Custom Writings Review: Is it Legit and Reliable or a Scam?

Every student experiences that moment when nothing seems to work. Call it writer’s block or mental block, whichever suits your situation, but we all know you need that reliable helper to save the day when you don’t have the strength or time to write an excellent essay. Students often search for the cheapest available alternatives or rely on referrals, often landing on unreliable entities that provide shoddy work. Unscrupulous companies and scam groups acting as experienced academic writers will more often than not give you an adrenaline rush as you struggle to meet your professor’s strict instructions. They will promise maximum quality at throwaway prices and bullet speed to meet tight deadlines. But as always, cheap can be very expensive.

customwritings reviews

Here is what to look for in a reliable and professional essay writing service

  1. Writer selection process

The quality of the writer will always determine your success. A good essay writing service will have an open-door policy on writer selection. There are two stages of writer selection; The company’s hiring process and the client’s writer options. Ensure you understand how the company selects its team and who works on your paper. Does the company allow you to choose your preferred writer, and are there different categories of writers? You must always retain control over who works on your essay.

  1. Safety and security

Professional essay writing companies will always protect your identity and finances by guaranteeing the safety and security of your information. Carefully assess the provider’s payment methods and the type of details needed to place an order. Evaluate your safety when using the site to protect yourself from legal, financial, and cyber risks. Ensure the site is safe enough to hold your credit card details.

  1. Money-back guarantee

The service should guarantee the document’s quality through a straightforward recovery method. If a company trusts in the quality of its writers, it will allow you to request a refund whenever your instructions are unmet. A money-back guarantee illustrates confidence in final delivery.

  1. Revision policy

A good essay writing service will always allow you to review and amend the final document to your liking. If the writer missed a few details, you should get the chance to improve the paper to your desired level.

  1. Support and accessibility

Customer service is a brilliant method for assessing professionalism and delivery capacity. A professional company is always willing to listen to the customer and address their concerns. A good paper writing service welcomes criticism and communicates effectively to its clients. I can only work with a company that addresses issues as fast as it accepts my order.

Note: I have worked with several essay writing services, but only a couple have met these considerations. This article reviews, one of the two sites I consider brilliant in this industry. reviews

I learned about CustomWritings from a Reddit student community. An international student was asking for reviews from members about the site, and I was so impressed by the responses that I decided to try them and placed an order the next day. My experience with the support was incredible. But before we get there, let’s talk about what impressed me most about their system.


Their prices are relatively fair compared to major players in the market. Unlike most essay writing services, displays its prices for the customer to evaluate. The website has an interactive space for you to estimate the total cost of your paper before you even register. They are so confident about the quality that they are not shy to show their pricing system.


Writer selection

The site explains the company’s hiring process and the strictness and rigidity used to ensure that only the best writers are hired. From English tests to interviews, Custom Writings assesses the skills, not the papers. They will not just take those with the highest academic credentials but go a step further to test the applicants’ abilities. The company then allows you to choose between three groups of writers, and if you find one you like, you can select the same writer to complete your future orders.

Revisions and money-back guarantee

The level of confidence also extends to the actual service. Custom Writings gives you access to unlimited revisions within 14 days of order completion. If the order still fails to meet your expectations, you can request a different writer to complete it. You can also recover the full value of the order through the money-back guarantee. The company will refund your money if the writer fails to meet the instructions.

Customwritings: Review of the service

As if the system is not good enough, the quality of the final document is always guaranteed. Although I have only worked with the writer I got when I first applied, the acquisition wasn’t by luck. My first paper was brilliant despite the few structural changes I made by asking for a revision. After scoring an A, I always request the same writer, and I haven’t had any significant challenges. I get to communicate directly with the writer on the site like my own personal assistant. They ask me questions and clarifications as I get to track the progress throughout.

custom writing review

Besides the writers, the support is on another level. They are always quick to respond to any questions rapidly and offer alternative communication channels. They will even call you to clear any ambiguities or seek clarifications. The support team maintains a high level of professionalism even when you are asking for a refund or revision. is by far the best trustable essay writing service I have used. No wonder they have a 4.5-star rating on Site Jaber. Apart from a few negative reviews, most of their customers are satisfied with their work. I give them a 9.5/10 rating for the quality of the final document and the support team’s effectiveness. These are the factors that inspired this Custom Writings review.

CustomWritings Platinum: one step ahead of the game

Since my experience with CustomWritings has been positive, I’m excited for the Platinum version. The main benefit of is that you get a chance to fulfill any requests at maximum speed after selecting your preferred package. After studying this new feature, I can name three reasons why I want to try it.

CustomWritings Platinum
  1. Unlimited revisions for unlimited time. With Platinum, you don’t have to count days after receiving the paper because revision is only available for 2 weeks. Instead, you can request an edit at any time, which will definitely make me feel a lot more secure.
  2. Your personal manager is available 24/7. The standard-package customer support is nice and pretty fast. Still, it would be way better to have someone who is there for me all the time, not just on workdays. This is important for all customers, not just the ones who order for the first time.
  3. Top writers and additional quality checks. You have to pay extra for an advanced writer as an ordinary user, but Platinum just gives you the best experts available! On top of that, every paper gets checked by a quality-assurance specialist, so my materials will surely be great.

Tips for getting high-quality essays from professional paper writing services

  • Ensure you provide clear and complete instructions for your essay
  • Communicate with your writer and offer clarification where necessary
  • Track the progress of your paper and ask for a preview if possible
  • Never approve a paper without reviewing it first. Even a good employee makes a few mistakes
  • Let the writer revise the paper as much as possible
  • Never go for cheap and speedy sites: If you are on a budget, take advantage of the discount and low prices that come with longer deadlines on most sites. Some sites also will give you a coupon that will lower the cost of your next order.
  • Seek assistance early to allow the writer adequate time to complete your paper

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is Custom Writing legit?

is custom writing legit

Custom Writings is a reliable customer-focused professional paper writing service with a verifiable address and accessible support. The company has real humans on call to address your concerns and respond to your queries.


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