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We have spent thousands of hours reviewing plagcheckers and describing the best practices for upholding academic integrity. Here is our own advanced tool that will take it beyond simple word-for-word plagiarism detection to become your reliable writing companion.
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How do I check plagiarism for free?

To check plagiarism without any charges use a free online plagiarism detection tool. There are a lot of options out there, and our A*Help team has many of them reviewed. You can refer to our website if you are interested to learn more. Nonetheless, if you don’t go too far looking, you can choose our Free Plagiarism Checker.

Is there a free plagiarism checker for students?

Yes, for example, our Free Plagiarism Checker was designed specifically to help students with checking their academic writing. You will get 5 checks daily without any charges. Of course, you can look for other options online if you are interested. We at A*Help have also reviewed similar tools and you can refer to our ranking if needed.

What plagiarism checker do schools use?

It really depends on the specific institution. Generally, the most popular plagiarism detection tools for schools are Tutnitin and Unicheck. Some others may also use Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker as well. These are the most widely used options among academic institutions.

Does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

Since paraphrasing is still a way to express thoughts taken from others in your own way. This means that if you rearrange sentences, change words or use synonyms, you still need to cite the source where you found the idea. Otherwise, your paraphrased sentences will be viewed as plagiarism.

What percentage of plagiarism is allowed?

Usually, it’s required that the academic works are 100% unique, meaning that no plagiarism is detected at all. However, there’s a small percentage of unintentional plagiarism that is allowed. In most institutions, this is a rate from 5% to 15%. Other colleges may even have a maximum set to 20%. It’s always a good idea to check in with your professors about the specific requirements for your work.

Is plagiarism illegal in the US?

It's not illegal in the US in most cases, when it’s not related to copyright law. However, it is still considered a violation of ethics or honor codes. This can lead to some sort of disciplinary action which will depend on the rules of the institution or workplace.

Does plagiarism go on your school record?

Yes, it can be reflected on a school record as an ethics offense. Plagiarism allegations can cause a student to be suspended or expelled from the institution, which in most cases always gets recorded by the school’s documentation. This is why plagiarism is a very serious matter, as it may influence one’s further academic career.

How many words can I use without plagiarizing?

Any sequence of more than three words that is used without any citation is considered plagiarism. Even taking a table chart, graph, or image without making a reference is stealing others’ work and can violate copyright laws.

Is changing a few words still plagiarism?

Yes, switching up a few words here and there, as well as simply using synonyms is still considered to be plagiarism. If you use someone’s idea and interpret it in your own words, you still need to cite the original source. Only if you express your own ideas in your own words it is not perceived as plagiarism.

Free Plagiarism Checker to Examine Your Academic Papers

As a student, you are probably writing a few research papers throughout the year. They take a lot of time and effort since you have to find and read through countless academic articles and references to form your thoughts. During this process, you may forget to quote and cite important pieces of information, which will lead to your paper being marked as plagiarized. You don’t want to deal with that, especially after all the hassles you went through when doing your research.

We at Academichelp came up with a solution that will help you get rid of these problems – a free plagiarism checker for students. 

What is a Free Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism checker is a free tool designed to help students, as well as writers and academic professionals, check the uniqueness of their written work. It tells whether plagiarism is found in your text in general as well as shows you what parts of your writing look suspicious.

In most academic institutions, works get to be run through one of the plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin or Unicheck either way. However, it is done after you submit your paper. If professors catch a student with over 15% plagiarism, they submit the case to the school board and it can get into your record. To prevent anything like this from happening, it’s a good idea to check your work on your own beforehand. This will reduce the possibility of unintentional plagiarism. 

Why Use Free Plagiarism Checker Online

Research papers are mostly pretty long – around 10 to 20 pages. Naturally, when writing such a massive work you can now and then forget to add citations. It’s hard to always remember where you took each idea from. Sometimes, when you write for a long time without any breaks, you can stop noticing that you take thoughts from others. You just get lost in loads of information and that can happen to anyone. 

So, to avoid using someone else’s work without any attribution, which will potentially lower your grade and even lead to probation, you can use our plagiarism checker online. You will reduce your chances of getting serious allegations if you just run your work through it before submission. It doesn’t take much time, just a few seconds, and at most it will add a few more sources to your list of references. This way you will protect yourself from penalties like damaged reputation, monetary restitution and fines, or even legal actions taken on the premise of copyright law. Moreover, you can use our tool to check the sources you find for your research paper, or just for regular reading in class. It’s important to use only original articles and papers, to avoid any doubtful content or false information. 

