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A*Help Score: 75.9/100
🔥 published March 7, 2023 - updated April 11, 2024

Yes, we know what you must be thinking about right now, and we are there with you sharing your guesses. When we first discovered this essay-writing company, a very graphic image immediately sprang to mind, and now we can’t get rid of picturing Bullwinkle, a legendary moose from the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” animated series. A few generations have enjoyed Rocky’s and Bulwinkle’s adventures and kids still flock to hug the giant furry character of the moose at amusement parks, just as their parents did years ago.

Not only did the company’s name trigger a sense of nostalgia for the well-known animated animal character. Our overall encounter with the service resembled the exhilarating experience of riding a roller coaster at an amusement park, with numerous highs and lows that we flew through during our mystery shopping excursion with this company. See How We Test Essay Writing Services for more details about our testing approach. So, welcome to A*Help World, and stay with us while we review the academic writing platform StudyMoose.

Quick Overview

StudyMoose is an essay company characterized by fluctuating prices and varying quality of completed papers. Despite average ratings in most evaluation criteria, the service should find its fair share of devoted clients.

The Good
  • Effective customer service
  • Quick work and paper delivery
The Bad
  • Limited payment methods
  • Inadequate communication with writers
  • Certain papers may be overpriced
A*Help's Choice Our verdict AHelp score 🔥 Updated April 2024
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Best quality papers 86.75/100 Visit website
Service icon
Best value for money 85.5/100 Visit website
Service icon
Best customer support 81.95/100 Visit website
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Best contact with writers 80.8/100 Visit website
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Best overall experience 77.1/100 Visit website
An infographic with a short StudyMoose review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 75.9/100

Experience review: StudyMoose Mystery Shopping

When a family from somewhere in rural Montana goes down south on a road trip to Walt Disney World Resort for the first time, it’s always a great adventure and a journey of discovery. Children are on the edge of their seats, waiting for wild fun. Parents, on the other hand, may have concerns about issues such as safety, accessibility, cost of admission, and crowd control. Feelings vary, but expectations of a great weekend are the same. 

When we start mystery shopping, we all share similar emotions, hoping to have a great experience while assuming potential risks associated with online services. And we understand that students feel the same when googling queries like “is Trust My Paper legit?” “or is Academized not a fraud?” To fully understand what the website offers to its customers, we place two orders: one for an urgent 2-page essay due in 6 hours and another for a 4-page business memo with a 7-day deadline. By requesting these papers, we evaluate the value for money and overall experience of the websites. However, the vital aspect of any essay service is the quality of writing. So we take our investigation a step further by having a college professor from the US grade the received tasks according to accepted standards, where the lowest satisfactory grade is 60/100.

Here is our testing and research scenario:

✍ Paper⭐ Personal Essay (2 pages)💼 Business Memo (4 pages)
🎓 Academic levelUndergrad. (yrs. 1-2)Undergrad. (yrs. 3-4)
✅ Paper formatMLAChicago / Turabian
⏰ Deadline6 hours7 days
👉 Paper instructionsFor this assignment, you will be writing a personal narrative–a story–illustrating an event or experience exemplifying gratitude. In other words, share a colorful story about an experience or event for which–either during or after the event– you feel or felt thankful. An example might be writing about your experience as a senior in high school and the teacher who helped you to achieve your goal of graduating and attending college. Another example might be writing a story about your experience growing up in a rural community, acknowledging that it was this small, but mighty, community that made you who you are today, and for this, you are thankful. This assignment should be at least 550 words. Underline your descriptive thesis statement or the point of your story. No outside/secondary sources are needed. See Appendix C – Formatting and Submitting Your Work See Formatting your Essay: MLA 8th EditionYou are the Government Relations Director at a Canadian business. You have been asked to write a memo to your CEO about COVID-related government impacts on your business, comparing two provinces in which you operate. Your assignment is to write & submit this memo Your Task:
1. Choose a specific business you work in (Air Canada, Loblaws, 3M Canada, etc).
2. Choose two provinces to compare for your memo.
3. Research both provinces – what restrictions were in place in both provinces that affect your business? What supports are in place?
4. Write a memo in three parts: (1) how COVID is impacting our business, (2) a comparison of two provinces, (3)reflections on Canadian federalism and any recommendations for the CEO on how to work with governments to lead your business through the crisis

Looking for more essay topics and ideas for inspiration? Check our Best essay writing topics digest. The most popular categories for custom writing assignments according to the weekly market data released by A*Help.

