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🔥 published November 24, 2023 - updated June 3, 2024

Quick Overview

Turnitin and Copyleaks are well-known names in the field of education, each serving distinct purposes. While many ponder “Is Turnitin legit?” due to its widespread use in academia, it is primarily recognized within academic circles. Copyleaks’ appeal, on the other hand, extends beyond students to include content creators and copywriters, among others. Both services are designed to verify the authenticity of work, but they cater to different settings.

TOP services Our verdict AHelp Score 🔥 Updated January 2024
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AHelp Plagcheck
Best plagiarism detector 86.5/100 Get free access
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Best experience 86/100 Read review
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Best features 85.1/100 Read review
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Originality AI
Best free trial value 79.1/100 Read review
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Best price 78.6/100 Read review
Liked about Copyleaks
  • Excellent selection of free features
  • Advanced option for cross-language search
  • Can analyze content in various sources
Liked about Turnitin
  • No word limitations
  • Satisfactory detection quality
  • Wide range of databases
An infographic with a short Copyleaks vs Turnitin comparison describing the ways these 2 services were tested and how the winner was picked

The main difference between Copyleaks vs Turnitin is a different approach to functioning as a plagiarism detection service. Indeed, both platforms offer similar features. While Copyleaks plagiarism checker sets its focus on accessibility and user-experience, Turnitin is more academically driven.

Our experts conducted a mystery shopping experiment to discover a tool that would meet education requirements and protect authenticity in writing. Today, we are comparing Copyleaks vs Turnitin to find out which tool can not only accept the challenge but also deliver superior educational support.

Best fit forFrom students to copywriters and content creators, Copyleaks is ready to help anyone with guarding the original work.Turnitin can take care of securing the integrity of essays, research papers, and theses in the academic landscape. 
A*Help Score⭐⭐⭐⭐
Plagiarism Detection Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Satisfactory plagiarism quality detection is what users can expect from Copyleaks. 
Titan in academic integrity, Turnitin can accurately spot any sign of plagiarism. 
Overall Experience⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Working with Copyleaks is easy and intuitive. More importantly, users do not have to wait long for their papers to get checked, since Copyleaks can scan any text in seconds. 
Turnitin was designed for academic purposes and to this day it serves its purpose right. The only downside is that this plagiarism checker is not for individual use. 
Value for Money⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Free trial and affordable paid subscription plans, large number of features, and advanced tools – this and more users get from Copyleaks.
With its focus on academia, Turnitin plans to remain in its niche. Hence, this plagiarism detector only offers features that are solely limited to this purpose.

Comparing Value for Money: Turnitin vs Copyleaks

Value For Money21/2512/25
Price & special offers40
A screenshot of history scans at Copy Leaks
History of scans at Copyleaks (click to see a larger image)

Comparing Overall Experience: Copyleaks vs Turnitin plagiarism

Overall Experience21/2514/25
User Experience1611
A screenshot of Turnitin's main page
Turnitin main page

Copyleaks vs Turnitin: Which Is Better for Plagiarism Detection?

Plagiarism Detection44/5046/50
Human-written text92.6% free from plagiarism100% free from plagiarism
Internet sample100% of plagiarism detected99% of plagiarism detected
AI paraphrase (2 texts)80.35% of plagiarism detected20% of plagiarism detected
Replaced characters0% of plagiarism detected99% of plagiarism detected. Flagged letter replacements
A screenshot of plagiarism detection results at Copyleaks
Plagiarism detection results at CopyLeaks (click to see a large image)
A screenshot of plagiarism detection results at
Plagiarism detection results at TurnItIn (click to see a large image)


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the best plagiarism detector on all parameters is Copyleaks. It is accessible, versatile, and accurate. 

Main Specs

> Features (to check text)  
Check files
Insert text
Scanned report
Word limit
Academic proofreading module (check citations and etc)
Check for free/trial
Number of free checks available1200 words
Spelling check
Grammar check
> Advanced features (to check text)  
Detect AI content
Cross language search
Text compare
OCR scan
> Sources  
Current Batch Files (your own docs)
Plagchecker’s database
> Price  & special offers  
Paid plansCheap
User experience  
Easy to use website
Desktop version
Trying before registration
Browser extensions
Account (do users have an account?)
Time to check worka couple of secondsup to 1 minute
Need email to register
Need phone to register
Third-party registration methods
> Support  
Onboarding (how to use plagcheck)
Support chat
> Payment  
Wallets (only Paypal)
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