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Being an efficient academic writing assistance for students worldwide since 2007, MyAssignmentHelp has gained its reputation as a popular destination for many consumers. How well can it perform its services? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Let’s find out.

Analyzing MyAssignmentHelp with mystery shopping

Date: August-September 2022

For the purposes of our research, our experts performed mystery shopping by placing two orders on MyAssignmentHelp’s website. Then, we sent these orders to a US-based professor who rated the texts according to the standards of the major colleges and universities. We should note that, according to such an approach, the mark below 60/100 pts is unsatisfactory. First, we ordered a 2-page personal narrative with a 6-hour deadline. Second, we gave the service 7 days to complete a four-page memo to CEO. We included revision requests and refund enquiries in our basic research scenario.

We placed two orders at
We placed two orders at (click to see a large picture)

After finishing our experiment, we can confidently say that MyAssignmentHelp is a platform worth its high-level position in the market of custom writing.

SpeedPaper Review

MyAssignmentHelp’s Value Proposition: Value for Money – 25/25

MyAssignmentHelp ticked every box in our checklist in the Value for money section, being one of the few services that reached a maximum score. We were delighted with the company’s ability to meet all of the A*HELP assessment criteria.

This service offers deadlines for almost all occasions, being among the platforms providing a 2-hour deadline, which is a rare option compared to most of its rivals. This dedication to deadlines was also evident in the writers’ pace of writing. MyAssignmentHelp wrote our personal narrative 3 hours ahead of the deadline. Moreover, our memo to CEO was completed 3 full days before the due date. It gave us plenty of time to request revisions. We asked our writers to make adjustments in both orders, which they did for free and significantly improved the papers. 

MyAssignmentHelp also covers all writer categories imaginable, catering to all academic levels from high school to Ph.D.

Unlike most services, MyAssignmentHelp has a different page division and pricing approach, which we found very confusing. A typical page for a company is 1000 words, contrasting with a common 250-275-word range. The minimum fee for such a page is $47.3. It turned out that paying for a smaller word count was possible, but we didn’t know that before placing the order. We paid $40 for each paper, and the company gave us 15% and 10% off our orders. Nevertheless, the pricing approach of the company is troubling to understand, to say the least.

We received a discount at
We received a discount at (click to see a large picture)

The website offers a large range of free and additional features that can significantly improve the learning process. For example, students can get a Turnitin report for 4$, which is a bargain price for industry-leading plagiarism detection technology. 

The extensive discount and loyalty program left us impressed with all the opportunities. Customers get one-time coupons after registration and cashback in the app. The loyalty program enables users to accumulate bonus points through social media subscriptions and placing orders. The referral program is also attractive: when a customer refers their friends to the website, they get a 10% lifetime commission on all their purchases.

To sum up, MyAssignmentHelp is among the most attractive services in terms of Value for money based on our A*HELP score.

  • Deadline & Terms -3/3
  • Free services – 7/7
  • Additional services -7/7
  • Average paper price -4/4 
  • Discounts and loyalty programs – 2/4
SpeedPaper Review

How customer-oriented is MyAssignmentHelp? Overall experience – 21/25

MyAssignmentHelp demonstrated an impressive result in our assessment of the Overall experience.

Customer support and communication of the company affect customer satisfaction. MyAssignmentHelp includes all types of contact channels starting from Facebook and Whatsapp and ending with an on-site manager presence. For those willing to further negotiate their prices, it can be useful to learn that we managed to get a discount while visiting the website and contacting the support team.

MyAssignmentHelp takes its security seriously. Users should provide their email and phone number to register. The payments are handled with the use of different payment gateways to guarantee a secure transaction. 

Our orders at
Our orders at (click to see a large picture)

Speaking of the payment methods, some additional options could have improved our experience. We were a bit disheartened by the absence of Apple Pay, which is often present on other platforms.

Chatting with support at
Chatting with support at (click to see a large picture)

Similarly, while communication with the writer was satisfactory, we felt that it wasn’t enough for us to feel entirely comfortable. If a writer asks for more information, it can distinguish a pre-written text from a customized text that highlights the narrator’s best features. In the future, we hope to see a more personalized treatment from MyAssignmentHelp.

In general, the website reached many heights in our Overall experience score, but adding more payment options and focusing on writer-customer communication would be a definite plus.

  • Support – 7/7
  • Security & Privacy – 4/4
  • Payment Methods –  5/7
  • Communication with the writer – 5/7
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Skill of Paper writing. Paper Quality – 34.88/50

We weren’t entirely satisfied with the results of our paper quality assessment because it left us wanting more. Typically, we place orders and send them to our US-based professor after all our revisions have been completed. MyAssignmentHelp’s grades for the two papers were as follows: 80.9/100 pts for a 2-page personal narrative and 58.6/100 pts for a 4-page memo. The second text didn’t get as good results as we’d hoped for.

Personal narrative got high marks across such criteria as formatting, length, and mechanics. However, it lacked text acuity and efficiency, which lowered its overall mark.