We asked professor Low about the most frequently occurring mistakes in academic writing.

Well, they may vary depending on the type of assignment. For instance, what constitutes a mistake in a creative essay may not apply to a technical paper. Amy L. Eva, an expert in the field of education and psychology, focuses attention on this specific matter. In her article “Why We Should Embrace Mistakes in School” she clearly states that embracing mistakes equals embracing learning opportunities, particulalrly from the create overview. Oddly enough, but with professional approach, makeing mistakes and discussing the root of the problem helps develop mindset, resilience, creativity, and critical thinking skills among students Nevertheless, certain errors are common across all forms of college writing, which can negatively impact the quality of work and lead to lower grades. These errors include spelling and grammar errors, weak organization, and a lack of clarity or coherence in writing, regardless of the type of paper.


It’s evident that Miss Low has an eagle eye for spotting various mistakes in students’ writing, and earning a good grade from her is not an easy feat. Let’s hope StudyMoose’s authors will be able to impress our demanding examiner. 

Paper Quality – 39.9/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

As we draw near to the final destination of our thrilling journey with StudyMoose, we can’t help but feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. Though the service has already presented us with many surprises and revealed some of its secrets, the true test of its worth is yet to come. And given our turbulent experience with StudyMoose so far, we aren’t even trying to imagine what the quality of our papers is going to be. 

Of course, StudyMoose stays true to its unpredictable style. We received two papers, both products of the same service, yet as different as night and day in terms of quality. It’s a paradoxical riddle that left us scratching our heads in wonder.

A screenshot of our papers at studymoose
Our papers at (click to see a large picture)

The $40 essay received a stunning 94.1/100, scoring perfect almost in every possible grading criterion. At the same time, the memo to the CEO for which we paid $104 hardly beat the minimum passing score (65.7/100%). Even though you can’t complain about its grammar (94%), spelling (84%), and word choice (88%), the document’s formatting is significantly deficient, which results in a significant drop of the document’s overall score.

We asked Sybil Low if a particular author could deliver the same quality of writing across various academic fields.

Different types of academic papers require different writing styles and structures, depending on the subject matter, intended audience, and purpose of the paper. For example, a research paper in the sciences may require a more formal and objective tone, while a personal essay may allow for a more casual and expressive style. Therefore, it can be challenging for a writer to maintain their writing style while adapting to the demands of various academic papers. It’s true, however, that an individual can acquire the ability to adjust their writing technique to the specific demands of various assignments through consistent practice and careful consideration of the instructions.

We understand that the quality of the papers a writing service delivers can be impacted by various factors, including writer expertise, customer requirements, time and effort put into writing the paper, quality control measures, and price. Nevertheless, such a huge contrast between a cheap and perfectly written essay and an expensive but very average memo remains a mystery. This only reinforces the enigmatic aura surrounding StudyMoose, which we can’t dispel despite our best efforts.

Paper 1: Score 94.1 |Comment:| Personal narrative. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: font control. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 100% (spelling 100%, grammar 100%, punctuation 100%, word choice 100%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 86% (efficiency 100%, acuity 85%, clarity 99%, objectivity 59%).

