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CustomWritings Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 86.75/100
🔥 Updated January 2023

Curated by Nayeli Ellen

In the world of academic writing, you can find very few companies that have been such long-term players as CustomWritings. The company has served as a tried-and-true writing assistance destination for customers since 2005.

CustomWritings Review: Verified Mystery Shopping

Updated in 2023

For the sake of putting CustomWritings through a real-life customer testing, we paid for two orders with relatively easy tasks. The first paper we ordered was a college-level personal narrative with a 6-hour deadline. The second one was a memo to the CEO, and we asked it to be done in 7 days. For a complete shopping experience, we always request revisions and refunds whenever these options are available to simulate all possible purchasing cases.

We work with Sybil Low, associate professor and invited lecturer at one of the New York universities, who offers professional grading of essays written by online platforms that we review. Mrs. Low agreed to share her thoughts about composing successful academic papers:

A compelling personal essay should communicate with a reader. The story has to convey a message: to teach, illustrate, captivate, or even frighten! Something must keep me, as a reader, on the edge of my seat. It can be anything that makes me wonder, that makes me curious about what happens in the end! That’s what I’m looking for in an exemplary narrative student’s essay.

We tend to believe that CustomWritings is the high-water mark of quality essay writing, and it has received the highest A*HELP score in our rating.

And now, we can go right into the specific details which made CustomWritings our top pick of the websites that will write essays for you.

SpeedPaper Review

Reviewing the value of CustomWritings. Value for money – 22/25

CustomWritings scores high on the value for money front it delivers to customers, but it has a medium+ price to match. First things first, the average price of the order ($81) is slightly higher than the market mean price. We can praise CustomWritings for consistent pricing with both of our orders being closely priced – $78 (personal narrative) and $84 (business memo) respectively.

Our orders at CustomWritings.com
Our orders at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

While the company’s help is a bit pricey, it offers many freebies and benefits that serve as sweeteners and add additional value to customers. The website offers deadlines for orders as short as 4 hours and as long as 14 days. Good enough terms if you are looking for quick essay help. Still, even with these specificities in mind, our orders were completed ahead of schedule. The narrative essay was delivered 2 hours ahead, and memo – 1 day before the due date. It gave us plenty of time to revise them: it’s good to have time for revisions to get the paper you want and not receive it at the last minute. 

Order page at CustomWritings.com
Order page at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

The minimum price per page is $10, which is higher than most companies. Still, you don’t have to pay for formatting and the number of sources your writer will provide, and you get the title and references page at no expense as well. If you want to get a revision, though, you have only 7 days before you have to pay for further editions. 

You can leave a tip at CustomWritings.com
You can leave a tip at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

As for the writer’s selection, CustomWritings offers working with Best Available option, but you’ll have to spend an extra buck for such categories as Advanced writer, Top-10, and Native speaker.

The company doesn’t offer competitive discounts, though. You can get a coupon for one free page and a $10 discount if you invite a friend, but the service doesn’t have any loyalty programs.

  • Deadline and terms – 3/3
  • Free services – 7/7
  • Additional services – 7/7
  • Paper price – 3/4
  • Discounts and loyalty programs – 3/4

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up to 10% discount

SpeedPaper Review

Our user experience with CustomWritings. Overall experience – 23/25

Dealing with CustomWritings has been a real delight, and besides missing several payment options, it’s pretty comfortable to navigate through.

The company offers best-in-class customer support tailoring their communication to the needs of the most demanding customers. 

Order page at CustomWritings.com
Order page at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

During our communication with the customer support team, we found ourselves quite satisfied with their ability to provide responses to all questions. We even managed to get one extra discount while interacting with the support professional, so keep in mind this option if you’re interested to get a bargain price for your orders.

Feedback form at CustomWritings.com
Feedback form at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

It is to be noted that the writer also showed attention to detail when completing our task. In the narrative assignment, we didn’t provide any personal data when filling out the order form for the purity of the experiment. However, our writer contacted us and asked for additional information about our likes and dislikes to be included in the essay and give it a more personal touch.

The payment and registration process on the site are secure. Furthermore, if you don’t want to provide your phone number to register, it isn’t necessary. 

Despite all its advantages, CustomWritings offers neither Google Pay nor PayPal. It is not a winning situation since these payment methods are quite popular and convenient. 

We believe that providing more payment options will broaden their customer base and benefit overall user experience.

To summarize, CustomWritings offers an impressive experience when providing support or building personal connection with customers and going the extra mile to satisfy their needs. Additional payment systems can finalize its strong position in our rating of reliable essay writing services. 

  • Support – 7/7
  • Security & Privacy – 4/4
  • Payment Methods –  5/7
  • Communication with the writer – 7/7
SpeedPaper Review

Can CustomWritings be relied on? Paper Quality – 41.75/50

CustomWritings is among the top scorers in our paper quality rating even despite several minor issues.

We sent both texts for evaluation to US professors and they graded them according to standards applied by major colleges and universities. The papers by CustomWritings scored 92.6 and 74.4 out of 100 pts, respectively. Both papers beat the grading limit by a large margin. 

Professor Low reviewed the papers written by Custom Writings, and we asked for her feedback on one of them:

The student chose an abstract concept for his narrative essay. Gratitude is a feeling, and speaking vividly about intangible things requires courage and maybe even talent, for lack of a better word. Despite the challenge, the writer does his job brilliantly. As the story progresses, we are led through the deeply personal feelings of the student, perhaps even to some poignant conclusions, when he tells us how his friend Martin suddenly becomes a better math student. The hero eventually realizes, however, that competition rarely leads to gratitude. But friendship always does. Wonderful essay!