We asked for revisions at
We asked for revisions at (click to see a large picture)

Memo to CEO didn’t reach the desired 60 points, maintaining a perfect score only in the integrity section. When formatting the paper, the writer didn’t provide sufficient information about the sources they used, and the in-text citations were seriously off. While other factors were on a medium level, they weren’t as sufficient as necessary to increase the overall rating.

Submitted revision request at
Submitted revision request at (click to see a large picture)

To sum up, we can recommend MyAssignmentHelp for most types of essays, though users should provide more detailed instructions for more complex assignments and be ready to ask for revisions. 

To get a more detailed breakdown of both papers’ scores, you can study the information here:

Paper 1. SCORE: 80.9 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; line spacing; font control; margin control. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 83% (spelling 90%, grammar 91%, punctuation 98%, word choice 51%). {Formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 76% (efficiency 51%, acuity 59%, clarity 96%, objectivity 100%).

Paper 2. SCORE: 58.6 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is fair, with room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; page header; section headers; font control; margin control. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: Just a tiny bit short (97%)—quote a bit less or write a bit more. {Mechanics:} 76% (spelling 93%, grammar 75%, punctuation 83%, word choice 51%). {Formatting:} 50%. Reference formatting: main problem area—source detail (issue no., page range, volume, date); most frequent error types—element misformatted, element miscapitalized, element misabbreviated. Error in reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites misformatted, mispunctuated). {Reasoning, logic:} 72% (efficiency 51%, acuity 65%, clarity 74%, objectivity 100%).

Average paper score: 69.75

Concluding Remarks on MyAssignmentHelp

MyAssignmentHelp is a website with years of experience and numerous writers ready to complete customers’ assignments. Although its paper quality results didn’t meet the same efficiency as some of its competitors, the general A*HELP score proves its focus on the clients’ needs and ability to write simple papers inexpensively. As a result, we recommend it as a platform for struggling learners.

SpeedPaper Review


  • Affordable prices
  • Fast order completion
  • Great price-service ratio


  • Not suitable for complex assignments
  • Difficult-to-grasp pricing strategy

Negativity rank – 18.65%

Negative reviews can be very useful to pinpoint the weaknesses of the company and direct the users’ attention to such problems. We carefully pick the real customer feedback from the faux one, eliminating those written by competitors.

Our negativity rank approach contains the severity and plausibility ratio that we include in calculating our general negativity rate for every service. For MyAssignmentHelp, we found 20 negative reviews. AcademicHELP used all the criteria in the rank to create the average rating.

MyAssignmentHelp’s negativity rank is 18.65%. This level of negative feedback is relatively low, which means that even with the existing issues (mainly paper quality and communication with support), the company pays attention to clients’ complaints. Therefore, the company’s overall customer satisfaction is high.

MyAssignmentHelp Specs

Minimum deadline 2 hours
Maximum deadline 40 days
Min price per page $47.3
Standard Page 1000 words
AVERAGE paper price (acc. to our mystery shopping) $40
Free services:  
– Revisions  
– Formatting styles  
– Qty of used sources  
– Title page  
– Referencing tools  
– Personal A/C manager
– Paraphrasing Tool
– Essay Typer
– Grammar Checker
– Spelling Checker
– Calculating tools
– Summary Generator
– Alphabetizer tool
Additional services:  
– Turnitin report $4
– Prebook order receive 20% off your next assignment when prebooking it
– Courses
Payment Methods  
– Paypal No
– Google pay Yes
– Apple pay No
– Visa Yes
– Mastercard Yes
– Discover Yes
– Crypto No
Coupons Individual after registration. Cashback in app
Loyalty Program 500 loyalty points = 5 USD. You can get them after social media subscription and placing orders.
Referral Program Refer your new and old friends to our referral program and get 10% lifetime commission on all their orders.
Security & Privacy  
Need a phone number to register Yes
Need an email to register Yes
Security payment SSL Yes


MyAssignmentHelp Reviews

For an objective overview, we visit all dependable websites, including Trustpilot, Sitejabber,, and others. Please look at the Negativity rank section for more information.

Is MyAssignmentHelp a scam?

We ordered two papers from this company and received well-written assignments. We can firmly say that this service is not a scam and can be used as a steadfast writing helper.

Is MyAssignmentHelp legit?

Our team focuses only on the companies that have a proven record of orders and a solid reputation among customers. MyAssignmentHelp has a noticeable online presence that proves that it’s a company you can trust.

Is MyAssignmentHelp safe?

The website considers reliability as its top priority. Users are required to provide their email and phone numbers. You can also safely pay for the company’s help and browse through their website.

Is MyAssignmentHelp trustworthy?

With this website, we got two papers significantly ahead of time after paying for them. We were satisfied with the results and communication with the writer and support. It led us to believe that MyAssignmentHelp is pretty trustworthy.

Is MyAssignmentHelp a good service?

A*HELP gave MyAssignmentHelp a rating of 80.88/100. Our objective evaluation covered all the crucial aspects of this service. To conclude, this website is a good helping hand in academic writing.


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