Paper 2: Score 65.7 |Comment:| Memo. Document formatting needs work. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing; reference indent; font control; page breaks; bullets or lists; margin control. |Observations:| Serious problems with footnote formatting. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 85% (spelling 84%, grammar 94%, punctuation 75%, word choice 88%). {Citation Formatting:} 50%. Reference formatting: main problem area—source detail (issue no., page range, volume, date); most frequent error types—attention to detail, element misformatted, element miscapitalized. Incorrect reference section header. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites misformatted, mispunctuated). {Reasoning, logic:} 87% (efficiency 86%, acuity 79%, clarity 83%, objectivity 100%).

Average paper score:  79.9

ParameterPaper 1. Personal Essay (2 pages)Paper 2. Business Memo (4 pages)
Paper score94.1/10065.7/100
Paper price$40$104
Completion time3h 37min8 hours

StudyMoose Value Review: Value for Money — 16/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

So here we are on the website trying to figure out if the company is worth the money we are about to shell out. When students have a lot to handle, they make sure to rely on the best paper writing services that home in on your academic requirements. One of the primary things on our minds is if they can handle meeting deadlines. Finishing an assignment early is a big deal – it means less pressure and more flexibility to manage unexpected events. In this respect, StudyMoose knows what it means to live a student’s life and how to mesh well with their schedule. They delivered the essay almost 2.5 hours and the memo 6 days before the deadline, giving us enough time to scrutinize them and ask for changes if needed.

After a promising beginning, the company’s selection of free services feels like a cold shower. Customers are only offered revisions and the ability to pick formatting styles, which is a pretty scanty selection, especially when compared to other similar platforms. Even their paid services list isn’t all that impressive, with options like progressive delivery ($8.99), a one-page abstract ($20.00), and VIP support ($12) – things that a seasoned student probably won’t be too wowed by.

As if trying to persuade us that there is little left to look for in the financial department, StudyMoose ultimately deprives its customers of any loyalty or discount programs. They do have some discount proposals, but they must be as sporadic as Shrek-related merchandise inventory at Disneyland. 

A screenshot of our orders at studymoose
Our orders at (click to see a large picture)

Finally, only one question is left to evaluate this provider’s value-for-money performance. The cost of our papers became another surge of optimism and a sharp fall of disappointment. We paid only $40 for the personal essay and an exorbitant $104 for the memo. Although it’s a little early to determine if these prices are justified based on the quality of the work, the significant difference in costs raises concerns about the platform’s pricing consistency.

Feeling slightly dizzy from our first ride with StudyMoose, we conclude the value-for-money review with a rating of 16 out of 25.

Deadline & Terms
Free services
Additional services
Average paper price

Our user experience with StudyMoose. Overall experience – 20/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A variety of attractions, a clean and well-maintained environment, safe and accessible facilities, and friendly assistants are the things that contribute to a great experience for a visitor of a theme park. The list of standards for the best essay writing website are in no way inferior. When you’re on the writing website for the first time, your confusion is very likely. A helpful support team must be right there by your side to respond to your questions. In this aspect, StudyMoose does its best to ensure its users are not disappointed. There are a few convenient ways to reach customer support. The representatives are quick to respond and remain available online for as long as necessary to secure a successful customer journey.

A screenshot of order form at studymoose
Order form at (click to see a large picture)

StudyMoose takes steps to guarantee that clients feel secure at every stage of their shopping flow. From simplifying the registration process to encrypting payments, people can rest assured that their privacy is a top priority. However, there are also some limitations that customers will inevitably face, such as the website’s sole acceptance of major credit card carriers for payments, which may cause inconvenience for those accustomed to the ease of popular payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, or GooglePay.

Also, our communication with the writers was a far cry from perfection. We felt like our concerns and questions were not fully addressed. This can be a significant issue, particularly if a client worries about their paper’s quality or needs clarification on a particular aspect of the assignment. With adequate communication, it can be easier for users to feel confident in work being done for them. This is another point that StudyMoose should pay attention to.  

