25 Words that Will Revive Your Writing (Part 1)

By Nicholas Klacsanzky

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to tell you about beautiful words; these words can instantly improve your writing when used, increase its persuasive capability, artistic value, and make almost any piece of writing vivid and distinctive. However, thousands of beginning writers prefer, unfortunately, to use their bleached out, weaker synonyms.

Ironically, all of these words are not a secret—everyone knows them!

So, I’m going on a quest to fix this injustice, and therefore will introduce you to the first portion of super words you should include in your writing vocabulary as quickly as possible. The pairs below are power words, and their weaker synonyms (in parentheses).

  1. Encompass (surround)
  2. Assault (attack)
  3. Backlash (gap)
  4. Savage (wild)
  5. Cascade (steep waterfall)
  6. Radiant (shining, glowing)
  7. Annihilate (destroy)
  8. Nebulous (unclear)
  9. Plethora (abundance)
  10. Myriad (numerous; large number)
  11. Staggering (shocking)
  12. Jaw-dropping (shocking)
  13. Bold (brave)
  14. Rancid (bad)
  15. Slaughter (cruel murder)
  16. Tranquility (calmness)
  17. Vanquish (win)
  18. Lascivious (lewd)
  19. Foul (dirty)
  20. Skyrocket (boost up)
  21. Frenzy (madness)
  22. Sublime (exalted)
  23. Repulsive (disgusting)
  24. Visceral (crude)
  25. Grotesque (distorted)

That’s part one. Stay updated for more words of power!


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