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A*Help Score: 54/100
🔥 published April 4, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

Scribbr provides a more targeted proofreading and editing services primarily for academic and ESL documents. Still, they mostly provide grammar, spelling, and punctuation corrections and that’s all, so far from the best content editing service. Therefore, it certainly lacks structural, tone, clarity, citation, and formatting edits. Despite these limitations, Scribbr offers a bunch of extra features, such as plagiarism check, and AI-powered tools like clarity checks and citation editing. For those specifically seeking basic proofreading or dealing with ESL documents, Scribbr could be a service worth considering, although its overall effectiveness and value might be limited by the scope of its offerings.

The Good
  • Proofreading for different English dialects
  • Plagiarism checking and AI-powered proofreading options
  • Supports academic and ESL documents
The Bad
  • Limited range of editing services
  • Tough registration process
Photo of the "Proofreading-Editing" page at Scribbr
Checking out Scribbr’s editing service options (click to see a large image)

Scribbr: Editing Quality – 23/50 ⭐️⭐️

So, Scribbr finished checking our work in 2 days. That’s good. But Their “editing” only apparently includes grammar, punctuation, and spelling correction. They did improve the formatting (only the paragraphs and first page to be precise), but the conversation we had with them about working with references was just ridiculous. They did want us to buy reference editing saparetly but then didn’t want to correctly format those refrences in APA and said we had to sent them references already formatted in APA… Huh?? Anyways, they did work on our paper and gave a few valuable suggestions, but overally, for the price we paid – we don’t think it was worth it.

Grammar & spelling Grammar corrected
Structure Corrected citations
Tone of voice Corrected formatting ⚠️
Citation editing Corrected structure
Formatting editing Fact checking ⚠️
AI & plagchecking Plagcheck Paper improved Not much

Scribbr: Value for Money – 17/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scribbr offers to profread and edit all the diffrent types of documets, but mostly focuses on research papers and college assignments (like thesises, essays, etc.). It can also work with a couple of languages besides English such as Spanish, German, and French. There’s not a whole lot of orther types of assistance but you can separately find clarity check, citation and formatting editing on the platform as well. There’s an AI proofreader on the website too. Checking your work may be a bit pricey here though, as we paid for our 1000-word work $60. Thus, Scribbr is not that of a budget-frienly option.

Wide choice of papers
Pay by word model
Free features

Scribbr: Overall Experience – 14/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scribbr’s platform is easy to navigate and work with. However, the process of creating a profile is tedious (why did we have to answer all those quastioneer questions anyways?). Luckily, there’s a working support system which you can refre to (including a live chat) if you face any problems. However, if your problem is not being able to speak to the editor, than you can’t really do anything with it. Because we also couldn’t get a hold of our dedicated professional at all. So we guess that’s just how it woks on Scribbr.

Screenshot of the customer support chat at
Customer support at Scribbr (click to see a large image)
User experience
Direct interaction with editors


In thend, we would call Scribbr to be more of a niche option for academic and ESL proofreading needs, distinguished by its plagiarism checking and language-specific services. And yes, it excels in certain (more basics) areas. However, the limited scope of its editing capabilities, particularly in structure, tone, and formatting, along with a exhausting registration process and payment issues, make it less appealing for a broader audience seeking thorough editing solutions.


Scribbr Editing Reviews

We at A*Help always go on discussion platforms like Sitejabber,, Trustpilot, and Reddit, just to find out what other customers have to say about our reviewed service. We did the same research for the Scribbr Editing solution and presented our findings in the review above.

Is Scribbr Editing a Scam?

No, Scribbr is a not a scam. This service provides academic writing editing, with additional features like plagiarism checks and AI-powered tools. We checked it out and can confirm it is true.

Is Scribbr Editing Legit?

Yes, Scribbr is a legitimate editing service, offering specialized proofreading for academic documents and ESL learners, backed by useful features like plagiarism checking, citation generation, and other.

Is Scribbr Editing Safe?

After using this service, we can confirm that Scribbr provides a safe platform for editing services, with secure transactions (that not always work though) and privacy measures in place to protect client documents and information.

Is Scribbr Editing Trustworthy?

While Scribbr offers targeted editing services and has unique features like AI-powered tools, its limited range in editing scope might affect its perceived trustworthiness for those seeking more thorough edits.

Is Scribbr Editing a Good Service?

Let’s see. Scribbr provides overpriced editing services that mostly only include grammar and spelling checks and asks to pay extra for any other type of proofreading. And even if you pay for citation editing, they won’t do it unless they are already in the required format. Based on this we wouldn’t call Scribbr a good editing solution.

Scribbr Editing Specs

> Papers and documents available for editing 
Academic (dissertations, thesis, essays, etc)
Books, articles
Business documents
Personal (CV, portfolios)
(editing for individuals with dyslexia, eg., ESL)

ESL+German, French, Spanish proofreading
> Type of service 
Human proofreading
AI-powered proofreeding
> Extra Features 
Scientififc support
Publication support
AI-powered solutions
Other (what are they)
Clarity check
citation editing
paper formatting
sctructure check
> Deadlines 
Minimum Deadline12 hours
Maximum Deadline7 days
> Pricing & Limits 
Word count-based subscription/pricing✅ 
Montly-based subscription
Discounts, coupons, sales⚠️
15% off on plagcheck via your order
coupons available
> Free offers 
Free sample editing⚠️
only for works longer than 20k words
Trying AI proofreader for free
Other option
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, other accounts to register)⚠️
Needed, complex
an unskeppable questionnaire about your country, school, field of study, etc.
Can see details about different editing options
On-site chat ✅
FAQ section
Blog/case studies ✅
> Working with editors 
Can choose editors or their levels (levels of service)
Editors’ profile to read
Can communicate with editor
> Editing Process 
Helpful & clear feedback, comments
The comments were helpful, yet the overall work didn’t change much after them
When was the work returned?in 2 days

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