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Hi everyone!

You know what is great about being a writer in the 21st century? The Internet! Perhaps you thought something like, “Wow, true, I can plagiarize anything—thank you AcademicHelp!” but in fact, I meant something else. The Internet provides us with a limitless number of resources that can make our craft a little bit easier to deal with, save time, and help us generate ideas faster. Have you ever been stuck trying to invent a name for your main character? Ever looked for the advice of more experienced authors? How about small tips and tricks that can help you make your writing more vivid? Well, here is a short list of resources that can help you. Enjoy!

  1. Behind The Name
    This is a true treasure for me. I am the kind of person for whom the most difficult part of playing any video game is choosing a character’s name; the same works for writing: I cannot invent a good name for a character on my own. For such disabled people, there is this website; you just need to adjust some background info (like gender, the region, and nationality of your character), and the generator will do the rest. Comfy!
  2. WritersNet
    A community you’ve always dreamed about! Writers of any genre and popularity gather here to exchange ideas, criticize each other’s works (not belittling, but expressing constructive opinions), and communicate. It’s like a hub.
  3. Evernote
    I can’t stop including it everywhere in lists—it’s really useful. Evernote is available online, as a desktop program, and as a mobile application. It’s main purpose is taking notes; organizing, navigating, and editing your notes with this program is quick and easy, and synchronization between multiple devices allows you to keep notes at your fingertips wherever you are. The free version already includes all the necessary functions!
  4. OWL
    This website is like your online teacher of everything related to grammar, formatting, citing sources, and writing in general. Detailed and meticulous guides, an extensive database, and illustrative examples make this website number one among other similar resources.
  5. Internet Public Library
    A writer must be able to write about anything; respectively, writers need a base of resources where they can look up necessary info about anything, be it baby nutrition or nuclear physics. The Internet Public Library was designed for this purpose exactly.
  6. OmniOutliner
    This one will help you plan and craft your outline easily. It’s a paid service, but the use you get from it is worth the money.
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