Their personal narrative essay triumphed in our quality charts by setting an absolute record score for a single paper (92.6/100 pts). Everything from style to formatting was excellent. Customers should rightfully expect diligently-prepared assignments when dealing with CustomWritings, as their writers set quality bars high for other providers to follow suit.

We asked for revisions at CustomWritings.com
We asked for revisions at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

The memo to the CEO although failed a bit behind with a modest score of 74.4 pts, beating the grading threshold of 60 pts, but lacking in terms of polishing, punctuation, and word choice. However, the text was suitable for the level and topic. 

You can get a lot of revisions if you feel that your paper doesn’t meet the initial requirements, and all of them are free for 7 days. Additional edits and adjustments can come at extra cost, so take this into account.

Preview of our order at CustomWritings.com
Preview of our order at CustomWritings.com (click to see a large picture)

As mentioned above, we see that there are compelling reasons for choosing this service in terms of paper quality, but make sure to check writers’ ratings to be confident in your decision.

Here is a detailed breakdown of paper scores:

Paper 1. SCORE: 92.6 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: body header. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (99%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 97%, grammar 100%, punctuation 97%, word choice 88%). {Formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 89% (efficiency 64%, acuity 95%, clarity 100%, objectivity 98%).

Paper 2, SCORE: 74.4 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; section headers; font control; page breaks. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 79% (spelling 95%, grammar 90%, punctuation 71%, word choice 60%). {Formatting:} 81%. Reference formatting: main problem area—source detail (issue no., page range, volume); error types—element missing, element misformatted, element misidentified. In-text cite grade: quite deficient (some in-text cites misabbreviated, mispunctuated). {Reasoning, logic:} 78% (efficiency 51%, acuity 68%, clarity 95%, objectivity 100%).

Average paper score: 83.5

Parameter Paper 1. Personal Essay (2 pages) Paper 2. Business Memo (4 pages)
Paper score 92.6/100 74.4/100
Paper price $78 $84
Completion time 4 hours 5 days

The final word on CustomWritings Review

All things considered, CustomWritings is a good bet for a plethora of paper writing needs because it can complete orders fast, reliably, and with attention to detail. The site offers adequate prices for high-quality papers. It showed outstanding communication and consideration of instructions. Aside from missing PayPal and Google pay options and stingy discount policy, this provider excelled almost in all categories of our review ensuring smooth user experience and providing solid writing results.


  • High-quality papers
  • Customer-oriented communication
  • Lots of additional services


  • No loyalty program
  • Missing popular payment options

Service logo
up to 10% discount

Negativity rank – 33%

We believe that negative feedback provides a unique insight into the most common problems of essay writing services and contributes to a deeper level of customer awareness of the service. 

In our research, it takes a great deal of time and effort to distinguish between real and fake reviews to get to the bottom of the problem. We conduct careful evaluations and put all the comments through a rigorous standardized assessment program. This analysis includes severity and plausibility ratio, and we hope that they can come into play for companies searching to improve their rating and customer satisfaction level.

We used the complaints to produce CustomWritings’ negativity rank. The company’s negativity rank is 33%. It shows that, despite the challenges present, customer service level remains high and aims at solving clients’ problems. We noticed that most frequent user complaints were about paper quality issues and writers not following provided instructions. 

CustomWritings Specs

Minimum deadline 4 hours
Maximum deadline 14 days
Min price per page $10
Standard Page 250 words
AVERAGE paper price (acc. to our mystery shopping) $81
Free services:  
– Revisions for 7 days  
– Formatting and citation adaptation  
– Number of sources used  
– Title page  
– Reference page  
Additional services:  
– Charts 50% of page price per chart
– Slides 50% of page price per slide
– Complex disciplines +20% on some disciplines
– Smart paper +20%
– Copy of sources +$14.95
– Samples of writer’s works +$5
– Progressive delivery +10%
– Platinum service  
Payment Methods  
– Paypal No
– Google pay No
– Apple pay Yes
– Visa Yes
– Mastercard Yes
– American Express Yes
– Discover Yes
– Crypto No
Loyalty Program No
Referral Program If you invite a friend, both get $10
Security & Privacy  
Need a phone number to register No
Need an email to register Yes
Security payment SSL Yes


CustomWritings reviews

We have monitored Reddit, Sitejabber, and other platforms to collect negative reviews for our examination. Check out our negativity rank to dive into this topic.

Is CustomWritings a Scam?

We have thoroughly analyzed the service through mystery shopping and received two great papers. It is our firm belief that this company is not a scam and is a great go-to option for excellent academic assistance.

Is CustomWritings Legit?

CustomWritings is an entirely legit service with years of experience in the field. The high rating of the website and the number of completed orders indicate its legitimacy, and we recommend it as an outstanding choice for students looking to find the best essay writing service.

Is CustomWritings Safe?

The company openly and clearly defines its policies on security and privacy protection. Moreover, CustomWritings does not require its customers to provide phone information to register even though an email address is a must for user registration. The website utilizes secure payment gateways.

Is CustomWritings Trustworthy?

When we placed two orders on the company’s website, we had them delivered to us ahead of the deadline and with adherence to our instructions. All information about the orders can be found in this review. Consequently, we view CustomWritings as a trustworthy website.

Is CustomWritings a Good Service?

CustomWritings tops our list of the best academic writing services, and we are more than content with their quality of work. We gave this provider 86.75 out of 100 according to the A*HELP score, which allows us to conclude that CustomWritings is an excellent company. If you want to escape the routine of academic chores, it is definitely worth your attention.

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