Overall, the website does have some redeeming qualities when protecting clients’ interests and providing substantial customer assistance. However, there’s no denying that certain areas should use a bit of TLC (tender, loving, care). By creating the communication chemistry between clients and writers and broadening the range of payment options, the website could uplift its client experience and foster a sense of trust and loyalty among its users in the long haul. In the meantime, the provider receives 20 out of 25 possible points for overall experience. 

Security & Privacy
Payment Methods


Our journey with this service was indeed like riding a roller coaster. As with any other, this company has bright sides, but it also deserves criticism. StudyMoose is unpredictable, and you can only wonder what your personal experience will be. Yet one thing is certain – StudyMoose provides more than just academic papers. It also takes you for an eventful ride that evokes a wide range of emotions. 

Negativity rank — 42.8%

Buying anything online is a bit of a gamble – you never know if you come out on top or not. But with the A*Help crew, we’re here to guide you through the wild world of academic writing services and steer you toward a winning provider. When it comes to the StudyMoose review, we couldn’t leave you hanging without checking in on what other folks had to say about it. That’s why we scoured a number of different review sites, like Sitejabber, Trustpilot,, and even Reddit, to gather feedback from actual customers. We sifted through all the comments and opinions with a critical eye, looking for genuine and believable reviews. Once we had that, we analyzed the numbers and came up with a negativity rank for this service so you could get a bird’s eye view and make an informed decision.

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with several aspects of using StudyMoose, including poor communication with authors, low-quality or plagiarized essays, high prices, failure to comply with instructions, and missed deadlines. However, it should be noted that these issues may occur with many other services and may happen to anyone. Therefore, they should not be the sole reason for deciding against giving StudyMoose a chance.


StudyMoose Reviews

We provide reliable and precise evaluations of writing companies in our reviews. Our assessment involves verifying negative feedback about their services on various websites such as, Sitejabber, and others. We analyze user feedback, eliminate any possibly biased or dishonest statements, and present the resulting data as a negativity rank.

Is StudyMoose a Scam?

StudyMoose completed and sent us two ordered papers before the assigned deadlines. No undisclosed fees or hidden deductions were spotted. The service fulfilled its responsibilities. Therefore, we do not have reasons to believe they are fraudulent.

Is StudyMoose Legit?

Although we acknowledge that there may be fraudulent services online, A*Help does not engage with companies that cannot verify their legitimate status. Our professionals only evaluate and work with genuine essay providers, and StudyMoose is one of the verified companies we collaborate with.

Is StudyMoose Safe?

Based on our encounter with the organization, we can attest to the safety of its services and the procedures it employs to manage financial transactions for its clients. The website’s privacy policies are easily accessible and distinctly specified in the appropriate part of the site.

Is StudyMoose Trustworthy?

Following this extensive evaluation represented in this review, you can be confident that StudyMoose is a reliable and user-friendly online essay writing platform. The organization is dedicated to meeting its users’ expectations and fulfilling all of its commitments.

Is StudyMoose a Good Service?

After assessing the platform’s worthiness in terms of cost-effectiveness, overall user experience, and essay quality, the company attained a rating of 75.9/100. Our mystery shopping results revealed that StudyMoose maintains high standards of quality and is an excellent option for academic assignments.

StudyMoose Specs

Minimum deadline3 hours
Maximum deadline62 days
Min price per page$20
Standard Page275 words
AVERAGE paper price (acc. to our mystery shopping)$72
Free services: 
– Revisions 
– Formatting 
Additional services: 
– Progressive delivery$8.99
– 1-Page Abstract$20.00
– Clear Outline$12.00
– VIP Support$12.99
– Bundle offer (student sets the price)(student sets the price)
Payment Methods 
– PaypalNo
– Google payNo
– Apple payNo
– VisaYes
– MastercardYes
– American ExpressYes
– DiscoverYes
– CryptoNo
Loyalty ProgramNo
Referral ProgramNo
Security & Privacy 
Need a phone number to registerNo
Need an email to registerYes
Security payment SSLYes

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