Even though we mostly created our free plagiarism checker to be used for students, teachers, others, and content writers are also welcome to try and use it in their work. It can be beneficial for most types of written content, so it doesn’t matter if you are checking a research paper, academic essay, or a blog post – it still will be helpful.

Manual Checking – Why It Wouldn’t Work

Some of you may think that you can check your paper for plagiarism just by reading it through. Well, it’s not that easy of a task. It will take a few hours to really look into each source and sentence to detect any similarities and find the references that weren’t mentioned. Not to say that critically analyzing your writing is much harder. As you wrote the text yourself you may skip some information thinking “Well, yeah, I know that I wrote that myself for sure”. Unfortunately, it may happen that the sentences you used were taken from another research.

Why spend your precious time on manual work when there’s a technology that can do everything for you in seconds? You can spend your spare time chatting with your friends, going for a stroll in the park, or just relaxing in your bed watching Netflix.

Online Essay Plagiarism Detector – A Student’s Friend and Guide

Academic integrity is a universal requirement for educational institutions worldwide. This is the reason why plagiarism is constantly viewed as a serious issue. It especially became evident during COVID-19 so educators became more aware of the need to check students’ assignments for uniqueness regularly. In turn, to avoid any troubles, students started to look for ways to check their work online. If you are one of such students, our Free Plagiarism Checker is just the right match for you. It will help you get rid of unnecessary struggles and arguments with your professors. It’s a quick solution that doesn’t require any special efforts like making payments. Just get on your phone or laptop, head straight to and your plagiarism report will be in your hands in just a few moments. 

Online Plagiarism Checker: How It Works and How Do You Use It

Our Free Plagiarism Checker uses special algorithms to detect similarities in texts. To get a work checked you can either upload your paper as a file or paste the text into the special field. 

After that our software will scan it and give you an analysis presented with a number of results:

  1. The first thing you will see is the general percentage of plagiarism in your work.
  2. You will also notice two types of highlighted sentences: those with identical text, and with changed text. The first type is sentences where the text word-for-word repeats a particular source. This will indicate that you need to treat those as quotes. The second type is paraphrased sentences which still require citation. 
  3. On the left side of the screen you will see a list of sources. These are references where your parts of writing were taken from. You can read them through and then add them to your own reference list. 

You will also have an opportunity to download your report if needed. This can be a helpful feature in the future, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you are accused of plagiarism. If you check your work and the report shows 0%, you can send it to your professors as proof of your paper’s uniqueness. 

When using the tool, you get to do 5 checks in one day for free. These daily credits are updated every 24 hours. The maximum length of a paper that can be checked at a time is 4 pages or 1000 words. Bear that in mind when pasting your writing or uploading the files. 

Benefits of Using an Online Plagiarism Checker

Aside from reducing your anxiety, our plagiarism checker may be advantageous for a number of other reasons:

  • It’s a free solution. You can check your work at any time and not worry about your budget
  • It’s quick and only takes a few seconds to scan your work through. Even if your professor offers to check your paper for you, it can take a few days, since they may have other work to do. 
  • Find matching sources with no additional hassle. You won’t need to look up plagiarized bits in Google to search for the needed references as our tool will show them for you.
  • It uses advanced AI algorithms that recognize properly formatted quotes and references. With you won’t receive false alarms for plagiarized content when you just cite a source.
  • Our algorithms also recognize the tricks that students use to bypass the system, such as hidden symbols and Latin letters replaced with similar-looking Cyrillic ones.
  • You can access it even through your phone. So, if you quickly need to check your academic paper on your way to university, you won’t even need to get your laptop out. 
  • There’s an option to download your report. If your professors ask for proof of the papers’ uniqueness, you will have it ready at all times.
  • It’s used in colleges and universities. So your professors won’t argue that your reports are credible. 
  • It’s a secure tool. As we support the European policy to protect clients’ personal information and comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you are guaranteed the safety of your private data. 

Remember, that checking your work in advance is a great way to review your writing and make it compliant with all the necessary requirements. For example, your professors may ask you to include a specific number of references (maybe 10). If you lack two or three more sources, just get onto our plagiarism detector, upload or paste your paper, and you will get a list of articles that you haven’t yet cited in the text. And don’t forget to pay attention to the “identical text” highlights. Educators always ask for quotes to be formatted in a specific way, so this indicator will help you identify sentences that need refinement. By the way, our plagiarism checker won’t falsely mark your added quotations of references as plagiarism, so you can be sure that if you added them – you are in the clear.