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A writer’s style is always changing. Even if you don’t try to change your writing style, it will change. This is due to you being influenced by various factors: what you read, what you experience on a day-to-day basis, and your natural incorporation of these elements into your writing. You can choose to be proactive about changing your writing style as well. Forcing yourself to change too often is not healthy, though. Also, keeping to a rigid style without compromise is also unhealthy.

Balance is the key in choosing writing styles. You have to know when a certain style will fit the genre and topic you have chosen best. A writer has to be flexible; otherwise, writing can come across as unnatural or awkward. Don’t be afraid to experiment or push yourself in a different direction in terms of style. Sometimes, a certain composition will almost call for a certain style to be adopted. Say I have to write a memorial article about a dear friend of mine—I will not use the same tone, word usage, and phrasing I would use for a newspaper article about Donald Trump’s potential presidency. You have to understand what style is demanded of you for what you are writing.

This doesn’t mean changing your individual voice entirely, but it means adapting enough so that you are not getting in the way of the reader (or possibly your editor). In addition, you will rarely get writer’s block or get stuck in your writing, as you will be continually inspired by differing projects and the required style you need to adopt for those projects. If you keep writing as a challenge, you will never get stuck as you would by strictly keeping to a particular style.

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