people is always smart. 
💼 Career preparationThis class can help you determine your future path.
📝 Writing or journalismAdvanced writing skills are useful in any field. 
🏰 HistoryLearning from past mistakes can help solve your problems in the future. 
🎲 StatisticsUnderstanding statistics and probabilities helps to make challenging decisions in life. 

Below are some of the most upvoted comments from Reddit users. Although opinions can vary, these are valuable pieces of advice given by people who speak from experience. 

“Intro to accounting taught me how to do taxes and personal finance taught me how to manage my assets and leverage debt. Econ obviously taught me how the economy works on both a micro and macroeconomic scale. Business basically taught me basic tax laws, codes, and penalties specifically for businesses and employees.”

“Public Speaking! Really did help me become an effective speaker for presentations and trainings I conduct. Great professor I had and with practice, I continued to get better!”

Why It Is Critical to Take These Classes (According to Reddit Users) 

Redditors usually recommend something based on their experience, so it is smart to consider their advice. Let’s see in detail why Reddit users advise these particular college courses for every student. 

Personal Finance. It is assumed that you will pay taxes if you intend to earn money. You will have an easier time adjusting to adult life if you are financially independent, can handle debt, and can file taxes. 

Design or Art. Maybe you aren’t the most creative person. Still, it shouldn’t stop you from developing an appreciation and comprehension of the arts. Quite the opposite, it should encourage you to unleash your creativity. College is a time for discovery, and no one has a one-dimensional set of skills. 

Speech or Communication Skills. Whether speaking to a one-person audience or a hundred, mastering the art of straightforward expression is vital. The public speaking classes will teach you how to present your ideas confidently while also paying attention to your audience. 

Career Preparation. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine your future career path, so it would be wise to pick the class that prepares you for one of the most crucial choices in life. 

Writing or Journalism. Superb writing abilities are important to your success in any career path. You can use advanced writing skills to better communicate with potential employers and, once hired, with your supervisor and coworkers. 

History. The events of the past have a profound impact on the present and the future, and gaining insight into these pivotal moments can fuel groundbreaking research. While covering history in a single class would be impossible, picking a subject that piques your interest is an excellent first step. 

Statistics. Statistics appear to be the driving force behind many of our monetary and commercial decisions. To make decisions based on statistics, one must have a fundamental understanding of how they are calculated. 

Vital Skills You Should Probably Develop in College 

When discussing essential college classes, you inevitably touch on a related discussion: the valuable life skills anyone should develop in college. It’s an obvious fact that college teaches students hard skills for their professions, but many forget about soft skills. You need advanced hard skills to be successful in your profession, but soft skills like communication or leadership can be no less important. 

So, what skills do redditors prioritize when advising new classes? 

  • Teamwork. Collaboration is a crucial ability for numerous professions. Everyone in a team can concentrate on what they do best, boosting productivity and innovation.
  • Critical Thinking. Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are skills that can help you to overcome many various challenges and bring your professional performance to the next level. 
  • Time Management. Time management is the key to finishing projects on schedule and under budget. Time is a resource that you may view as something to be managed. 
  • Creativity. Creative thinking is an asset in any career path since it is fundamental to solving problems. Collaborating with classmates on projects, asking insightful questions, and finding solutions to challenges is an excellent way to hone your creative abilities in college.

The Bottom Line 

Planning your next year’s curriculum in advance is wise because these classes will take much of your time anyway. It is much better to pick the most beneficial courses that will not waste your time but will help you in obtaining valuable top skills. You should also remember the importance of soft skills: your expertise may benefit from critical thinking or teamwork no less than from intricate professional knowledge.

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